Chainsaw Man: How Powerful Is Makima? Why Is She so Strong?

Chainsaw Man: How Powerful Is Makima? Why Is She so Strong?

Alongside Denji and Power, Makima is the central character in the Chainsaw Man manga and anime. Initially, a strange protagonist seemingly looking after Denji, Makima turns out to be quite a cunning and vile character who manipulates Denji for her own causes. This article is going to focus on Makima and her powers and abilities. We will determine just how strong and powerful she is in Chainsaw Man and why she is as strong as she is in the series, i.e., why she is one of the most dangerous villains in the story.

Makima is the Control Devil, and as such, she embodies the fear of control. As an actual Devil, Makima is enormously powerful. Since she embodies a very palpable fear, as being controlled is something that people generally fear, she is quite powerful; Devils are stronger when more people fear the fear they embody. Makima is, thus, undoubtedly one of the most powerful characters in the series.

The rest of this article will focus on Makima and her role in the story. We are going to reveal a lot of details about her story and her powers and abilities, so be careful, as this article is going to have a lot of spoilers. We are going to talk about Makima’s Devil powers in more detail, as you’re going to get some additional details about the Control Devil.

How powerful is Makima?

During the course of the story, it is revealed that Makima is actually the Control Devil, one of the most dangerous devils in the story. In that aspect, her powers and abilities are quite formidable, although the extent of Makima’s ability is mostly unknown. She has shown many abilities, which could be her default ability as a Control Devil or the ability of another Devil she controls.

Makima has demonstrated her ability to exert authority over anyone she deems to be beneath her, even coercing them into signing contracts with her or another Devil. The victim seems to lose their memories after falling under its control. Both hybrids and humans can use this power. She can summon her victims through a circuit attached to her body and use their power to channel.

It has been demonstrated that she can use the abilities of the Angel Devil, Future Devil, Snake Devil, Punishment Devil, and Zombie Devil. Even the dead can be managed in this way. Three of the weapon hybrids in Makima’s squad—Reze, Guanxi, and Katana Man—were formerly hostile individuals who now admired her. This shows that Makima is capable of direct control over individuals and subtle psychological changes.


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Makima is seen using an invisible power to obliterate her prey. Makima needs a target’s name and a human sacrifice to utilize this move, as seen during the Katana Man Arc. Makima tells the victim to say the target’s name as she forms a specific sign using her hands. The target is then crushed when the victim passes away, leaving just blood splatter and their clothing. Those nearby cover their eyes with black fabric when she uses this power.

When Makima glances at a target, it is demonstrated that the victim dies, appearing to be crushed from the inside. She has also demonstrated the ability to destroy objects by pointing her index finger at them. This power is potent enough to kill Power instantaneously and launch the upgraded Chainsaw Man into space. She has also been seen to use her sword to slash off the heads of her prey at close to the mid-range range while the others around her cover their eyes with black fabric.

Although it is unknown how Makima obtained these skills, they are comparable to those of the Darkness Devil and Gun Devil. Even if the target is dead, Makima may effortlessly communicate her voice to them by placing her hand on their heads. This is how she has taken control of the Devils she is presently employed for.

It was clear that Makima could manage and use many rats as transportation. Makima is able to use her abilities to immediately go to any area by gathering these rats into the shape of a human. Makima frequently employs the hearing of rats, birds, and other lesser life forms; she probably has the capacity to hear discussions taking place in Hell itself. She could listen in on the talk between Kishibe and Guanxi and between Denji and Reze. Non-verbal communication, like writing on a piece of paper, can get around this skill.

The Control Devil can enter into agreements with people for a fee like a Devil. She can compel others to enter into a deal with her because of her power over them. In reality, the Control Devil simply had a contract with the Japanese Prime Minister in exchange for being able to work for the Japanese government. Makima’s contract with the prime minister states that any fatal injury she sustains causes an equivalent disease or condition to strike a random Japanese citizen.


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Although she had been shot in the back of the head, she later stood up without any obvious injuries. She claimed that a bullet had just struck her. However, this claim seems improbable in light of the location of the gun when it was fired and the spot where the blood from the exit hole was found. The Gun Devil shot her in the head and later killed her. Before the Gun Devil’s attack, it was known that she was murdered 26 times.

The Control Devil must be able to replenish her health by ingesting blood because she is a devil. She has demonstrated the capacity to restore the arm that the Darkness Demon had broken. However, whether this power comes from her natural ability to regenerate or from her agreement with the Prime Minister is unclear. The Control Devil is an eternal Devil who can never die since he must respawn in Hell. She reincarnated as Nayuta in China after being devoured by Denji.

Why is Makima so strong?

Let us first define Devils in Chainsaw Man before we can offer you a specific response. A race of mythical beings known as devils can be found all over the earth. Devils are born in hell, and each has a name corresponding to an existing or feared entity. They materialize in accordance with the collective consciousness associated with their names. In both directions, devils who pass away in one world resurface in the other, effectively becoming immortal. Demons who pass away in Hell also reappear in the realm of humans and vice versa.

The series has often responded that Devils become considerably stronger by ingesting blood, especially that of another Devil since the major source of food for the Devils is the blood of humans and other Devils. Clearly, the majority are exceedingly hostile toward both people and devils, but others are only mildly hostile and obtain their food in other ways. The Primal Devils are an alternative to the regular Devils, and they have names that represent the anxieties present in the human psyche by nature.

Now, as a pure-blooded Devil, it makes complete sense that Makima is enormously strong. We have just explained that Devils are extremely powerful and that an underlying mechanism makes them even stronger as more and more people fear the thing they embody. This is why the Tomato Devil is one of the least powerful Devils, while the Control Devil, Death Devil, Darkness Devil, and the likes are so powerful. Control is, of course, a thing that people fear because they do not like being controlled.


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This is why Makima has a very powerful source that fuels her powers and abilities. People fear being controlled by others, and that is, more or less, a universal fear, as most people fear it. That enables Makima to use her powers easily, as her powers can be quite convincing in negotiations. This is what makes Makima so powerful and so feared among the other characters and why Makima was able to build such a reputation that she was basically on top of the whole thing, despite being the villain of the first part of the series. There are only several Devils that are more powerful than Makima, and that has been said on numerous occasions.

Ultimately, on top of that, Makima has some amazing skills and abilities. Aside from the general powers that all Devils possess, Makima has other powerful skills that make her such a formidable foe. Her contracts make her basically unkillable, while her killing-from-a-distance power makes he a truly dangerous foe. Not to mention that she is able to control most of the people around her, as she is, in the majority of cases, superior to all of them. And this is why Makima is so powerful.

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