How Old Is Reze in Chainsaw Man? (& Is She Older Than Denji?)

How Old is Reze in Chainsaw Man? (& Is She Older Than Denji?)

Reze is certainly one of the more curious characters in the whole Chainsaw Man series, and that means a lot, since the series is packed with odd and queer characters. She came from the Soviet Union to steal Pochita and bonded with Denji, using his weakness for pretty girls, being, at the same time, the primary antagonist of her own arc. Reze is Bomb Girl, a Hybrid, and is a very dangerous opponent. But, in this article, we are not going to talk about her powers and abilities but rather about her age, as we are going to reveal just how old Reze is in the series.

Reze is one of the Chainsaw Man characters whose age is officially unknown. Based on her appearance, Reze seems to be around Denji’s age, possibly a couple of years older, but definitely not much; she definitely looks like she could be in her late teens, but since we never had any confirmation of his age, we cannot properly determine it. This is why it is impossible to determine Reze’s age in Chainsaw Man.

The rest of the article will give you some more information on Reze’s evolution as a character in the series, as well as answers to some important questions regarding Reze’s age at some of the most important moments in her life. The article is, of course, going to contain spoilers, so we just wanted to warn you.

How old is Reze in Chainsaw Man?

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Reze’s age in Chainsaw Man: Unknown

As we have said above, Reze’s actual age is unknown. This is not because she is a Devil (although she is a Hybrid, which is not important here), but simply because Tatsuki Fujimoto never revealed her birthday. She does look like a girl in her late teens, and she might be just that, but we never had any official confirmation of her age. Still, we can tell you what happened to Reze in the series.

Reze was one of several kids the USSR abducted and put in a special government program to create super soldiers who would fight for their nation. She was put through rigorous military training and research studies as part of this program to enhance her inherent powers. Reze became a Hybrid at some point after having a piece of the Bomb Devil’s body inserted into her.

Reze and Denji initially run into each other in a wet phone booth, which looks to be either luck or fate. When she gives him a flower out of her mouth, she shows that she likes him. Reze and Denji continued to get to know one another better after meeting the following day at her place of employment. She was teaching Denji to read because he had never attended school, and she even made remarks about how sad and trying his life must have been for a guy his age. She, therefore, thought of the notion of accompanying him to school at night.

They enjoyed themselves while skinny dipping at school. Reze stepped outside to use the restroom when they were finished, where he came upon a strange man brandishing a knife. He chased her as she screamed and fled from him. Together with the man, Reze ended up on the school’s roof. When the man tried to knife her, Reze dodged her blow, wrapped her legs around him, and captured him.


Do Denji and Reze End Up Together? (Kiss & Sleep Together?)

Reze scolds the Typhoon Devil for the storm it is making after killing the guy and then reveals her true colors when it appears, calling her Lady Reze. The Devil then apologizes and pays her respects. While Denji and Reze went to the festival to see the fireworks, Reze urged Denji to quit his job and run away with her during their talk. Due to his crush on Makima, Denji first has concerns about Reze, but after some persuasion, Reze surprises Denji with a kiss.

When she attempts to steal Denji’s heart and bites off his tongue, she ultimately reveals her true motivations. Denji was about to die, but one of her classmates, Beam, was able to sabotage Reze’s commercial plans and save Denji. Reze battles Beam while she is the Bomb Devil, swiftly winning the battle.

Reze was confronted by a group of festival-goers dressed as devil hunters, and Beam managed to get away from her while she dealt with the hunters. Reze shows up and pretends to be a damsel in distress who was purportedly being pursued by a devil to trick the hunters after Denji and Beam successfully flee and arrive at the 2nd Division Devil Hunters headquarters. Because Nomo is aware that something is strange about Reze, the scheme fails.

She makes the decision to transform into the Bomb Devil in order to attack the headquarters and capture Denji. Reze, who is carrying numerous dead Devil Slayer heads, is reunited with Denji and his colleagues when they attempt to flee in a vehicle. However, they were able to get away from Reze’s grasp during a further battle with Violence Fiend. Denji chooses to fight Reze once she manages to awaken from her unconscious state, but she is rather dissatisfied with how he was treated after her. She feels that any woman who comes close to her wants to murder her only because they are fixated on her heart. Reze received assistance from the Typhoon Devil throughout the battle, but Denji and Beam finally prevailed.

Reze is wondering why Denji revived her as she wakes up on the beach with Beam and Denji after the fight. Given his immortality, he argues that he doesn’t care how many awful things occur to him as long as he can eat well the following day and throw it all away, but if he turned her over to Public Safety, it would make him feel bad. She is attractive; therefore, he wouldn’t mind being slain by her.

Before turning around and leaving because she spent too much time fighting with him, Reze chuckles and bluntly informs Denji that every expression she has exhibited since they first met has been nothing more than a staged performance. Denji promises to flee with her despite the fact that she is a killer because even if her claims are false, she is the one who taught him how to swim.

Reze approaches him and breaks his neck, and tells him to be smarter before she leaves the scene. She is informed by Denji that he will meet her in the cafe at noon. In order to board the train, Reze poses as a regular person and grabs a flower that reminds her of the one Denji gave him when they first met.

She goes back to the cafe, but a large group of rats appears at his feet before he can leave the alley. Makima is revealed as the rats combine into a humanoid shape and stand in Reze’s way. Reze and Denji’s earlier talk at school regarding Makima’s preference for the field mouse is brought up during Makima’s speech, and before Reze can pull on her pin to become Bomb Girl, Makima cuts off her arm. Reze then tries to pierce Makima with a weapon, but the Angel Devil launches a spear from above, piercing her. When Reze considers that the actual reason she didn’t kill Denji during their first encounter was that she felt sorry for him, Makima consoles her in her dying moments.

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