Master Tengen vs. Satoru Gojo: Who Is More Powerful & Would Win in a Fight?

Master Tengen vs. Satoru Gojo: Who Is More Powerful & Would Win in a Fight?

The anime series Jujutsu Kaisen is renowned for its strong leads and amazing battles, some of which rank among the greatest animated in anime history. After the first season debuted and the prequel movie became a big hit, the second season is presently airing, and while we’re waiting for new episodes, we’ve decided to compare two incredibly strong characters from the series, one of the being the show’s most popular character, and the other a powerful immortal entity. One of them is, of course, Satoru Gojo, arguably the strongest character in the series, while the other is Master Tengen, an immortal entity that is currently benevolent but has the potential to become a powerful enemy. In this article, we will tell you how Gojo would fare in a battle against Tengen.

The battle between Satoru Gojo and Master Tengen wouldn’t be a fair one, as Master Tengen are a non-fighter, which is why Gojo would probably win in a fight. Kenjaku ultimately absorbed Tengen despite their defensive capabilities, so it can be assumed that Gojo, with his immense skills, would also be able to surpass Tengen’s defenses and ultimately win in this fight. As for Tengen’s potentially evil form, it is unknown how it would fare against Gojo, as nothing is known about it.

Unlike our usual structure, we won’t actually be doing a category-by-category analysis of the two characters as we don’t have enough information on Master Tengen’s skills to do a proper analysis. This is why we will simply present their known powers and abilities to you here and then explain our above-given answer so that you can understand completely why it is like it is.

Master Tengen is a powerful entity, but we don’t know how they would fare in a fight

Tengen, better known as Master Tengen and referred to as ‘they’ in the series, is a supporting character in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga series. They are an immortal jujutsu sorcerer who remains sheltered in the Tombs of the Star Corridor at the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College. They possess a cursed technique that grants them immortality and allows them to strengthen the barriers of jujutsu colleges. Every 500 years, they must change their body since their technique does not prevent aging. Other than using their barriers, Tengen does not alter the basic tenets of reality.

Tengen’s main ability is their Immortality cursed technique, which basically grants them immortality. But while Immortality grants eternal life, it doesn’t prevent aging. It just slows it down. This is why Master Tengen have to – every 500 years – merge with a compatible vessel known as the Star Plasma Vessel to restart the process and the technique, which grants stability to the barriers of the jujutsu society.

If that merger doesn’t happen, Master Tengen will evolve into a completely new lifeform that would lose its reason and will, thus potentially becoming a dangerous enemy of humanity with unpredictable consequences. And while this doesn’t have to be the case – as the manga confirmed, Tengen were able to maintain their reason even without the merger, but they became more of a curse than a human – the risk was too great while they did not know what the outcome could be.


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Aside from that, Master Tengen have exceptional defensive abilities, as they are the best barrier creator in the jujutsu society, more powerful than even Kenjaku, who is notoriously known for his ability to create barriers. Combined with the obviously large amount of cursed energy that Tengen possesses, this makes them one of the most potent entities in the whole series; Tengen were able to counter Kenjaku’s barriers and techniques with their own, but this wasn’t – sadly – good enough in the end.

And while Master Tengen are undoubtedly potent, they are also a non-fighter, which is a great disadvantage. They use their powers to create barriers and maintain themselves, but never for fighting, making them an easy target for very powerful enemies. Still, they are tactical genius and highly perceptive, which is why they always ask for strong jujutsu sorcerers to protect them.

Tengen’s evolved might be a powerful fighter, but since we haven’t really seen it in the series, we cannot say anything about it.

Satoru Gojo is supposedly the strongest character in the whole series

Satoru Gojo is the teacher of the first-year class of the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College, which consists of the three main characters from the series, Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, and Nobara Kugisaki. Despite being considered the strongest sorcerer, he is portrayed as a fool with little respect for his superiors.

Gojo’s cursed technique (Jujutsu) is known as the Infinite Curse Technique. It is an inherited technique among the members of the Gojo Clan. It has a series of forms, and based on these forms, it rises in level, allowing the precise manipulation of space at the atomic level, giving multiple results and subsequent techniques within the general capacity.

As a fundamental level of the technique, the manipulation of space, it has three standard forms and one “non-standard” that extends beyond the boundless. He is physically quite strong, which makes him stand out in close-quarters battles, although his preferred method of assault is usually from a distance.

He can effortlessly apply force to others, rip off limbs, and toss opponents a distance of many meters with a few punches. Due to his strength, he can easily deal with curses, even those of a very severe nature, and he has the ability to severely injure his opponents with strong punches.


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He demonstrated the ability to move quicker than the human eye could see, and in his greatest display of speed, he left a fight and returned to the battlefield before his adversary even realized he had left. His reflexes, combined with his extraordinary speed, enable him to dodge attacks that threaten his life while doing so with little effort. When he’s subjected to his outbursts of madness, his speed and reflexes go to a level beyond logic. He can move through the space around him as if he were part of it.

Gojo would probably win against Master Tengen, but it wouldn’t really be the fairest fight of them all

Now, as we have said above, the fight between Tengen and Gojo would probably not be the fairest battle out there, as Master Tengen are a non-fighter and Gojo is… well, Gojo is Gojo, we don’t have much to add here. As stated, Tengen’s barrier creation is more powerful than Gojo’s, but it is a fact that Gojo doesn’t really fight like that, and since Kenjaku was able to absorb Tengen with all their defenses, we assume that Gojo would also find a way to surpass him in a fight.

This fight is an unlikely one because of everything that has happened, but we still wanted to explain the whole idea and tell you everything you need to know.

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