The Zodiac Signs of All the Demon Slayer Characters

The Zodiac Signs of all the Demon Slayer Characters

The characters of Demon Slayer are very intriguing, the whole lot. Whether they’re Demon Slayers, Demons, or something else, they have their own intricate stories and their development was, in most cases, done in a great way. Now, aside from their biographies, their tragic backgrounds, and the battles they have fought, fans are also interested in their private lives and some more trivial aspects of their stories.

In this article, we are going to focus on one such aspect, as we list out all the major Demon Slayer characters and their zodiac signs. We are, of course, going to focus on the Western zodiac, since the Chinese one cannot be determined without the year of birth, and that is not a known fact when Demon Slayer characters are concerned. We’re going to list them, give you the information on their signs and then something about them and their role in the story.

Demon Slayer characters’ zodiac signs

The list is going to be presented in a random order, without implying anything. As we’ve said, you’re going to get some information on the signs, their birthdays, and the characters themselves. Let us commence.

Tanjiro Kamado: Cancer

Tanjiro watching Susamarus demise

Birthday: July 14th

Tanjiro is very kind by nature and has been described by others as a man with good eyes. He is also very determined and will not give up if he has a goal to be achieved; The best example is to find a cure for Nezuko. Although Tanjiro himself is relatively strong, he is not afraid to ask others for help when he needs it. He always protects other people, especially his younger sister.


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An important feature of Tanjiro’s character is that he is able to empathize with everyone, including demons, which in rare cases made him doubt the decisive blow. However, during his service in the ranks of Tanjiro fighters, he gained experience, became more calculating and determined. Thanks to his courage and desire to protect the weak, he meets rivals with respect and dignity, whether human or demonic.

Nezuko Kamado: Capricorn

Birthday: December 28th

As a human being, Nezuko was a very kind, caring older sister who thought of others first. However, like the Demon, Nezuko seems to have forgotten much of her memories of man, other than those related to her family. She is still very caring and protective of the people she considers members of her family, although this is mainly due to the influence that Sakonji Urokodaki had on her when she slept for two years.


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Nezuko also retains some of her human emotions, as she cries when she is sad and smiles when she is happy, but overall she looks devoid of emotion compared to a human. She is still much calmer and less evil than most demons. Ever since she became a demon, Nezuko doesn’t seem to be afraid to fight: she fiercely supports her brother and allies in battle.

She also has strong willpower, which is manifested in her refusal to consume human flesh and blood, even in cases of extreme trauma or the impact of human blood, which can be seen when she refuses it when she renounces her blood. Her incredible power of will persists even when she is no longer a demon, as the girl willingly ran in front of Inoska to protect him from her own brother, who became a demon and tried to kill her. Nezuko did not hesitate that the demon could eat her.

Muzan Kibutsuji: Unknown

Muzan is pissed of

Birthday: Unknown

Muzan is ruthless and strives to perfect his plan. He does not forgive incompetence and failures, but he can praise the successful completion of a mission. Kibutsuji does not take his enemies seriously. Muzan also does not like it when he is asked questions or shown. He is prone to narcissism.


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It is also not difficult to guess that Rui was one of Muzan’s favorites, since he no longer saw any point in keeping all the Lower Moons, he killed all the Lower Moons after his death with the exception of Rui, who was allowed to start his own family. There are reasons for this, Rui, unlike other demons, was devoted to Muzan and actively killed Demon Slayers.

His bloated self-esteem and delusional sense of self-worth are so great that he cannot stand it when he is ridiculed or corrected, believing that others exist only to serve him. It also means that he seldom takes any opponent or threat seriously. He brutally killed a couple of drunken men just for being rude to him, and killed their companion when she did nothing, all while proclaiming his own perfection and superiority over them.

