Does Takemichi Get Back with Hina in Tokyo Revengers?

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While the Tokyo Revengers saga features tragic deaths and twists of fate, the cold breakup between Takemichi and Hina has many fans feeling shaken. Hina is the motive behind Takemichi’s unwavering efforts – as a result, countless anime fans are keen on finding out if Takemichi gets back with Hina in Tokyo Revengers.

Takemichi and Hina reunite in Chapter 108, titled “Light of My Life,” and they officially get back together in Chapter 109 of the Tokyo Revengers manga series. They clear the air about the real cause of the breakup with teary eyes, and they arrange a New Year’s date as Hina’s father watches from their balcony and appears to finally accept Hina’s decision.

Although fans have just seen Takemichi break up with Hina in the Tokyo Revengers anime series, many are getting their hopes up since they do makeup later on in the Tokyo Revengers manga series – at least, on this timeline. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Takemichi getting back together with Hina, including how and when it happens in the manga.

When Did Takemichi and Hina Break Up?

Takemichi breaks up with Hina in Chapter 90 of the Tokyo Revengers manga series titled “Christmas Eve,” which was transformed into Season 2 Episode 5 of the Tokyo Revengers anime series. Fans were shocked, and many still wonder exactly why Takemichi broke up with Hina, especially knowing how much he has gone through to save her.

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But, it’s very clear that Takemichi still loves Hina – in fact, he states that he loves her immediately after she walks away. On the other end of the spectrum, the odds of Hina harboring feelings for Takemichi are still high despite his cruel and cold approach to the breakup.

Does Takemichi Get Back with Hina?

The ending of Episode 5 of the Tokyo Revengers anime series gave the impression that Takemichi and Hina are truly over. Hina punched him in the face repeatedly after he told her they should break up, screaming that she hated him over and over again.

However, since time-leaping abilities are involved, there are many ways things could end up going differently – perhaps within the same timeline or a completely different timeline. Below is everything you need to know about Takemichi and Hina getting back together in the manga, although there are spoilers ahead.


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A few chapters pass before Takemichi and Hina see each other again, following on from Chapter 108 of the Tokyo Revengers manga series, titled “Light of My Life,” – which also marks the start of Volume 13 within the overall Tokyo Revengers storyline. The chapter starts off with a very concerned, nervous, and confused Takemichi accompanying Mikey to Hina’s house, although Mikey refuses to provide an explanation.

takemichi mikey

Takemichi immediately thinks back to their breakup, remembering that it was one-sided and that he hadn’t been entirely honest with her about the reason for the breakup. Hina confronts Takemichi, seeing that his face is swollen and beaten – instead of being angry as Takemichi expected, Hina simply asks if he has been in another fight.

It’s then revealed that Hina had confronted her father earlier that day, discovering that he was the one who played the largest role in the breakup. While her father apologizes to her, he provides the same reasoning and motive as he did with Takemichi, after which Hina defends her relationship with Takemichi and storms out of the house.

hina father

Following this argument with her father, she decides to go and pray at a shrine, where she encounters Emma praying as well. She confides in Emma about the breakup that had occurred, as well as the argument with her father regarding the relationship between herself and Takemichi.

hina emma

Emma then takes control of the situation, calling a reluctant Draken and starting a chain reaction that ultimately results in a plan for Takemichi to be tracked down by Mikey and brought to Hina’s home. Emma then passes on this information to Hina, telling her that she should tell Takemichi how she feels – although Hina is afraid, feeling that she will simply break down upon seeing him again.

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Back in the present time, in front of Hina’s home, Takemichi is actually the one to break down and burst into tears. He immediately confesses that he had lied to her about his reason for breaking up with her – elaborating by saying that while he agrees with her father to an extent, he cannot allow this to happen.

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Takemichi then states that he cannot let her get hurt after promising to save her (a statement that confuses Hina at the time) and states that he will keep trying no matter how much it takes. He asks Hina to get back together with tears in his eyes (leaving manga readers on a cliffhanger). They officially get back together in Chapter 109 of the Tokyo Revengers manga series, titled “Not Apt to Give Any Way.”


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She says that Takemichi should take her to the shrine on New Year’s, clarifying that they have officially made up – this moment was incredibly touching for many main Tokyo Revengers characters, including Draken and Emma, who both begin to cry. Shockingly, this reunion was also a pretty touching moment for Hina’s parents as well, who were watching from their balcony the entire time.

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Hina’s mother tells Hina’s father that it appears he has lost this one, but he responds by saying that she is growing up. She warns him that Hina may turn against him if he continues to interfere with her life, and he seems to understand this concept – only stating that he cannot have her disown him as a father, but it is still late for her to be out. It’s a pretty sweet and wholesome way to conclude the conflict with her parents as well, as it shows her father still cares about her wellbeing and may have taken note of Takemichi’s truly gentle character.

Most Tokyo Revengers fans expected Takemichi and Hina to get back together – although, to be fair, most fans didn’t expect it to occur this soon. Still, very few fans could have anticipated just how heartwarming, wholesome, and optimistic their reunion would be, painting a near-perfect scenario for everyone involved with a promise of hope and happiness for our heroic ‘delinquents.’

Do Takemichi and Hina Stay Together in Tokyo Revengers?

Since Takemichi and Hina have gotten through just about everything while still either being together or still loving each other from a distance, most have begun hoping they will have a happily ever after. Major spoilers ahead, as this, do involve Tokyo Revengers’s controversial yet popular ending, but things do really take a surprising turn.

Takemichi and Hina get the relationship they always wanted, despite so many things going wrong along the way. After a final time skip, Takemichi and Hina finally have their dream wedding, as many happy faces celebrate their success.

tokyo revengers happy

That’s everything there is to know about Takemichi getting back with Hina in Tokyo Revengers, with images thanks to the Tokyo Revengers Wiki. Considering that there’s a relatively small gap between Takemichi and Hina breaking up and making up, Tokyo Revengers fans expect to see these two incredible anime characters get back together on-screen in upcoming Tokyo Revengers anime episodes.

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