All 5 Times Vegeta Died (in Chronological Order)

All 5 Times Vegeta Died (in Chronological Order)

Vegeta is known as one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. He’s one of the most powerful and talented fighters in the whole series. Initially introduced as a villain in the series, he would soon become one of Son Goku’s most trusted and loyal allies, even getting married to Bulma. But, like most (if not all) other Dragon Ball characters, Vegeta has died numerous times over the years, and these deaths are going to be the focus of this article. In this article, we are going to tell you just how many times Vegeta has died in Dragon Ball and how all of these deaths occurred.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of Vegeta’s five deaths in the Dragon Ball franchise. You already know how many times he has died, so we are just going to bring you the details about each of these events, so you know the whole context. Be careful, though, as the article will contain many spoilers about the current events in the Dragon Ball manga.

1. Killed by Frieza

After defeating Dodoria, Vegeta was defeated by Zarbon. After this fight, Zarbon brought Vegeta to Frieza’s spaceship to heal him there at Frieza’s request. After Vegeta was healed, he escaped facing Zarbon again. Zarbon thought he would win the fight again, but Vegeta had become so strong that Zarbon didn’t stand a chance and was therefore killed by Vegeta. After that, he meets Krillin, Son Gohan, and Bulma. Krillin, Son Gohan, and Vegeta go together to find the Dragon Balls because they found out that the Dragon Balls grant three wishes on Namek. But someone else is after the Dragon Balls. His name is Frieza.

And as expected, the three meet Frieza, and a heated battle ensues. However, the three of them don’t look good fighting Frieza, although Piccolo, who was resurrected from the Dragon Balls and fused with Nail, also fought Frieza. Still, none of them stood a chance. Frieza had already defeated them all. Frieza tormented Vegeta for a very long time until Son Goku suddenly arrived. Frieza dealt the defeated Vegeta the fatal blow. Lying dying, Vegeta burst into tears and told Son Goku to avenge the Saiyans as he was probably the only one who could do it.


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Vegeta told Son Goku that Frieza had wiped out the entire planet and he was responsible for the many dead Saiyans. After Vegeta then also taunts Frieza and tells him that he cannot defeat Son Goku, Frieza kills Vegeta lying on the Boben. However, he is revived by the Dragon Balls and teleported to Earth. Here he wants to wait for Son Goku to be resurrected as well. However, everyone present learns from Porunga, including Vegeta, that Son Goku is still alive and has decided to return to Earth himself. Vegeta then takes a spaceship built by Bulma’s father and flies off to look for him.

2. Killed by Future Androids

As the Future Androids arrive to kill the main characters, Vegeta intervenes only when Android 19 absorbs Son Goku’s energy. He then takes up the fight against the Android and, to everyone’s astonishment, turns into a Super Saiyan. With this new power, he manages to defeat Android 19 with ease. Android 20 then cuts off, and after Vegeta has thrown himself a magic bean, he takes up the pursuit.

However, he manages to escape after another fight and activates the androids Android 17 and Android 18. After they have activated the Cyborg Android 16, they make their way to Son Goku. Vegeta flies after and faces them, whereupon a fight ensues between him and Android 18. However, Vegeta doesn’t stand a chance against his new opponent and is killed. He is revived by Krillin, who has him, and his other allies, Senzu Beans.

3. Sacrifices himself in a fight against Majin Buu

In the Buu Saga, the powerful magician Babidi unleashed Vegeta’s hatred toward Son Goku. When he fought Pui-Pui and defeated him with ease, Babidi felt Vegeta’s evil heart. He brainwashed Vegeta and unleashed his hatred on him. He only wanted to fight against Son Goku to finally destroy him. At the Tournament of Power, he killed a lot of people to anger Son Goku so he could fight him. However, Son Goku didn’t want to fight in this place, so the two postponed the fight to the mountains. They’re a great fight ensued between the two.

Neither of the two Saiyans wanted to give up. Vegeta showed Son Goku that he could now also use Super Saiyan 2. Since neither of them wanted to give up, so much energy was released that the demon Boo hatched out of his egg again. However, Son Goku was defeated by Vegeta. Vegeta said that he didn’t want to fight anymore because Son Goku and he were equal in strength. Son Goku turned to retrieve a senzu from his pouch. At that moment, Vegeta broke Son Goku’s neck. Immediately afterward, Vegeta fought the awakened demon Buu.


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Although Vegeta was much faster than Boo, Buu was able to regenerate again and again and thus suffered no damage. Since Vegeta was already very weak from the previous fight against Son Goku, Buu was able to gain the upper hand in the fight and hit Vegeta very hard. When Vegeta was freed from Boo’s fat technique by his son Trunks, he decided to let himself explode. He gathered all the energy in his body for a long time and then released it to the outside with the final explosion. He was then sent to Hell, but came back soon after.

4. Killed by Frieza (again)

In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta prepares to be Frieza’s new rival. Vegeta asks for the Senzu Beans to be given to Goku to prevent him from dying. Golden Frieza announces that he will not allow it. However, the Saiyan prince kicks Kakarot’s body and then blocks the beam with which Frieza intends to kill Goku and mortally wounds Sorbet.

Vegeta then surprises everyone by transforming into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan as a result of Goku’s gratitude. When Vegeta tells Frieza that his time is up and he submits to the ground, he says that everyone else’s time is over as well. Frieza starts to attack him with a barrage of blows, but he deflects them all and hits him. Before Vegeta can intervene, the emperor shoots an energy blast into the Earth with his left hand. Whis steps in to save the other key characters when Frieza falters in his metamorphosis, and Vegeta gives him his final words before he and Earth are destroyed in a nuclear explosion.

5. Old age

Simple enough as it should be, in a world without conflict that came to exist in Dragon Ball GT, the most controversial installment of the anime franchise, Vegeta simply lived out the rest of his life in peace. At some unspecified point in the future, the legendary Saiyan warrior died of old age, just as most of the other characters in the Dragon Ball GT universe. A deserved death for one of the series’ best fighters.

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