Zenitsu Agatsuma: Virgo

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Birthday: September 3rd

Zenitsu is cowardly and thinks that, due to the dangerous work of a demon hunter, he has little time left to live, which is why he often clings to the girls he meets, asking them to marry him. Zenitsu has low self-esteem, which prevents him from justifying the expectations of other people and his own – feeling feelings of difficulty or danger, he runs away, hides, or just cries. This often causes him to lose faith in his abilities and, even when it is obvious, denies Zenitsu that he won the victory on his own.


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He thinks that his calling is to live a modest life, not to kill demons. Even being soft-spoken, Zenitsu respects his comrades and especially admires his late teacher Jigoku. A sense of duty to him helps Zenitsu forget about fear and focus at the right time. Over time, Zenitsu will become braver in battles, as seen in the battle against his classmate Kaigaku and in the battle against Muzan.

Inosuke Hashibira: Taurus

Inosuke breaking in from the door

Birthday: April 22nd

Inosuke is an extremely short-tempered and proud young man who considers himself the strongest fighter ever. He constantly challenges people he meets and wants them to admire and recognize him for his abilities. This often puts him in dangerous situations because he overestimates himself and tries to fight strong opponents even though he has no chance.

Nor can he admit his own defeats. This is especially evident when Giyu Tomioka has to tie him up after his fight against the Spider Demon (Father) as he wants to keep fighting despite his injuries. This constant desire to be the best can also lead to Inosuke being very provocative, as he often tries to get others to fight him, most notably Tanjiro Kamado, though the latter usually fails due to his clueless nature.

Kanao Tsuyuri: Taurus

Kanao in the opening

Birthday: May 19th

When Kanao is first introduced, she is an indecisive and quiet girl due to the abuse she suffered before meeting the Kocho sisters. She is unable to make decisions for herself and suppresses her feelings as a defense mechanism. To correct this, Kanae gave her a coin to flip to decide which path to take when she didn’t know what to do. For many years, Kanao showed little emotion or desire. Despite this, Kanao developed a strong hatred of devils after seeing what the devils did to Aoi, Kiyo, and Shinobu’s lover.

Initially, Shinobu instructed Kanao to simply cut off devils’ heads without thinking, since Kanao had no will of his own. However, Kanao eventually developed her own desire to fight as well. Despite her perceived lack of emotion or desire, Kanao defied Shinobu and Kanae’s wishes and participated in the final selection based on her own will, which would mean that her will had been strengthening all along.

TaKyojuro Rengoku: Taurus

Kyojuro during the Hashira meeting

Birthday: May 10th

Kyojuro is very enthusiastic about his duties as a Pillar and often comes across as cheerfully eccentric. He is lovable, friendly, and possesses exceptional technique and swordsmanship, acquired through disciplined training. He is an honorable warrior who adheres to the moral code and principles taught to him by his mother when he was young. Most important is his belief that those born strong have a duty to protect the weak. In addition, he very often appears to be positive even when killing demons, making sure they don’t suffer unnecessarily.

Tengen Uzui: Scorpio

Tengen surveying the Entertainment District

Birthday: October 31st

Tengen is a very eccentric person, always wanting to complete his actions in an “extravagant” way, and getting excited when a situation or person meets those characteristics. He considers himself a superior being calling himself “God” multiple times, which complements his arrogance and self-centeredness well.


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He can be inconsiderate and insensitive, as seen when he tried to take Aoi Kanzaki against her will to fulfill the mission in the red light district, but he also has a caring side that he only shows mainly towards his most precious ones, especially his friends. three wives, Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru. He also shows a somewhat kinder side towards Tanjiro after his mission, and begins to accept him more and more as the series progresses.

Despite being a Shinobi who has traditionally valued completing the quest above all else, Tengen has rejected that ideology after seeing its effect of it on his family. Now, he believes that his subordinates, be it his wives or the Demon Hunters under his command, should value their lives and the lives of innocents above his or their missions.

