Minecraft: Here’s How To Place a Block on Mac (Without Mouse)

minecraft mac blocks

Minecraft can be enjoyed on a variety of platforms, ranging from consoles to mobile variants, but PC has been the most popular platform option for the vast majority of Minecraft’s running. Still, there are numerous differences between Minecraft’s controls on PC for Windows and Mac, leaving many players wondering how to place a block in Minecraft on Mac without a mouse.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Players without a mouse should be able to place down a block or item in Minecraft on Mac by tapping the touchpad with two fingers, clicking the bottom right-hand side of the trackpad, or clicking while holding the Ctrl key.
  • However, some Mac users will need to head to their Mouse Settings and enable the “right-click” function for this to work.

Placing Down Blocks in Minecraft

Blocks are essential for every Minecraft player, irrespective of your preferred playstyle and preferences. Minecraft players will need to place down blocks at some point, whether it be a simple crafting table or when creating your dream Minecraft survival base – very important for keeping your character sheltered at night.

minecraft block dimensions 1

In addition to placing down basic blocks in Minecraft, the process for placing down items is exactly the same as full blocks. As a result, players will definitely need to figure out how to place blocks in Minecraft for their chosen platform, as they will undoubtedly need to start placing down items such as farmland and seeds for growing crops or hanging up lanterns for a well-lit base to keep aggressive Minecraft mobs from spawning.

There are a variety of blocks in Minecraft, all of which come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, so there is an endless list of block usages and combinations for players to experiment with. The number of Minecraft blocks and items opens up a world of infinite possibilities, whether you’re looking to create a functional tamed animal pen or want to craft a cozy Minecraft survival cottage.

How To Place Down a Block in Minecraft on Mac

The trouble comes with Minecraft controls, as these are not all equal depending on which platform and device you choose to use in your playthrough. Below is everything you need to know in order to properly and easily place down blocks or items in Minecraft on Mac, including all possible control variants, as well as a method to change your Mac controls!


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Placing Down Blocks on Mac without a Mouse (Touchpad/ Trackpad)

Most Minecraft players on Mac who have had trouble placing down a block seem to be struggling without a mouse, as the touchpad on Mac is fairly different from other brands or device types. In most cases, the problem revolves around Mac touchpads not having the same “two buttons” compared to other laptops or device types.

However, there are a few ways to get around this issue, and players will need to experiment with methods as the solution may be different depending on the Mac device and model. However, in all cases, the player’s Hotbar will be essential for placing down any block or item in the game, as seen below.

minecraft place block

Minecraft players will need to make sure that their Hotbar slots are filled with the items or blocks that they want to use beforehand, as blocks cannot be placed directly from a Minecraft player’s inventory. Below are the steps for placing down a block in Minecraft on a Mac laptop or device with a touchpad instead of a mouse:

  1. Make sure that you have the blocks you want to use available in your inventory.
  2. Input the desired block into a slot on your Hotbar.
  3. Press the corresponding number on your keyboard to select the relevant Hotbar slot and the respective item. The item chosen will then be equipped depending on the type, with weapons or torches being held for use and blocks or items being held ready for placing.
  4. Face the tile where you’d like to place the block.
  5. For Minecraft players with a Touchpad, blocks, and items can be placed down by clicking on your touchpad with two fingers, and blocks can be broken by tapping the respective block with one finger.

The above method has worked for many Minecraft players enjoying the game on a Mac with a touchpad, but it may not apply to all cases. For players who use devices like the MacBook, Mac Pro, or similar models, clicking on the bottom right-hand side of the trackpad/ touchpad may be the same as right-clicking on other PC touchpad types.

Players may have to go into their Mouse settings and enable the right-click function on their Mac, if applicable. But, in some instances, players will need to try clicking on the touchpad while holding down the Ctrl key.

Change Minecraft Keys for Placing Blocks on Mac

If you’re in a sticky situation where none of these methods work for you, for whatever reason, the last resort would be to manually change the key that is typically used for placing down blocks in Minecraft. Follow the steps below to change your Minecraft controls in order to place down blocks without using a mouse.

  1. Head to the Main Menu.
  2. Select the Options tab.
  3. Access the Control Settings, specifically the “Use Item/ Place Block” control.
  4. The default key should be “Button 2”, which equates to right-clicking on a mouse or touchpad.
  5. Change this key to whatever key you would prefer. It’s worth noting that it may only allow toggling between Button 1 and Button 2, and Button 1 may be a better option since this would work on most touchpads – although you may then have issues with breaking blocks.


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Placing Down Blocks in Minecraft’ on Mac with a Mouse

Quite a few players have trouble with specific mouse types (such as many Apple versions that only have one mouse button). But, the classic universal mouse with a right and left button (topped with a mouse wheel) is the best type to use when playing Minecraft on PC. The best option for playing Minecraft with a mouse would be to get your hands on this mouse type.

  1. Make sure that you have the blocks you want to use available in your inventory.
  2. Input the desired block into a slot on your Hotbar.
  3. Press the corresponding number on your keyboard to select the relevant Hotbar slot and the respective item.
  4. Face the tile where you’d like to place the block.
  5. For Minecraft players with a classic mouse, blocks, and items can be placed down by right-clicking while looking at the spot you’d like the block to be placed, and blocks can be broken by left-clicking on the respective block (or holding in left-click, depending on the block).

It can feel frustrating when trying to place a simple block in Minecraft to no avail, as it can prevent you from enjoying the game and even doing basic things like crafting essential items. Fortunately, placing down a block in Minecraft is still quite straightforward on Mac with the right approaches and settings – whether you’re playing Minecraft on Mac with a mouse or a touchpad.

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