Every Black Character in My Hero Academia Explained (& Their Voice Actors)

my hero academia black characters

My Hero Academia flaunts a huge selection of incredible characters for fans to enjoy, all of which come in various shapes, sizes, and forms – human or otherwise. With My Hero Academia having such a diverse set of protagonists and villains, many fans wonder if there are any black characters in the storyline. Stick around to find out about all of the black or darker-toned characters in My Hero Academia, whether it be through a naturally darker complexion or supernatural means.

1. Shihai Kuroiro

Shihai Kuroiro, formally known as Kuroiro Shihai or as the “Scheming Hero: Vantablack”, is a student in Class 1-B at U.A. High School, training to one day become a Pro Hero like many others in the My Hero Academia universe.


Shihai Kuroiro is a young man with puffy white hair and a tall frame, characterized by his long, thin gray/black eyes and pitch black skin – most likely a result of his Quirk. Shihai Kuroiro’s hero costume is comprised of a minimalistic black jumpsuit, accessorized with pale shoes and large wristbands indented by three rectangular shapes.


Kuroiro is a sly schemer, hence his chosen hero name, and he prefers to catch people off guard rather than face them head-on. He is generally seen with an unsure or annoyed facial expression and seems to enjoy darker ideas and dramatic speech.

Quirk & Abilities

Shihai Kuroiro is not the best in terms of close combat, but he has an excellent tactical intellect and his Black Quirk allows him to evade enemy attacks or take on opponents using ambush approaches. He can move at incredibly high speeds and merge with black-colored objects, making him a master of all things stealth-related.

2. Rumi Usagiyama

Rumi Usagiyama, also known as the “Rabbit Hero: Mirko”, is possibly one of the toughest female characters in the My Hero Academia world, being the No. 5 Pro Hero.


Mirko is incredibly athletic, with a muscular build and powerful limbs – standing at an average height. She has darker skin, terrifying red eyes, and is characterized by her long white ears and white bunny tail.


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She typically wears a sleeveless white leotard with dark purple and metal detailing, accessorized by purple thigh-high boots with plated feet that resemble that of a rabbit. Rumi only maintains her classic bunny body parts when she is not in full costume, and she is possibly one of the most well-loved white-haired anime girls out there.


Mirko has a brutish attitude and absolutely adores taking down bad guys, often exploring the streets and defeating villains on her own. She has a rather reckless approach in battle but Mirko believes that she would rather die than live with regret. In fact, she frequently continues fighting after losing limbs – choosing to replace them with high-tech prosthetics.

Quirk & Abilities

Rumi has some insane abilities inspired by rabbits. Her Rabbit Quirk grants her some powerful hind legs with the ability to smash the ground using her feet, along with super hearing, intuition, agility, and a remarkably high level of pain tolerance.

3. Kesagiri Man

Kesagiri Man is one of the Pro Heroes in My Hero Academia.

Kesagiri Man

This Pro Hero is not technically dark-toned, but he usually flaunts an outfit that is comprised of black fur – completely covering his body from head to toe, apart from his bare fingers. His face is also shielded by a black hood, and his clothing matches his black fur suit with grey and red trim.


He is pretty introverted, appearing mostly composed and quiet. However, he has revealed his deep voice when he speaks occasionally, usually to console others or discuss important matters concerning My Hero Academia villains.

Quirk & Abilities

Kesagiri Man is mostly known for his prowess in battle. He is incredibly fast thanks to his enhanced speed, which is portrayed when he zooms past one of the Yakuza and knocks down all of the leaves in the process.

4. Ken Takagi

Ken Takagi is one of the Pro Heroes in the My Hero Academia world, also known as the “Lock Hero: Rock Lock”.

rock lock

Rock Lock has dark, curly hair and dark-toned skin, with a lean yet fit build. He has padlock earrings, a nod to his superhero identity, and his fingertips resemble the teeth of keys.


His superhero costume consists of a yellow and dark green bodysuit with short sleeves and a print resembling a keyhole. He also wears light gray shoulder pads with dark keyhole symbols, white boots, and a brown belt with keys hanging off of its side. This costume is accessorized with a red necklace that has five keys hanging from it, as well as a yellow mask covering his eyes.