Giyu Tomioka: Aquarius

Giyu trying to motivate Tanjiro

Birthday: February 8th

Giyu always has a serious expression on his face. He has a rather reserved personality and a strong sense of justice with no tolerance for those who don’t know their own limitations and throw their lives away. Despite allowing Nezuko Kamado to live due to Tanjiro Kamado’s persistence, he shows no hesitation when killing other devils and has no respect for them like most other Demon Slayers. Despite this, Giyu violated the Demon Slayer squad’s code of conduct by protecting Nezuko during Shinobu’s attempt to kill her.

This implies that he doesn’t completely despise devils like other pillars and is willing to make an exception for a devil by letting them live if they don’t kill and eat people. This shows that he is more pragmatic about hating devils than the other pillars. Giyu seems to have a complex about what others think of him and is shocked when Shinobu Kocho claims he is hated by many. A man of few words and having trouble interacting with others, he usually keeps his distance.

Mitsuri Kanroji: Gemini

Mitsuri wanting to wait for Kagaya

Birthday: June 1st

Mitsuri is a very emotional and passionate person who is constantly complimenting people in her head, which probably has to do with why she is the love pillar. Rather shy, she is always gentle and kind with others, especially Obanai, with whom she seems to have a particularly strong bond. But she is also very nervous and cannot take insults.

Despite her gentle demeanor, Mitsuri shows no mercy towards Demons, but maintains her gentle tone. She felt guilty that she joined the Demon Slayer squad to find a husband. But she has now shed that feeling of guilt. However, she is desperately looking for marriage as she wants to find a man who is stronger than her, which is quite difficult due to her strength.

In addition to her rather emotional and loving personality, Mitsuri can also come across as a bit child-like at times. When asked to explain the process of earning the Demon Slayer Mark, she describes it in sounds like a child would. When the others hear this, their reactions embarrass Mitsuri and make her blush. She is a very caring person who always shows her love to others, as befits her Hashira title.

When many Demon Slayers risk and sacrifice their lives to protect the remaining Hashira, she begs them not to be killed. She can get quite excited and hugs her friends after fighting Gyokko and Hantengu because she’s glad they made it.

Obanai Iguro: Virgo

Obanai wanting to punish Giyu

Birthday: September 15th

Obanai is very attached to the code of conduct of the Demon Slayer Corps and will not hesitate to strictly enforce its rules, in such a way that he can be extremely strict when doing so and will have no compassion for any type of transgression that goes against the code.

His expectations of his fellow Hashira are often quite surreal; for example, he commented that Tengen Uzui had serious difficulties against one of the “weaker” Twelve Upper Moons, insisting to Uzui that he must have fought to the death despite his decision to retreat due to injuries sustained in the confrontation that cost him an eye and one hand.

Obanai’s devotion to the future of the Demon Slayer Corps is often put at the expense of others, such as when he tries to force Tengen to stay with the Demon Slayers despite the serious injuries he sustained in his fight against Daki and Gyutaro, or like when he ties up a bunch of low-level Demon Hunters and uses them as obstacles in his Hashira training for really petty reasons; he also sees the young Demon Slayer recruits as weak people who are not up to his standards in a display of a gigantic ego, however, he shows surprise to learn that Tanjiro survived the mission where Uzui was injured.

Genya Shinazugawa: Capricorn

Younger Genya during the Final Selection

Birthday: January 7th

From his first appearance, he was a temperamental and rude young man, pulling Katana Ubuyashiki’s hair without showing any kind of remorse. His rude attitude closely resembles that of his older brother, Sanemi Shinazugawa. Much later, having the opportunity to interact with other hunters and Tanjiro Kamado, he began to show himself more sociable and charismatic but maintaining some of his bad temper.

Being unable to use a breathing technique like the rest of the Hunters, he felt insecure with his abilities especially after seeing his older brother’s negativity towards his desire to join the Demon Slayer Corps. After said event, he decided to participate in the Final Selection in order to have the acceptance of his brother.

