Classroom of the Elite: Who Is Miyabi Nagumo? Is He a Villain?

Classroom of the Elite: Who is Miyabi Nagumo? Is He a Villain?

The third season of Classroom of the Elite is finally starting, and we on Fiction Horizon will be covering the anime but also talking about some other concepts and characters from the series as we are going to explain some burning questions about the series. This article is going to be dedicated to a specific character, as we are going to talk about him and reveal his overall role in the story of Classroom of the Elite. The character in question is Miyabi Nagumo, and this article will reveal who he is exactly and whether he is a villain in the story or not.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Miyabi Nagumo is a secondary character from Classroom of the Elite, who is best known as the former Student Council President. He is an intriguing character, but he has a very scheming personality at that.
  • Over the course of the story, Miyabi Nagumo has been scheming for his own gain on more than one occasion, not shying away from leading students to the brink of expulsion for his own gains.
  • Although not the principal antagonist, Miyabi Nagumo can definitely be described as a villain in the series, as his goals are driven by selfish desires and a general lack of regard for others.

Miyabi Nagumo is the former Student Council President

The characters of Classroom of the Elite are intriguing; we can confirm that. They have their own stories and their own motivations, and although the series focuses on some of them, even the secondary characters are more than intriguing. In this article, we are going to analyze one such character – Miyabi Nagumo – whose story is going to be presented in this article, as we are going to analyze his role in the story. Let us start by exploring his story.

Nagumo placed a wager with Manabu Horikita in Volume 8. He initially lost the wager, but not before he and Momoko Ikari pushed Akane Tachibana to the brink of expulsion—a move that was never completed. Nagumo attempted to negotiate with Ichinose in Volume 10 in order to offer her 4,043,019 private points. She, in return, would have to start dating Nagumo in return. Initially, Ichinose was supposed to have 20 million points, enough to save the individual who would be eliminated in the extra special exam. But Kiyotaka foiled his scheme by suggesting to Ichinose a different dealer to take Nagumo’s position.

According to Takuya Yagami, Nagumo was there when the acting principal established the 20 million private point incentive for the first-year student who successfully expelled Kiyotaka Ayanokōji before the second semester in the first volume of the second-year arc. Nagumo attempts to turn Fūka Kiryūin into his ally in volume 2 of the second-year storyline, but she rejects him. Nagumo took the Desert Island Exam in volume 3 of the 2nd year arc, employing the “free groups” tactic.

He gave orders for the third-year groups who were rated lower to seize all of the points that he and the remaining bigger groups of that year were going to get. Volume 4 of the 2nd year arc saw Nagumo’s large group—which included himself and other classmates, such as Nazuna Asahina—place second on the special exam with 325 points, 2 points less than Rokusuke Kōenji’s smaller group in first place and 64 points ahead of Arisu Sakayanagi’s big group in third place. His biggest downfall came from Kiyotaka, who severely hurt him in I2, costing him precious time. He, therefore, gave the third years the command to watch Kiyotaka closely.


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Miyabi Nagumo can be described as an antagonist in the series

So, now that we have given you a rough outline of his story and an overview of him as a character, we can finally reveal whether he can be considered as a villain in the series and why. Well, to clear things up immediately – yes, we think that Miyabi Nagumo can be considered an antagonist in the series. He is not a major villain, but he is a character-driven by selfish desires and a general disregard for others.

In that aspect, we can definitely consider him a villain. He almost caused the expulsion of Akane Tachibana and also had it in for Ayanokoji. All of his actions were quite troublesome, and he had been scheming from the first moment we met him. This is why we are certain in our assumption that Nagumo can be considered a villain and why we have explained it like we did in this article.

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