How Strong Is Dōma (Compared to Other Demon Slayer Characters)?

How Strong is Doma (Compared to Other Demon Slayer Characters)?

In the world of Demon Slayer, the Twelve Kizuki were an organization made up of a group of twelve Demons who pursued the goal of finding the Blue Spider Lily. The organization was created and led by Muzan Kibutsuji. One of the members of this group was Doma, who held the rank of the Upper-Rank Two. And while Doma was a complete monster in every aspect and one of the most morbid members of Muzan’s demonic group, he was still not the most powerful one, and in this article, we will tell you a bit about his powers and abilities.

The article is going to be divided into two major parts. The first one will represent Doma’s powers and abilities, while the other one will be a short comparison of Doma’s powers and abilities to the powers and abilities of other characters, divided into several subsections. These will not be detailed analyses, just brief comments so you can understand Doma’s position in the Demon Slayer lore.

Doma’s powers and abilities

Doma is incredibly physically strong, largely because of how much of Muzan Kibutsuji’s blood he absorbed; as a result, despite being one rank higher, he might be stronger than Akaza. Doma’s two fans can be tilted precisely and at subsonic speeds. He can also shake them violently enough to cause enormous wind gusts. Doma has also shown unbreakable durability even when severely damaged. Even after being gravely poisoned and ingesting 70 times the amount of Wisteria Flower necessary to kill a typical demon, Kanao Tsuyuri could not cut Doma’s throat.

One of Doma’s most expressed and best traits is his exceptional speed, as he can move faster than the human eye perceives; along with his amazing regeneration skills, this is definitely his forte. He demonstrated this ability on numerous occasions, for example, when he killed one of his cultists in front of Shinobu. Still, Shinobu did not notice what happened until later when the woman’s body simply exploded. He was also able to avoid Kanao’s superhuman sight, steal her sword, and avoid her Flower Breathing. He also stole Inosuke’s boar mask once without anyone noticing.

When Akaza attacked his lower jaw and upper skull, Doma immediately recovered himself with little to no effort, even perceiving the lethal strike as a loving gesture, demonstrating his strong regenerating skills. Even after Doma absorbed Shinobu inside of him and, thus, consumed almost 37 kilograms of poison—roughly seventy times the deadly dosage required to end the life of a typical demon—it was a long time before he could feel its negative effects.

Doma can create and work with ice, thanks to his Cryokinesis. Kanao Tsuyuri and Shinobu Kocho were nearly instantly frozen after coming into contact with the light, deep blue, purple, and white ice he produced. Doma can create ice from tens of meters away or from the edge of his fans. He has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to mold ice into a variety of forms, including huge statues and even gusts of freezing wind. Additionally, he has the ability to make a specific ice powder that can draw blood from people and slowly kill their cells. Inhaling her powdered ice will gradually damage her opponent’s lungs, rendering them incapable of breathing and fighting.


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How powerful is Doma compared to other Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba characters?

In this section, we will compare Doma to some other strong Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba characters. These are going to be brief comparisons whose main goal is to give you a general idea of his powers and abilities.

Doma vs. Muzan

Muzan is the most powerful of all Demons and the creator of all the Demons that came after him. His weaknesses are the same as those of the other Demons, but his powers and abilities far surpass those of any other known Demon in the series. Using his powers, he has turned numerous people into Demons and has organized the most powerful ones in the Twelve Kizuki. Doma has received an enormous quantity of Muzan’s blood, which makes him so powerful.

Although he came into the organization much later, he surpassed even Akaza and was near Kokushibo’s level. Still, despite all of his morbid abilities and skills, Doma would not be able to surpass Muzan. That much is obvious.

Doma vs. Kokushibo

Doma tells Kokushibo he chose not to dodge Akaza27s blow

As the Upper-Rank One, Kokushibo is basically the second strongest Demon behind Muzan. Yoriichi’s brother, Kokushibo, was turned into a Demon by Muzan at his own behest, as he wanted to be both stronger and immortal. He knows the Moon Breathing Style and is an exceptionally skilled swordsman. The Twelve Kizuki were organized hierarchically, which means that Kokushibo was the strongest among them, i.e., that he was also stronger than Doma. Doma was not the type to fear or respect Kokushibo, but it is obvious that he was aware of his strengths and there is absolutely no doubt that Doma would lose to Kokushibo in a fight.