Ken has a blunt and occasionally judgmental personality, and he is frequently annoyed by inexperience. But, he is particularly critical of rookies and young students – although, this is often out of care since he feels children should not be risking their lives in deadly situations.

Quirk & Abilities

Ken flaunts the Lock Down Quirk, which allows him to immobilize any inanimate object that he has touched – forcing it to halt at a specific location. This quirk can be overpowered by more powerful Quirks or abilities and it cannot be applied to large areas, but Ken uses it wisely – such as by using throwable tiles that he can use as footholds in mid-air.

5. Godzillo

Godzillo is a Pro Hero, but he appears in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.


Godzillo has dark grey skin covered in scales and looks similar to Ghido Goji (the Heisei Godzilla design from Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah). He resembles a dragon-like creature, with a long tail and clawed paws, but his head can be better compared to that of a bear.

His hero costume comprises a ripped white coat with a high collar and baggy white pants, detailed with red and yellow flame patterns and complimented by a golden belt with similar patterns. He also wears silver-plated knee pads, and his clawed feet are adorned by bands of spikes.


Fans don’t know much about Godzillo, as his personality remains mostly a mystery. However, it’s been presumed that this character is friendly overall since he greets Melissa Shield and Izuku Midoriya as they walk through I-Island.

Quirk & Abilities

Godzillo’s Toho Quirk grants him the most notable attributes of a kaiju, making him incredibly large and physically powerful. His quirk also enables him to create nutrients in his own body via Photosynthesis.

6. Nyikang

Nyikang is a Sudanese Pro Hero, making an appearance in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.


Although most of this character is not visible, it appears that Nyikang has darker skin beneath his getup. He wears metal armor with gauntlets on his wrists, in addition to a unique red and yellow piece around his waist. He has brown ‘branch-styled’ hair and he wears a riveted mask covering his entire face.


There is very little that we know about Nyikang so far, and there have been no clear leads as to his personality. However, he is quite mysterious, seen walking amongst the crowd at the I-Expo preview in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

Quirk & Abilities

Nyikang flaunts the Spirit Possession Quirk, which allows him to convert his consciousness into spiritual energy. Nyikang can then utilize this energy and send it towards a target in order to possess them, making him a really unique opponent with some rather complex attack styles.

7. Fumikage Tokoyami

Fumikage Tokoyami, also known as the “Jet-Black Hero: Tsukuyomi” is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero along with other characters in the My Hero Academia universe.


Although Fumikage is technically not darker-toned, this ‘mostly black’ character is a short young man with the head of a blackbird that resembles the head of a crow or a raven. Apart from his black head, Fumikage looks like a normal human with fair skin and an athletic build.


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His superhero costume comprises a black robe covering his whole body until his shins, although it has a purple tint when under lighting, accessorized with knee-high black boots. Fumikage wears a dark t-shirt, wristbands, and a pair of loose-fitted pants underneath this robe, held together by a utility belt with a double pin buckle.


While Fumikage is certainly valiant and brave, he has more of a quiet, reserved and serious personality. He often ignores seemingly pointless or trivial questions, but he can be more lighthearted and sociable when he feels inclined – he’s also quite musically gifted, being a talented electric guitar player.

Quirk & Abilities

Fumikage is one of the strongest members in Class 1-A, flaunting Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Reflexes, and Tactical Intellect. He has the Dark Shadow Quirk, which allows him to manifest a sentient shadow monster from his body.

8. Gang Orca’s Sidekicks

Gang Orca’s Sidekicks are a group of pretending villains in My Hero Academia. They work under Gang Orca during the Provisional Hero License Exam.

Gang Orcas Sidekicks

They are primarily seen wearing jet-black bodysuits that are skin-tight and detailed with various gray lines. These suits cover their bodies completely, including their hands and heads, and are topped off with armor plating.


The Gang Orca’s Sidekicks were enlisted by the Hero Public Safety Commission for the Provisional Hero License Exam, alongside Gang Orca. Their main purpose was to act as villains and attack the students while they attempted to save civilians from ‘impending’ doom.

