Attack on Titan: Here’s How Mikasa Freed Ymir!

Attack on Titan: Here's How Mikasa Freed Ymir!

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As far as Attack on Titan goes, Mikasa Ackerman is one of the best and most intriguing characters in the whole series. The importance of Mikasa Ackerman for Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan is difficult to overstate. Namely, however important you think she is, she is probably even more important than that. Her role in the story is pivotal; her character development is amazing, and Mikasa is one of the most important characters in the whole series. This is why, in light of the official ending of the anime series, we are still talking about her, and in this article, you will find out how Mikasa was able to free Ymir.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • When Ymir saw Mikasa kill Eren, she finally realized that people could do better and decided to set herself free.
  • This was because she saw that Mikasa decided to kill Eren for the greater good despite the fact that she loved him unconditionally.
  • Based on how her story was portrayed, Mikasa was the only character who could do it.

How was Mikasa able to free Ymir?

To properly understand this issue, one must tell the story of Ymir. Around 2,000 years ago, the warlike Eldia tribe owned Ymir as a slave. After some pigs broke out of the settlement one day, Fritz, the tribe’s chief, called a meeting of all the slaves and demanded to know who was responsible. After several slaves recommended Ymir, Fritz angrily chose to “set Ymir free.” Multiple arrows struck Ymir as he fled and finally passed out in a clearing. But there, in a woodland clearing, she noticed a massive tree. Ymir staggered into the tree’s large hole to escape his attackers.

But then she abruptly plummeted into a hole in the tree’s tunnel, plunging into an underground lake filled with an unidentified liquid. Upon coming into contact with the liquid, Ymir’s spine became connected to an unidentified life form described as the “source of all living matter,” which resulted in her transformation into a massive, humanoid monster.

Thirteen years after Ymir gained her Titan powers, Fritz, the newly crowned king of the Eldia Empire, was accompanied by Ymir and her three daughters as they took an oath of allegiance from some of their defeated foes. But one of the adversaries leaped to his feet, produced a hidden spear, and threw it at Fritz. Just in time, Ymir realized this, and like a good slave, she dove into the spear’s path to save her master. The spear punctured Ymir’s back and went through her body, just beneath her armpit. She died, and her body was then forcibly cannibalized, thus spreading her powers to her children.


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She, in turn, was sent to the Coordinate, where she continued to obey the royal family and produce Titans. Why? She was a good and obedient slave, and she loved her sadistic husband. It was unconditional love, and she was ready to do anything for him until she saw Mikasa.

Namely, Mikasa Ackerman also loved Eren unconditionally, but she killed him for the greater good. Ymir observed that, and when she saw that the good of humanity was above one’s emotions, she was happy and finally set herself free through Mikasa’s example.

Was Mikasa the only one who could free Ymir?

From what we gathered, Ymir needed to see that humanity could do better. She needed to see, with her own eyes, that the people could do better, and she did not have to do what she did. She had to see someone who loved someone sincerely and unconditionally like she sacrificed that love for the greater good. She had to see that she did not have to be a slave to her past, to her own emotions, and that surpassing them for the sake of good is normal and acceptable.

Now, it is difficult to imagine that Mikasa was the only character in the world who could’ve shown her that, but in the context of the series, Mikasa was truly the only character who could’ve shown Ymir that she could finally be free. Out of all the characters portrayed in the series, only Mikasa met all the criteria that were required, and it was a tragic yet fitting ending that Mikasa was the one who had to kill Eren and stop his rampage.

Mikasa was the only character in the series who felt unconditional love for someone, and Eren’s role in the story made Mikasa’s story very similar to Ymir’s. Mikasa was the only character who could do it based on how Isayama structured his story. She was not the chosen one or anything like that. Still, she was, indeed, the only one who could’ve made a difference in this situation, as her story had been written in such a way that she was the only character who would be able to do it.

And that is how it ultimately happened, so Isayama was truly on point with this story aspect.

Why did Ymir smile when Mikasa kissed Eren?

Well, the answer to this final question is related to the other ones, as it explains Ymir’s perception of Mikasa’s act. Through that act, Ymir set herself free because, as we have said, she witnessed unconditional love being put aside for the greater good.

There are, as we have also said, many parallels between Mikasa’s and Ymir’s stories, and witnessing what she had been wanting for such a long time, Ymir was, of course, happy. Who wouldn’t be? She saw what she needed to see, which was the most beautiful thing she could imagine. Not only was it a noble act, but it also helped Ymir set herself free.


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Who wouldn’t be happy? Who wouldn’t smile in such a situation? The answer is quite straightforward now that we have explained it like this, but this was a very important question, and we honestly thought that we needed to properly refer to it and provide you with an answer.

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