Doma vs. Akaza

Akaza destroys Doma28Anime29

And while it did seem that Akaza might be near Doma’s level – he managed to slice off his head on two occasions, almost effortlessly – the truth is quite different. Doma confirmed that he let Akaza hit him as a sign of friendship, which means that he was not only aware of an incoming strike but also that he could have avoided it; he is that much faster than Akaza, yes. The difference between Doma and Akaza is quite significant, even though Doma is only one rank above Akaza. It should not be doubted that Doma would defeat Akaza in a direct clash.

Doma vs. the remaining Twelve Kizuki

Since Doma was the Upper-Rank Two and the second most powerful member of the Twelve Kizuki. In practice, this meant that Doma was able to defeat all the remaining members of the group, and that was not really contested. He was much more powerful, and from what we know about the power balance between Akaza and Doma, we can deduce that the difference in power between Doma and the remaining Kizuki is much bigger, i.e., that Doma would trash them easily.


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Doma vs. Tanjiro Kamado

Well, this is an intriguing one. Initially, there is absolutely no doubt that Doma would have been able to kill Tanjiro in a matter of seconds; the difference in power was, indeed, so significant. But, as time passed, Tanjiro gathered more experience and became an exceptionally powerful Demon Slayer. If you add to that the fact that Tanjiro also learned the Sun Breathing Style later on (by remembering the Hinokami Kagura), it makes sense that Tanjiro reached Doma’s level of power. We know that Tanjiro managed to surpass Akaza later on, but we’re not really sure how powerful he was – individually – in relation to Doma. We would still give Doma an advantage in a direct one-on-one clash, but only a slight one.

Doma vs. Shinobu Kochou

The rivalry between Doma and the Kochou sisters is a major one. Doma initially killed Kanae, and Shinobu swore that she would avenge her sister at one point or another. This happened during their final fight, as Shinobu fed herself with so much Wisteria that she willingly sacrificed herself to defeat Doma from the inside. Doma was undoubtedly the more powerful fighter, and Shinobu could not defeat him in direct combat alone, but she was able to outwit him, which definitely counts for something.

Doma vs. the remaining Hashira

This is a very versatile category, depending on whom Doma would fight. A combination of Hashira would definitely be enough to subdue him, but individually, it all depends, really. He would probably lose to Gyomei, Obanai, Muichiro, and possibly even Giyu, but we’re not that certain; we are also not certain about Sanemi and Mitsuri, although we think that he would be able to defeat them. As for Tengen, Doma would definitely be able to defeat him, especially with the latter losing his arm. Kyoruro Rengoku was a completely different opponent, though, especially since he was the Flame Hashira, and we think that we could put him in the first category, i.e., that Kyojuro might have been able to defeat Doma.

Doma vs. Zenitsu

Zenitsu was able to defeat Kaigaku, but we don’t think he would be able to defeat the Upper-Rank Two. And while Zenitsu is certainly not to be underestimated, that much is true. He simply lacks the power, experience, and versatility to fight Doma. Doma has, on numerous occasions, demonstrated that he is a genuine monster and brutally powerful fighter, and while Zenitsu is certainly not weak, he is not on the same level as Doma by no means. This is why we think that Doma would not have too much trouble facing Zenitsu in a one-on-one fight.

Doma vs. Inosuke

Everything we’ve said about Zenitsu can also be applied to Inosuke. Okay, almost everything. Inosuke lacks the experience but has the strength and durability to face Doma, which he has ever done in the series. And while his skills are far more versatile than Zenitsu’s, his lack of tactical approach is what would give Doma a definitive advantage. Inosuke is not stupid, but he approaches the fight without thinking, actually, and that is simply not good enough against an opponent who is as powerful as Doma. Inosuke did not defeat Doma, i.e., he succeeded only with Kanao’s and Shinobu’s help, but in a one-on-one fight, he would not stand much chance against the powerful Demon.

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