Quirk & Abilities

Considering that the purpose of Gang Orca’s Sidekicks was to act as bad guys during the exam, their abilities are not too overpowered. They primarily use their Cement Guns, which simply fire out cement paste that can harden in seconds – instantly immobilizing any target with next to no real damage.

9. Axer

Axer is one of the villains in the My Hero Academia world, being one of the numerous villains that were initially recruited by the League of Villains for the U.S.J. Incident. These origins make Axer a minor antagonist of the U.S.J. Arc.

Axer is a fairly muscular and well-built man, typically wearing a pair of black pants, a brown belt with a gold buckle, and a round white mask that he wears over his face. He has dark skin and long dark hair, and he is also known for always wearing gold bracelets and a gold T-shaped pendant around his neck.


Very little is known about Axer’s personality, background, and origin story. This may be primarily due to him being a lesser character in the My Hero Academia storyline.

Quirk & Abilities

Fans have not been given much insight into this minor villain’s abilities and potential quirks, but Axer is one of the horde villains who invaded the U.S.J. – which was led by the infamous Tomura Shigaraki. Axer attacked Denki Kaminari, Kyoka Jiro, and Momo Yaoyorozu in the Mountain Zone, after which he tried to ambush Kyoka, but he was defeated by a kick from Momo and was arrested.

10. Hood

Hood, also known as High-End, was one of Doctor Kyudai Garaki’s twelve intelligent High-End Nomu. He was also the main antagonist within the Pro Hero Arc.


Hood can be compared to the other Nomu in My Hero Academia, but flaunts an identifiably large and muscular build – topped with a longer neck that features several large vertebrae protruding out of it. Hood has dark purple and almost black skin, most of which is concealed by a hood.

This hood covers his face, which is comprised completely of exposed brain matter – apart from his distorted eyes and snarling mouth filled with long, sharp, and crooked teeth. Hood was muscular and already had long teeth and distorted eyes before he was transformed into a Nomu, but he had black eyes and a visible tattoo on his left arm.


This character has only shown signs of loyalty to his master, and he has a broken way of communicating – typically speaking with a stutter and odd grammar. He is often excited to take on powerful opponents, easily becoming bored with heroes he has already defeated – this could be the last remnant of his original identity, as Hood was initially an underground fighter.

Quirk & Abilities

Hood has a spread of abilities and quirks that make him quite a tough opponent, especially since he is the first of the High-End breed of Nomu. He can single-handedly cause mass destruction and take on many Pro Heroes with ease – including Endeavor and Hawks, the new No. 1 and No. 2 Pro Heroes.


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The most notable abilities that he flaunts include Immense Strength, Immense Speed, Flight, and Tactical Intellect, allowing him to keep up with just about any hero in the storyline. In addition, Hood also has a selection of Quirks that allow him to mutate his body in different ways, namely Muscle Augmentation, Super Regeneration, Shoulder-Mounted Jets, Transforming Arms, Power, and Storage.

Anime Voice Actors

Below are the anime voice actors for all of the above My Hero Academia characters. Although, some of the characters mentioned here are minor characters and do not necessarily have specific voice actors or dialogue as a result.

My Hero Academia CharacterJapanese Voice ActorEnglish Dub Voice Actor
Shihai KuroiroKohei AmasakiHoward Wang
Rumi UsagiyamaSayaka KinoshitaAnairis Quinones
Kesagiri ManKengo TsujiiJerry Jewell
Ken TakagiYasuhiro FujiwaraGabe Kunda
GodzilloKenpachiro Satsuma/
Fumikage TokoyamiYoshimasa HosoyaJosh Grelle
Gang Orca’s Sidekicks//
HoodTsuguo MogamiJustin Cook

That’s all of the black or darker characters in My Hero Academia, with images thanks to the My Hero Academia Wiki. While the sheer number of characters in My Hero Academia can feel overwhelming, the variation in characters’ personalities, powers, and appearances is partially what makes this beloved anime series so special.

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