All Might vs. Homelander: Who Wins the Fight and How?

All Might vs. Homelander: Who Wins the Fight and How?

Anime fans will also know that My Hero Academias All Might is one of the most popular modern-day anime characters and strongest. That is why we like comparing him to other characters, even if they are from a wholly different fictional universe. His opponent in this article will be an American comic book character from The Boys; you’ve guessed it – it’s Homelander. All Might is a true hero, and Homelander is… well, he is everything that All Might isn’t, and this article will reveal who would win in a clash between these two characters and how.

All Might is definitely the more powerful character of the two and would defeat Homelander with relative ease. Sure, Homelander might have a more varied set of powers and abilities, and All Might has lost his powers recently, but with both at full power, All Might would be stronger and faster than Homelander, which is why he would win this fight in the end.

The rest of the article will be about comparing the two characters from My Hero Academia and The Boys, respectively. You’re going to find out who All Might and Homelander are, as well as what their exact powers and abilities are. In the end, based on what we have presented earlier, we will give our final verdict on who is stronger. It’s promising to be a fun story, so keep reading until the end!


All the while, he was the owner of the One For All Quirk. All Might even advise Deku that he could use the Quirk immediately after inheriting it. Therefore he almost never ran into issues while using One For All. As a result, in his prime, he could wield One For All to its greatest potential without encountering any of the problems or harm that Deku does whenever he does so. And because All Might was so powerful, only an All For One in his prime could compete with him.


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Homelander’s incredible physical prowess is one of his best qualities. He is among the strongest superheroes ever and one of the strongest characters in The Boys. Homelander would likely be the strongest superhero alive even if he lacked any special abilities because of his physically superior abilities. He is several levels above everybody else in terms of strength, speed, durability, and agility due to his superhuman abilities. And even if Stormfront and Queen Maeve are second to him in terms of their superhuman skills, Homelander still has a significant lead over them.

In terms of physical powers and abilities, it is really difficult to compare the two because the worlds of My Hero Academia and The Boys function differently. That is why we have decided to split the points in this category.

Points: All Might 1, Homelander 1


All Might’s durability is unimaginably high because he virtually always operates at 100% of One For All in his muscular form. In fact, he showed no indications of damage at all and could endure assaults from a strong Nomu. He even endured and rejected a direct hit from Bakugo without suffering any damage whatsoever. All For One was the only character ever to harm him. He had to employ every quirk in his toolbox to gravely hurt All Might.

The fact that Homelander is strong or that he can fire laser beams from his eyes was never the biggest issue for The Boys. Instead, it was the fact that they couldn’t do anything against him because he was invulnerable to almost any kind of damage. The only times we saw Homelander get hurt were in fights against Soldier Boy and Queen Maeve, the only other supes who could compete with his strength. Aside from that, no weapon is powerful enough to kill or even injure him.

Actually, this is a category in which Homelander should surpass All Might, even if only by a whisk. It is really difficult to properly compare these two worlds, but we’re leaning with Homelander in this one.

Points: All Might 1, Homelander 2

Quirk / Powers

All Might was born without a Quirk, but Nana Shimura, the sixth person to use One For All, gave it to him. He was born with a gifted body that could endure the power of One For All. Thus, it didn’t take him long to learn how to use this Quirk after inheriting One For All. However, being born without a Quirk allowed him to utilize One For All without affecting his longevity, so he is still the best person to have ever used the Quirk.

Homelander is, in many ways, a parody of Superman because this character possesses everything that Superman possesses. That means he can use heat vision, X-ray vision, and his superhuman voice. He can also fly, but his flight abilities are limited in that he cannot use his super strength while in midair. Homelander, on the other hand, is every bit the superpowered powerhouse that Superman is because he is essentially The Boys’ version of the legendary comic book superhero.

And while Homelander definitely has a more diverse set of powers and abilities, the One For All Quirk is something that surpasses everything that a traditional Western superhero has, and that is why All Might wins this one.

Points: All Might 2, Homelander 2


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All Might was the only hero who could defeat the enemy All For One, who had the power to steal, use, and give quirks. We don’t know all of the other accomplishments All Might accomplished when he was younger, but we know he was the only one who could do so. We can see how powerful All Might was at his peak since All For One, who was virtually impenetrable to the other heroes, feared All Might. And it was during his peak years that he severely hurt All For One, forcing the bad guy to look for someone who could take over his position of authority.

Due to his position as the world’s greatest hero during his heyday, All Might has a wealth of expertise. Thus, he was the one who was dispatched on missions involving some of the most formidable enemies the world has ever known. And considering that he had already been a hero for almost three decades by the time he handed One For All to Midoriya, he was about 48 years old at the time.

Homelander’s accomplishments speak for themselves because he is the only one who has demonstrated the ability to easily defeat his opponents. There hasn’t been a time when Homelander tried to kill a victim because he usually does it with a single quick hit or by using his heat vision. And, among the other supes, he was the only one who could compete with Stormfront’s strength during rough intercourse.

It is difficult to compare this category as well, but based on the fact that the world of My Hero Academia is more diverse and has a more colorful set of villains and situations, we are leaning towards All Might in this final category.

Points: All Might 3, Homelander 2

All Might vs. Homelander: Who would win?

After a thorough comparison, we can conclude that the points are leaning in All Might’s favor, as we have said in the intro, and we can only confirm that we completely agree with such a conclusion. The difference between these two guys is not that big, but All Might would still be the triumphant one if it came down to a direct clash between them. Sure, Homelander does have better durability, but since they are equal in terms of strength, it would all come down to their superpowers. And yes, Homelander does have a more varied set of powers, but the One For All Quirk is simply too much for Homelander, and he couldn’t really use his powers to defeat All Might.


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On top of that, All Might is significantly faster than Homelander, which would likewise be a major advantage.

Some fans would argue that All Might has since lost his powers, and yes, in such a situation, Homelander would win. Still, when we’re writing up these comparisons, we’re always considering the characters at the peak of their abilities. Considering individual variations that happen over the course of a story would not be fair to the characters. This is why we haven’t considered that All Might lost his powers as something serious and worth considering in this comparison, and we honestly think that you should not take it seriously either, as it would not be fair towards All Might.

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