How Old Is Himeno in Chainsaw Man?

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Chainsaw Man has tons of amazing protagonists, but Himeno has quickly become one of the most interesting and complex characters in Chainsaw Man – flaunting a bubbly yet fearless personality contrasted by a tragic backstory. Still, Himeno can be fairly immature and irresponsible in certain instances, primarily when she gets drunk, and many fans have begun wondering how old Himeno is in Chainsaw Man as a result.

Himeno’s exact age is never confirmed in the Chainsaw Man manga or anime series, but she is an adult by law and it’s been assumed that she is in her early to mid-20s. It’s believed that Himeno is a few years older than Aki, who is approximately 19 years old, and it’s been estimated that Himeno is somewhere between 22 and 25 years old as a result.

Fans have been shocked by Himeno’s behavior after she’s had a bit too much to drink, and while this does confirm she is at least of legal age, it hasn’t stopped fans from wondering how old she actually is. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about Himeno’s approximate age range in Chainsaw Man, as well as why fans are so concerned about it.

How Old is Himeno in Chainsaw Man?

Himeno’s age is never actually revealed in the Chainsaw Man manga or in the Chainsaw Man anime series, although there are various pieces of evidence that fans have used to piece her approximate age together – or, at least, an overall age range. It is known for certain that Himeno is technically an adult by law, as she often partakes in ‘adult’ recreational activities or habits such as drinking and smoking.

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Chainsaw Man fans have used the ages of other Chainsaw Man characters in order to help narrow her age down – particularly the ages of Aki and Denji. Denji is 16 years old, and Aki is said to be around 3 years older than Denji (according to episode 7 of the Chainsaw Man anime series) making him approximately 19 years old.

The age ranges can vary since Himeno is believed to be a few years older than Aki. Some fans believe she could be only 3 to 5 years older than Aki, while others believe she could be up to 7 years older than Aki. Either way, in theory, this would place Himeno somewhere between 22 and 25 years old, although some fans believe she could technically be as young as 20 or 21.

Is Himeno a “Senior” in Chainsaw Man?

The title of “Senior” has begun raising more questions among Chainsaw Man fans, with many believing this title could indicate Himeno is far older than we initially anticipated. However, it’s more likely that this title has nothing to do with age at all – more related to the skill, abilities, and responsibilities of being an experienced devil hunter.


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Being called a “Senior” among devil hunters often means that one is older than less experienced devil hunters, such as Aki being called Denji’s senior as well. But, the specific title of a “Senior” is more likely related to the level of skill and experience one has as a devil hunter, with the most experienced and seasoned devil hunters gaining the title out of respect.

Why are Chainsaw Man Fans Concerned About Himeno’s Age?

While Himeno has shown remarkable skills as a devil hunter and can watch over less experienced devil hunters, she can still be quite reckless when inclined. While she is technically classified as a young adult, it doesn’t stop her from enjoying every passing day that goes by – especially considering that Himeno believes she could die at any moment due to her job as a devil hunter.

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Anime fans are often curious to learn more about their favorite anime characters, typically including various aspects of the character, such as their exact ages, heights, jobs, birthdays, and much more. However, the reason behind fans wanting to narrow down Himeno’s exact age isn’t as light-hearted as one might expect.

Many Chainsaw Man fans are flocking to forums and community threads in search of answers after the shocking Chainsaw Man “Kiss and Puke” scene, where Himeno kisses Denji and ends up puking into his mouth. This wasn’t the end of it, though, as Himeno takes Denji back to her place and proceeds to make romantic advances – although, fortunately, the two devil hunters end up falling asleep next to each other instead.

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The entire interaction had Chainsaw Man fans feeling incredibly uncomfortable over and above the disgusting nature of the previous night’s events, primarily concerning the fact that Denji is 16 years old (which he stated shortly before Himeno kissed him). Himeno is clearly of legal age, as she was drinking the night before and also smokes – two things that are not allowed for minors in Japan.

She was also very aware of Denji’s age prior to any of this taking place. She was not only sitting right next to him when he shared his approximate age (along with other new devil hunter recruits at the table), but she also went so far as to make sure he didn’t drink any alcohol throughout the night – as seen below thanks to a post by LeivAnime.

denji drink

The following morning, Himeno stated that she didn’t recall anything from the previous night, and Denji had to fill her in on the previous night’s events. Being of legal age and aware of Denji’s age, Himeno was also confirmed again the following morning when she stated that she was glad they didn’t do anything as she would have gotten arrested.

Of course, this had countless Chainsaw Man fans feeling shocked and uneasy, with the scene going viral followed by floods of judgment, opinions, and concerns regarding such concepts being potentially normalized through anime series. The situation may have been worsened by Himeno’s assumed age, as her age is technically never revealed in the Chainsaw Man manga.


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This means that there is a slim chance Himeno could be only a couple of years older than Denji. But, the odds of this are pretty slim when putting all of the pieces together since we know she is older than Aki – and, even then, the fact still remains that she is a legal adult while Denji is a minor.

In Japan, the age of adulthood is considered to be 18 years old, applicable to activities such as consuming alcohol, while the age of consent in Japan is apparently set to be raised from 13 years old to 16 years old. Although, even with these laws in Japan, the entire situation still feels uncomfortable for most anime fans worldwide. That said, the Chainsaw Man saga is still undeniably iconic, and fans are glad these two devil hunters haven’t become more than friends.

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