Tamayo: Cancer


Birthday: July 2nd

Tamayo was a gentle, wise, and incredibly intelligent person. Having devoted most of her life to researching devils and devil transformation, she was one of the most knowledgeable people on the subject on the show. Despite the generally chaotic relationship between humans and devils, she showed a great deal of kindness towards humans.


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She made it part of her mission to use her extensive medical knowledge to help the injured or sick – Tanjiro Kamado including Tamayo opposed violence and instead of killing people for their blood, chose to buy blood from donors to survive. She was determined to discourage her assistant Yushiro from violence and often reprimanded him for his habit of hitting others. She was one of the few devils who, in her later devil life, was able to regain and retain her human feelings.

Shinobu Kocho: Pisces

Shinobu wanting to kill Nezuko 1

Birthday: February 24th

Shinobu is quite laid back and always has a smile on her face no matter the situation she is in. She seems to enjoy teasing others and can be quite sadistic, especially towards Giyu Tomioka. Despite her easygoing exterior and initial claims of wanting to get along with devils, she can be quite cruel towards them, which is shown when she kills the older sister’s spider devil after giving her false hope of helping her.


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She didn’t hesitate to kill Nezuko Kamado either. She is later shown to have a more compassionate side towards both Tanjiro Kamado and his sister after hearing their full story. It is later revealed that her outwardly calm and peaceful demeanor is a mask, as Shinobu harbors an intense hatred of devils due to the loss of her sister Kanae Kocho at a young age and the death of her parents from her tsuguko and the families of her apprentices at Butterfly Mansion.

This hatred is so strong that she is in a near-constant state of anger, which is felt by Tanjiro Kamado as the two people engage in conversation. Her desire for revenge made it impossible for her to live the normal life her sister had wished for her. Instead, she devotes all her powers to killing Demons.

Sanemi Shinazugawa: Sagittarius

Sanemi trying to make Nezuko attack him

Birthday: November 29th

He is usually extremely impulsive, aggressive, and violent when dealing with a Demon. He is always willing to take risks thanks to his reckless attitude, but Kagaya Ubuyashiki is the only person he doesn’t maintain that kind of attitude with. He has a deep respect for him. These attitudes as well as his coldness come as a result of a tragedy that occurred in his childhood, which is why he hates all kinds of demons.

Contaminated by that pain, he became a difficult person to dissuade after making a decision. This also caused him to show an abusive attitude towards his brother in the future, pretending to harbor a great hatred towards him when he really was not like that.

Gyomei Himejima: Virgo

Gyomei against keeping nezuko alive

Birthday: August 23rd

Gyomei follows the classic stereotype of the Giant who doesn’t talk much and who has a rather kind and emotional side despite his intimidating appearance. Gyomei is also given to religion, frequently pronouncing the Amitābha mantra in a situation that makes him rather sad. Despite his short-spoken personality and tendencies to be emotional to the point of tears, Gyomei has an objective and dubious point of view about the people around him.

Being fully aware of the possibilities that others, particularly children or those younger than him, could do when given an opportunity. Due to his experience before becoming a Demon Slayer, he has further reinforced his quietly dubious nature. It would take a while for him to fully accept people; but if he accepted others, he would reject even what others would say about them, fully believing in the person he accepted.

Muichiro Tokito: Leo

Muichiro looking at the sky

Birthday: August 8th

Muichiro gives the initial impression of being a distant-minded individual who doesn’t pay much attention to his surroundings, however, he takes his role as a Demon Slayer and his role as Pillar of the Mist very seriously. Obtuse and impassive, Muichiro often prefers to do things on his own. Muichiro’s original personality was much more caring and kind after taking on these traits from his father.

Despite this, he always maintained a deeply suppressed pervasive anger within him that inevitably fueled his training. After the memories of him returned, he began to express more emotions and became more confident. He also learned other expressions such as sarcasm and conceit towards the fifth Upper Moon, Gyokko.

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