Classroom of the Elite: Who Won & Who Lost During the Class Poll Exam? Revealing All the Important Names and Points!

Classroom of the Elite: Who Won & Who Lost During the Class Poll Exam? Revealing All the Important Names and Points!

If you remember, the third season of Classroom of the Elite started with Volume 8 of the light novel series, i.e., with the Mixed Training Camp event. This was another in a line of numerous special events held in the Advanced Nurturing High School, but we have already written about that. Now, the anime is on Volume 10 of the light novel, which means that the Class Poll Exam is underway. We have told you what it is, and in this article, we are going to tell you how it all played out and what happened during this special exam that was organized for the first time.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Class Poll Special Exam is a special type of exam, which consists of students evaluating their classmates and determining one who was worthy of praise and one who was worthy of criticism.
  • Those who got the most positive points ended up being the winners in each class, while those with the largest number of negative points were next in line for being expelled from the school.
  • The reason why the school organized such an event in the first place was because it so happened that no student had been expelled by that time, so the school had to make it more challenging.

Why was the Class Poll Special Exam even organized?

Because every student had passed every prior exam and no one was in danger of being expelled, a special supplemental exam called the Class Poll Exam was added as a surprise test. So, the school set up this test to make things more difficult for them. Each class was given a total of four days to assess their own classmates in order to decide who deserved the greatest praise and who needed the most criticism. The guidelines were as follows:

Rule 1: Praise and criticism votes invalidate each other. Praise votes – Criticism votes = Results.

Rule 2: You can’t cast praise or criticism votes for yourself.

Rule 3: Voting multiple times for the same person, leaving part of the ballot blank, abstaining from the vote altogether and other acts of this nature are prohibited.

Rule 4: The exam will be repeated until the first and last place students are determined.

Rule 5: It is required to cast a separate dedicated praise vote for a student in another class.

Classroom of the Elite, Volume 10

As you can see, the situation was, at one point, quite strange – all the students were there, no one had been expelled and this was the first time that such a situation had happened. Not knowing what to do, the staff decided to organize this special exam, which was bound to expel at least four students; of course, the staff left each class an opportunity to save their “worst” student by paying 20,000,000 points, but this was a very large amount of points and they knew it would be difficult for the students to collect such an amount.


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So yes, the main and basically principal reason behind this special exam was the students’ earlier success and the staff simply wanted to make things more challenging for them. Was it a good thing to do? Well, from a strictly educational point of view, it was a horrible thing to do, but the Advanced Nurturing High School is not really your standard school, as you know, so the standards are a bit different here and that is why the tests function as they do in here. Let us now see what happened.

Who won and who lost? The results of the Class Poll Special Exam!

In order to do the test successfully, every student received a total of three points, which they were free to divide any way they pleased between three praise and three criticism points. You can only imagine the amount of backstage work and lobbying that went on when the students were allowed to make the decision. Several students grouped and lobbied, they discussed their tactical approach as well as who should get whose points, all of which created a very interesting and intriguing atmosphere within the school walls. So, how did it all play out once the polling was done? Here are the results:

Most Praise votesMost Criticism votes
Class 1-AArisu Sakayanagi (36)Yahiko Totsuka (??)
Class 1-BHonami Ichinose (98)Ryūji Kanzaki (??)
Class 1-CKiyotaka Ayanokōji (42)Haruki Yamauchi (33)
Class 1-DSatoru Kaneda (27)Shiho Manabe (??)

Let us now analyze these results.

The winners

After the four days passed and the polling was done, each class chose one winner and in most cases, it wasn’t really surprising. Here are the winners of each class’ poll:

  1. Class 1-A: Arisu Sakayanagi naturally won the poll, as she is the class’ brightest and most influential student. In fact, she is one of the most influential students in the school and Kiyotaka’s great rival.
  2. Class 1-B: Hanami Ichinose won this poll, which doesn’t really surprise us. And while she did not have that much influence in the school at the time, she was popular and quite ambitious, so this doesn’t surprise us.
  3. Class 1-C: Of course, it had to be Kiyotaka, but this is not just because Kiyotaka is the protagonist of the series (although it wouldn’t have made any sense otherwise), but because Kiyotaka really has some admirable qualities that deserve praise.
  4. Class 1-D: How Satoru Kaneda won’ Class D’s poll is beyond us, but he did. He received a praise point for this and that is all that we can say about this pick really. This is the only surprising one in this category, really.

And with this, the winners are presented. In reality, all that mattered was to avoid being last or to be first; everything in between these two positions was irrelevant. The winners, of course, all received a “protection point” which saved them from a potential expulsion and were selected as the captains of their respective classes for the upcoming end-of-the-year final exam. Now that we’ve covered this, let us talk about the most criticized students.


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The losers

The winners are clear. They were awarded a “protection point” from a potential expulsion, but as far as the losers are concerned, they… well… they were next in line for being expelled. They were:

  1. Class 1-A: Yahiko Totsuka’s name should be a surprise, since this egoistical character wasn’t really liked, despite doing dirty work for some other characters. Since his class did not collect the 20,000,000 points, he was the first student of Class A to be expelled.
  2. Class 1-B: Ryūji Kanzaki actually volunteered himself to be expelled, which made the class’ decision easier, but he wasn’t expelled as his class managed to collect the necessary points to save him.
  3. Class 1-C: One of the 3 Idiots of D-Class, Haruki Yamauchi is also not someone whose inclusion here should come as a surprise to anyone. He was not a good person and while he ended up being tricked, he still deserved what happened to him.
  4. Class 1-D: Shiho Manabe was a collateral victim of Kanzaki being saved from expulsion, as she was chosen to take his place. A bit unfair, but she did end up being expelled.

And with this, our coverage is over. Allow us briefly to answer one additional question before we end this article.

Why did Nagumo lend points to Class B?

And while most of the classes simply accepted the results as they were, there were those who actually wanted to keep the class whole and stop the most criticized student from getting expelled; as we’ve said, the only way to do it was to collect a total of 20,000,000 points, which was extremely difficult to do. In case you were wondering who wanted to save their worst classmate – it was Class B’s Hanami Ichinose, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans of the series.

Ichinose persuaded her classmates to give her all their points to shat they could save whoever would be ranked lowest, but they were still missing a certain amount of points. She discussed this with Kiyotaka when Nazuna arrived and overheard their conversation; Kiyotaka approached her for help and while they were discussing Ichinose, Nazuna said that Nagumo would probably be inclined to lend her the points if she became his girlfriend.


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This was later confirmed by Nagumo, who was genuinely in love with Ichinose, although out of all the wrong reasons (you can read about the relationship between Nagumo and Ichinose in our other article), as he agreed to do as stated. But, since Ichinose didn’t really like him, as she had feelings for Kiyotaka, they wanted to find a way to get the points without Ichinose having to date Nagumo, and with Kiyotaka’s help, they managed to do it. This was a wrong move on Nagumo’s side, but knowing what kind of a person he is, it doesn’t really surprise us; we’re just glad that Ichinose dodged a bullet here.

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