Why Did Takemichi Break Up with Hina in Tokyo Revengers?

why takemichi and hina break up

Considering that Hina has been Takemichi’s sole romantic interest and primary motive for time-skipping throughout the Tokyo Revengers saga, many were shocked to find out that these two ended up splitting – countless anime lovers are keen on knowing exactly why Takemichi breaks up with Hina in Tokyo Revengers, being the love of his life since middle school.

Takemichi decides to break up with Hina at Umshita Park on Christmas Eve in Tokyo Revengers, primarily as a result of her father convincing him it would be the best choice for her safety. He breaks up with her believing that it’s the only way to save her from being killed later down the line, although he quietly proclaims that he really loves her as she walks away in tears.

Despite the fact that Takemichi’s words seem harsh and callous while breaking up with Hina, there is far more to this breakup than it may seem at first glance. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Takemichi and Hina’s break up in Tokyo Revengers, including why their relationship has been so strong since childhood as well as what eventually caused this heartbreaking moment for Tokyo Revengers fans.

Takemichi and Hina’s Relationship: Explained

The Tokyo Revengers storyline follows Takemichi Hanagaki as he travels back in time on numerous occasions, all in an attempt to rectify the past mistakes of himself and others as well as alter the tragic fate of his loved ones. While Takemichi does eventually end up helping all of the main Tokyo Revengers characters as the saga progresses, his primary motive for using time-traveling skills has been Hina from day one.

hina takemishi kids

Hina and Takemichi initially began falling for each other back when they were children after Takemichi takes the role of a hero and saves Hina from some ruthless bullies – which was revealed by Hina back in Chapter 89 of the Tokyo Revengers manga series, titled “How You Met.” Hina was open about how she fell in love with him, and they would soon begin dating each other for quite some time, although their relationship would come to a tragic end on more than one occasion.


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It is later revealed that Kisaki had been ‘in love’ with Hina all along, continuously plotting against Takemichi in order to win her back – but to no avail, as Hina would always have feelings for Takemichi no matter what approaches he tried. Approximately a decade after these events, Hina dies (on multiple timelines) due to Kisaki’s possessive and obsessive tendencies. He kills her if she refuses to love him instead of Takemichi.

tokyo revengers hina takemichi kisaki

Regardless of the fact that these two characters broke up in the original timeline as well, Takemichi still sees Hina as the love of his life – being his only girlfriend, even after they both grew up into adults. This is what causes Takemichi to start time skipping, realizing that he has to try and save the only woman he ever loved, no matter the cost.

Why Did Takemichi Break Up with Hina in Tokyo Revengers?

On the original timeline (the timeline before Takemichi got hit by a train and died, after which he was revived by receiving time leaping abilities), Takemichi did not actually break up with Hina at all. Instead, Hina is pressured into breaking up with Takemichi under her father’s influence as he does not want her to get involved with gangs, after which Takemichi runs away from the Toman and does not see Hina for well over a decade.

However, Takemichi begins time leaping in an attempt to save Hina from her unfortunate fate after discovering that she dies in just about every known timeline, and the two end up getting back together – this time, things go slightly differently. Takemichi grows to love and appreciate Hina much more than when he was 14 years old, acknowledging that he abandoned and took her for granted in the original timeline.

takemichi hina break up

That being said, even after they stay together, Takemichi decides to break up with Hina by choice in Season 2 Episode 5 of the Tokyo Revengers anime series and Chapter 90 of the Tokyo Revengers manga series, titled “Christmas Eve” – and countless fans were shocked by this event, especially considering that we all know how much she means to him. While the actual breakup may have seemed planned, Takemichi was not actually planning on breaking up with her at all on this timeline.


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He is shocked and troubled when Hina asks to meet with him at Umshita Park on Christmas Eve, as Takemichi knows this is where he would break up with her (based on what he was told by a future Hina, who revealed this information just before she died). He was confused about why this would happen as he had no intention of leaving Hina this time, only for his questions to be answered by Hina’s father, Masato Tachibana – who arrived and asked Takemichi if they could have a quick chat over some coffee.

takemichi hina father

During this conversation, Hina’s father respectfully yet sternly asks Takemichi to break up with Hina, as it would be the right thing to do in light of Takemichi’s associates and lifestyle. Her father believes that she should not be in a relationship with a delinquent and should be kept away from all the danger and trouble that he brings along with him – he clarifies that Hina could get hurt or killed by being around Takemichi, which Takemichi cannot deny.

As a result, Takemichi agrees with Hina’s father as he believes this may be the only way to save her from her seemingly inevitable death later down the line. However, he does not tell Hina that this is the reason why he actually breaks up with her – leading to an almost unnecessarily heart-wrenching moment that can be seen in the video below, thanks to Gojo Yeager.

He simply tells Hina that he has feelings for someone else rather than telling her the truth. She responds with a whirlwind of punches, striking Takemichi square in the face while telling him that she hates him, after which she walks away defeated and heartbroken. Fans are left with Takemichi’s crying face as he quietly professes that he really loves Hina.


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Other than timelines where Takemichi or Hina died before they could pursue a healthy romantic relationship, this was the only official and final breakup seen throughout the Tokyo Revengers series. However, Hina never moved on from Takemichi, still keeping the necklace he gave her well into her adult years – it’s very clear that Hina still loves Takemichi, and it’s obvious that Takemichi is incapable of ever loving anyone other than her.

takemichi crying

That’s everything there is to know about why Takemichi breaks up with Hina in Tokyo Revengers, with images thanks to the Tokyo Revengers Wiki. Although Takemichi and Hina’s break up may seem final, they could still have a bright future ahead of them thanks to Takemichi’s time-leaping abilities – Tokyo Revengers fans are desperately hoping that Takemichi and Hina get back together in future releases.

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