Helaena’s the “Beast Beneath the Boards” Prophecy Explained

Alicent Hightower’s children in House of the Dragon have always been oddballs that have their own thing going on. While we know that Aegon is a depraved pervert and Aemond is a sadistic and cruel young man, Helaena is the weirdest one of the bunch but is the nicest of the three children. But we do know that she could be a Dragon Dreamer because she’s had many prophecies that had come true, and there was another one when she said, “there is a beast beneath the boards” in episode 9. So, what did Helaena mean about the “beast beneath the boards?”

Helaena may have predicted that Rhaenys, on top of her dragon, Meleys, would pop out of the floors of the Dragonpit and kill countless people in her rampage. However, there is also a good chance that she could be talking about Blood and Cheese, who used the tunnels of the Red Keep to kill Aegon’s son.

The fact that Helaena has a quirkiness to her is what makes her character so interesting, as she now has a clear role among the children of Alicent. This is a departure from her role in the book, as she was merely the sister wife of King Aegon II and wasn’t exactly that special. Now, with that said, let’s talk about what Helaena meant about the “beast beneath the boards.”

Helaena’s Prophecies

While we’ve seen quite a lot of dragonriders in House of the Dragon, as the series does revolve around House Targaryen during the time when there were still plenty of dragons in Westeros, there is another special power that has been passed down in the Targaryen family but is quite rare among the members of the household. And this was the power that King Viserys wanted to have.

Back in the earlier episodes of House of the Dragon, Viserys talked about Daenys the Dreamer and how she was able to save House Targaryen from destruction because she dreamt of the Doom of Valyria before it happened. Meanwhile, Aegon the Conqueror himself dreamt of the threat that was going to come from the north, and that was the reason why he sought to conquer Westeros, as he believed that only the Targaryens could unite the realm against this common enemy.

Viserys even said that the power of dragons pales in comparison to the power of prophecy. That is why he wanted to become a Dragon Dreamer, as he once had a dream about the Prince that was Promised wearing the Conqueror’s crown.

But while Viserys wanted to be a Dreamer, the one thing that he failed to notice was that his own daughter to Queen Alicent could have the power that he wanted to have. Ever since she was introduced as a young teenager, Helaena Targaryen has always been an oddball as she has a tendency to say things that can be quite weird and out of context. Nevertheless, we have talked about how she could be a Dreamer because the things that she says could be prophecies.

The first prophecy she had was when she said, “he would have to lose an eye,” while she was referring to the insect she was playing with, as her mother was telling Prince Aemond that he would have a dragon one day. Of course, Aemond did indeed get his own dragon in the form of Vhagar, the strongest and largest dragon in the world, but he ended up losing an eye after claiming his dragon.

In the same scene wherein she told the prophecy about Aemond, she was looking at her insect once more and said that the last ring didn’t have legs at all. She was probably referring to the last ring as the last king of the Seven Kingdoms, as we did see that Bran Stark became king at the end of Game of Thrones. Of course, we know that Bran doesn’t have the use of his legs.

Then, in episode 7, Helaena was seen playing with a spider while talking about threads of green and threads of black that were turned into dragons. She must have been talking about the upcoming Dance of the Dragons, as King Aegon II’s faction carries a green dragon banner while Rhaenyra’s faction carries a black dragon banner.

In short, Helaena has said a lot of different things in the series, as it was even possible that she said something about King Viserys’s upcoming death back in episode 8. And a lot of the things that she mumbles out of nowhere tend to be prophecies that have come true.

What Did Helaena Mean By The “Beast Beneath The Boards?”

In episode 9, Alicent Hightower went to Helaena’s chamber, where she was with her maid and her children. However, Alicent dismissed the maid and the children so that she could speak with Helaena alone. As Alicent was about to tell her daughter about King Viserys’s death, Helaena cut her in the middle of her sentence and said, “there is a beast beneath the boards.”

Of course, Alicent didn’t know what her daughter was saying as she probably never paid attention to any of the weird things that Helaena had been talking about for years. But the fact is that she had another prophecy right then and there. So, what did Helaena mean when she said that there was a beast beneath the boards?

The most immediate possibility is that she was probably talking about Rhaenys and Meleys. That’s because, in the final scene of the episode, Meleys popped out of the ground in the Dragonpit just after King Aegon II’s coronation. We know that dragons are beasts in their own right, as Helaena was probably talking about how Meleys was under the floor and could attack at any given moment

But there is another possible explanation for Helaena’s prophecy of the beast beneath the boards. This one, however, does not favor her or her family as it involves her child with King Aegon II. And those who’ve read the book would know what we are talking about.

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In Fire & Blood, Aemond killed Lucerys to get back at the boy for taking his eye. This devastated Rhaenyra as she was inconsolable after the death of one of her sons. As such, Daemon vowed to take revenge on the Greens for the death of Lucerys, as he sent a message that said, “an eye for an eye, a son for a son.”

Daemon commissioned the help of Mysaria, who used two of her agents in the form of Blood and Cheese to assassinate King Aegon II’s son with Queen Helaena. Blood was a known butcher in King’s Landing, while Cheese was a ratcatcher that knew the different tunnels in the Red Keep. Together, they used the networks of secret passages in the Red Keep to get to Prince Jaehaerys and kill him.

It is possible that Helaena was referring to Blood and Cheese as they were “beneath the boards” when they were traversing the tunnels of the Red Keep to get to Jaehaerys without having to go through the Kingsguard. This could be one of the possibilities to look out for in either the final episode of season 1 of House of the Dragon or in the next season when the Dance of the Dragons is already in full swing.

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