Minecraft PE: Here’s How To Go to “The End”

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We all know that Minecraft Pocket Edition is slower to update and bring in features that are already in Java and Bedrock Edition for consoles. Since introducing a whole new dimension is a big step to take in terms of updates, is there a way to go to the End in Minecraft Pocket Edition just like there is in Java and Bedrock?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • As of version 1.0, released in 2016, you can go to the End in Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  • The update was named The Ender Update and marked the official release of the game since it was in its alpha stages of development up until that point.
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition was in Alpha for a total of 5 years.

Is there an End dimension in Minecraft PE?

As I already mentioned, the End dimension was introduced to Minecraft Pocket Edition back in 2016, so you can go to the End on the game’s mobile version. To get to the End, you’ll have to do the same things you would do in any other version.

The exact date when Ender Update was released on December 19th, and apart from the End, it also introduced the Ender Dragon and other mobs like polar bears, shulkers, the legendary elytra, lingering potions, and everything related to the End dimension that was already in Java and Bedrock Editions.

Is there a Nether in Minecraft PE?

You can’t go to the End without going to the Nether in Java and Bedrock but did Pocket Edition change that? As it turns out, the Nether was released in version 0.12.1 alpha before the End. The official release date was July 29th, 2015, so we can conclude that the Nether was introduced to Pocket Edition a year before the End.

To enter the Nether in Minecraft Pocket Edition, you’ll need to follow the steps just as you would if you wanted to enter it in Java and Bedrock. You’ll need twelve obsidian blocks that you can only mine with a diamond pickaxe. Once you’ve collected your obsidian, arrange it so that there are three obsidian blocks on the top, bottom, left, and right. The corners should feature no blocks. Once you’re done, grab a flint by mining gravel and pair it with iron in your inventory to create flint and steel. Take the item and light up the portal by pressing use.

Is the End in Bedrock Edition?

We often see Bedrock Edition as an edition meant only for consoles, but that’s far from the truth. Every Edition of Minecraft except for Java Edition for PC is made as a Bedrock Edition. The difference between Java and Bedrock is that Java is coded in Java, whereas Bedrock is coded in C++. This also makes the Pocket Edition Bedrock, but to answer the question, the End exists in Bedrock Edition.


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Getting to the End: Step-by-step guide

If you don’t already know how to get to the End, next up is to offer you a step-by-step guide that’ll explain everything in detail so you can finally come face to face with the Ender Dragon in bathe in glory once you kill it so without further ado, to get to the End, follow these steps:

  1. To get to the End, we must first enter the Nether and collect Ender pearls. To collect them, you’ll have to either kill Endermen which is best done in the Warped forest biomes, or barter with piglins by offering them gold in exchange for items.
  2. You’ll need to collect at least 16 eyes, and once you do, it’s time to get to a Nether fortress. In the fortress, you’ll have to locate a blaze spawner.
  3. Kill blazes to collect their blaze rods. Not every blaze will drop blaze rods but aim to get at least 15 or 16 in the process. Make sure to have fire resistance potions with you because blazes do fire damage.
  4. Craft the blaze rods into blaze powder in the crafting table, and then take them and the ender pearls and craft the eyes of ender in the crafting table.
  5. It’s time to locate the stronghold. To do so, press use when holding the eyes of ender in your hand. The eyes will float in mid-air and point in the direction of the stronghold. It would be best if you traveled horizontally, throwing the eyes every once in a while. There is an 80% chance that the eye will drop itself as an item and a 20% that it will shatter.
  6. Once the eyes are closer to the stronghold, it’ll float in mid-air and go downward to indicate that you must dig down because the stronghold is beneath you.
  7. Find the End portal room and destroy the silverfish spawner, then enter the portal frame and place the eyes into the frames. The portal will light up, and you can now enter the End.
End portal 1

How to kill the Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon is the most resilient mob in the whole game since it can only be damaged by explosions and players and takes full damage only when hit in the head. Additionally, the dragon also heals itself rapidly, so it might be challenging to kill it for someone who has never done it before or seen it done.

To kill the dragon, you must first destroy the End Crystals on the obsidian towers. These Crystals heal the dragon but, once destroyed, won’t anymore. After you’re done, avoid walking in dragon breath and avoid getting hit by a dragon fireball since it will do magic damage per second. Speedrunners often use beds to kill the dragon once it perches in the end fountain.

The premise is this, if you place a bed on the Bedrock fountain and an obsidian block on the side, then press use, the bed will explode, causing damage to the dragon.


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What to do after

Once you’ve killed the Ender Dragon, you’ll get a chance to explore the End. Getting an elytra is a must, and you can find it by locating the End City portal after killing the dragon. Enter the portal and roam through the End to find End cities and ships. Make sure to kill shulkers along the way to get shulker boxes as well.

But before you do all that, collect all the XP dropped by killing the dragon and get the egg. The egg will spawn on top of the Bedrock fountain. Make your way to the portal, destroy the torches, and press use on the egg. It will teleport somewhere close, make a one-block hole below the egg, place a torch in the hole, and break the block on top of the egg. The egg will drop, hit the torch, and you can collect it as an item.

You can use the egg to respawn the dragon along with end crystals but note that killing the dragon once again will only give you 500 XP instead of the regular 12000 XP.

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