Does Uta Die in One Piece Film Red? Here’s What Happens to Her

The release of One Piece Film: Red had anime fans hyped ever since its release, and the excitement continues to brew with it finally hitting screens in the West. But, fans who have watched One Piece Film: Red were met with a rather tragic and somewhat ambiguous ending – with many now wondering if Uta dies in One Piece Film: Red.

One Piece Film: Red’s ending heavily implies that Uta dies, as a collective result of consuming Wake Mushrooms and refusing the antidote in addition to the strain she endured while being consumed by the Demon Tot Musica. However, her body was not shown and her death was not officially confirmed, so some fans believe she may have survived.

Uta’s fate seemed to be grim from the very beginning of the movie, as she continued to spiral down a progressively dark path that would ultimately plunge her into madness – topped with a variety of choices that would only seal her demise. Join us as we discuss exactly what happened to Uta, why fans believe that she died in One Piece Film: Red, as well as if there’s a chance that this new One Piece favorite could make a return in the future.

Does Uta Die in One Piece Film: Red?

One Piece Film: Red brought a whirlwind of excitement for anticipating fans by shedding light on the mysterious Shanks’ past and even giving fans a taste of Luffy’s Gear 5 form. But, the movie focused on Uta for the vast majority of its running.

Uta, the star of the show and seemingly the entire world in One Piece Film: Red, started off as a classic heroine with an otherworldly voice, capable of much more than the main One Piece characters would know at the time. Uta had her own plan to recreate the world in a new light, with the intention of creating a reality where everyone can be free, safe, and happy.

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But, she does not acknowledge the need for others’ consent in doing so, nor does she consider her own physical and mental well-being in the process. Things go haywire when she holds a concert in Elegia, where everyone attending gets transported to her dream world – after which she expects everyone to be happy about the idea.

This includes the Straw Hat Pirates and other One Piece characters like law, Blueno, Bartolomeo, Koby, and others, who were quick to stand against Uta’s plans. After many “battle” phases, Uta seems to see the error of her ways and seemingly sacrifices herself in order to undo the damage she had done. Still, there were many factors that led her to this point.

How Does Uta Die in One Piece Film: Red?

Uta was exposed to the cruelty and injustice of the world from a fairly young age and always vowed that she would do whatever she could to achieve her dream – although, it would come at a great cost. Uta became the villain and began trying to control everyone in the One Piece world using her powerful singing voice, and the majority of the global population had been under her control by the movie’s breaking point.

It was made clear that other big players in One Piece were already after, including various Marines in One Piece and even Big Mom, who wanted to add Uta to her collection. Uta died as a result of the path she chose – there were many collective forces that eventually led to her demise, all of which revolved around her mental and emotional state. Her plan had ultimately placed her on a road to disaster, detailed below in consecutive order.

1. Uta Eats Deadly Wake Shrooms

One of the “rules” about Uta’s Devil Fruit, the Sing Sing Fruit, is that it transports the consciousness of Uta’s victims – not their physical bodies. Their physical bodies remain in the real world, and can even be turned into beings that can be weaponized if needed.

Uta begins eating Wake Shrooms consecutively, in an attempt to stay awake and keep everyone in her dream world. However, these mushrooms are fatal and would undoubtedly lead to her death without treatment.

2. Demon Tot Musica, Defeated by Luffy & Shanks

The protagonists found that they may catch a moment of opportunity if Uta performs the song “Tot Musica”, as realities would merge just enough for them to escape. However, Uta actually summons the Demon Tot Musica, giving Luffy and others a whole new challenge to face.

It is revealed that, while fans thought Shanks is just evil and abandoned Uta as a child, he was only protecting her. Turns out, she had apparently summoned the Demon Tot Musica as a child and unintentionally destroyed Elegia.

But, Shanks took the blame and passed Uta on to Elegia’s King Gordan so she could have a fulfilling life as a famous singer. He kept this decision a secret from everyone, including Luffy, as seen below thanks to Crunchyroll Collection.

Uta is absorbed by the Demon Tot Musica, after which our loveable heroes become determined to save her. Luffy (in Uta’s World) and Shanks (in the real world) communicate through Usopp and his father’s psychic connection, allowing them to coordinate and perform synchronized double attacks that defeat the Demon King.

3. Uta Sings Her Heart Out to Save Everyone

After the Demon is defeated, Uta is alive but is extremely weak, in addition to having consumed so many Wake Shrooms. Uta realizes how much damage she caused, and she finally moves on from her “New Genesis” plan, beginning to feel the warmth and love of her friends and family again.

From this point, Shanks offers Uta an antidote in the real world, and Uta has the choice to stay alive. But, Uta refuses the treatment saying that she cannot sleep – that she needs to stay awake since the only way to free everyone at this stage is to sing another song.

Uta begins to sing her heart out, as those who were trapped in Uta’s World begin to wake up in the real world. Just when things seem to have turned out alright, Uta falls unconscious in Shanks’ arms, as the Navy decides to back off from capturing Uta. We then see Luffy waking up and witnessing Shanks sailing away – and fans are given a brief glimpse of a really somber-looking crew.

Will Uta Return in One Piece?

While Uta wasn’t officially declared to be deceased outright, fans can assume that she made her final choice and said goodbye, sacrificing herself for those she wished to protect. In addition, fans caught a glimpse of Shanks standing over a structure that resembled a casket with a flag on it, with the crew seemingly gathered around it.

Luffy also tilts his straw hat down with a grim expression, which could be seen as a respectful tribute to Uta. The closing scene, as seen below thanks to Wendell Magulud, shows Luffy trying to speak to Sunny, after which he’s met with a cryptic vision of Uta holding the straw hat – lots of ground for interpretation.

The credits also show One Piece characters enjoying Uta’s music in the future, after One Piece Film: Red’s events transpire. Many fans believe that this could be a way to keep Uta’s spirit alive – her music was her identity in many ways. Still, Uta is Shanks’ daughter, and she is extremely powerful – and, this is Oda, so there’s also room for wild One Piece theories.

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A handful of fans speculate that this may hint at Uta having survived somehow, alluding to the possibility of something miraculous taking place on the ship. A theory is that Shanks may have forced the antidote after she collapsed, meaning that Uta may very well be in a coma-like state – with a slim chance of recovering with enough care (granted, the movie’s “canon” continuity stance alongside the manga and anime is still up for debate).

Is One Piece Film: Red Canon?

It’s definitely sad to see Uta go down like this, especially since she was quickly becoming a new fan favorite among anime lovers worldwide. However, there was certainly something dark yet poetic about her fate in One Piece Film: Red – and the possibility of her still being around somehow is enough to keep One Piece fans smiling.

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