How Fast Is All Might? Compared to Other MHA Characters

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While the different heroes of My Hero Academia are often praised for their strength and amazing Quirks, some heroes are known for their incredible speeds. Of course, when it comes to physical capabilities, All Might was almost always at the top of the ladder because no other hero is yet to reach his level in terms of his overall physical traits, including his speed. But just how fast was All Might?

All Might used to be so fast that he was arguably the fastest character in My Hero Academia in terms of movement speed. He was so fast that he was able to travel five kilometers in a matter of only five seconds. And the thing is that All For One said that this was far from what he was capable of when he was in his prime.

Being able to move so fast that he was arguably faster at his prime proves All Might’s peak level was insanely strong. As such, there was a good reason why he was the only hero that could match up with All For One, who was also the strongest villain of his time. So, with that said, let’s look at just how fast All Might was when he still had his powers.

How Fast Was All Might?

When it comes to the world of My Hero Academia, All Might was always one of the characters that everyone saw as a person that was larger than life because he was the most heroic figure of his time. He possessed the power of One For All, which was secretly a stockpiling Quirk that allowed those who possessed it to stockpile energy and pass it on to the next generation so that the next owner of the Quirk would possess physical powers that are stronger than the ones from the previous generation.

Basically, this stockpiling Quirk allows the user to become incredibly strong due to the immense energy output that the Quirk allows the user’s muscles to release. That is why All Might was not only incredibly strong during his peak but was so fast as well. He was often praised for his strength as he could defeat most villains with one hit and could punch up in the air and create a massive hole in the atmosphere. But All Might was also so fast during his peak.

During the events of the first attack of the League of Villains in the USJ arc, All Might moved from the gate to defeat the villains in a blink of an eye as Tomura Shigaraki said that he wasn’t able to keep track of how fast All Might was. When he faced the Nomu that the League of Villains sent out during the USJ arc, All Might released 300 punches in a timeframe of around five seconds, as he could release 60 punches in a single second.

After that, All Might traveled from the bar of the League of Villains to the Nomu factory in only 30 seconds, even though there were around five kilometers of distance between the two places. That would mean that All Might could move at a speed of 600 kilometers per hour on his feet alone.


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The most surprising part is that All For One said All Might was much slower than he used to be in his prime. Let’s not forget that All Might was no longer at his prime during the events of the My Hero Academia main story because he previously suffered a serious injury in his fight with All For One at some point before the story started. As such, All Might was no longer as strong and fast as he used to be, as he even said that he would have only needed five punches to defeat the USJ Nomu instead of using 300 punches.

So, if All Might used to be 60 times stronger in his prime, that would mean that he could have been 60 times faster as well. In that regard, he could have traveled five kilometers in a split second back in his prime. And that would have allowed him to move several times faster than the speed of sound.

In that regard, All Might was likely the fastest character in the storyline of My Hero Academia during his prime, as no other character has been able to display speed feats that rival his. Of course, teleporting and warping are entirely different things. So, if we don’t count teleportation, All Might was undoubtedly faster than any other character.

How Does All Might’s Speed Compare to the Other MHA Characters?

Let’s compare All Might’s speed to some of the other fast characters that don’t possess the One For All Quirk so that we can see just how fast he truly was when he was in his prime.


Ingenium is the young UA High School student Tenya Ida, who possesses the Engine Quirk. This Quirk allows him to have car-like engines in each of his calves, allowing him to move incredibly fast. His average speed was measured at around 51.29 kilometers per hour, meaning his top speed is somewhere over that.

But let’s not forget that a weakened All Might could cover five kilometers in only five seconds. That means his 600 kilometers per hour speed laughs at Tenya Ida’s average speed. And this was All Might in his weakened state, as he was said to be a lot faster during his peak.


After All Might retired as a hero, Hawks became the fastest hero in the world due to the abilities that his Fierce Wings gave him. His wings are sharp as blades and so strong that they allow him to move at incredible speeds. At one point, Hawks was able to save multiple people in a car accident wherein the vehicles were moving at speeds of 130 kilometers an hour, which means that he was so much faster than those cars.


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We’ve seen Hawks able to move from one place to another in almost a blink of an eye due to his incredible speed. But it is possible that peak All Might was still faster than Hawks. Of course, they are very different because Hawks’ speed can only be utilized while he is in flight, whereas peak All Might displayed his speed on the ground. 


Mirio Togata is a young UA High School student in the school’s Big Three. He possesses the Quirk known as Permeation, which isn’t really a speed Quirk. But he was able to master his Quirk that he could permeate through the ground and then shut it down while he was in the ground so that the ground would catapult him in an instant. In that regard, Lemillion could cover short distances in seconds and could take down the entirety of Class 1-A in a matter of a few seconds by using this technique.

Of course, as creative as Mirio is in using his Quirk, the ability only allows him to move incredibly fast in short distances. He did show the ability to move faster whenever his body is in the ground, but he isn’t the same kind of speedster that All Might was at his prime.

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