Is Reze Dead in Chainsaw Man? What Happened to Her?


Chainsaw Man is one of the most recent and popular manga from Shounen Jump and it has just got a new anime adaptation, which is as popular as the original material. The series has already provided many iconic and interesting characters who are adored by fans, one of them is Reze, one of the series’ antagonists. A lot of people already know what her role is in the series and what exactly she does, but some do not know how the story ends for her, is Reze actually dead at the end of Chainsaw Man?

Reze is not dead at the end of the Chainsaw Man series. The last time she is seen in the manga is when she is being controlled by Makima in order to kill the Chainsaw Devil. After this, it is implied she is still alive, but she has not appeared again since this battle.

Reze is a fan-favorite character because of her involvement in the story and how she was first introduced. Since she is so adored, lots of fans do not wish to see her meet a brutal end, so as a reminder of how much of an amazing character she is, let’s dive a bit deeper into what exactly happens to her during the series.

Who Is Reze from Chainsaw Man?

Reze is one of the most iconic and likable villains from Chainsaw Man and was originally introduced in the Bomb Devil arc. She tricked Denji by faking an interest in him and romantically hitting on him, just so she could get his attention. Reze was doing this to Denji because she was sent by the Gun Devil to capture the Chainsaw Man’s heart.

At first, Reze was actually one of the children that the Soviet Union took and trained under a top-secret experiment in order to make invincible soldiers that would serve their country. Reze was under extremely strict training and many scientific experiments so that she could become a superhuman. Somehow, a part of the Bomb Devil was inserted into Reze, which turned her into a hybrid, a human with devil powers.

Reze is also extremely capable of fighting in unarmed combat because of her training and she has an incredible way with knives, which we see her use multiple times. When transforming into her Devil form, she explodes and is capable of doing many incredible things and acquires a lot of powerful abilities like exploding herself or a long-distance target, becoming a headless decoy, and turning any part of her body into torpedoes.


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Did Reze Actually Die in Chainsaw Man?

At the end of the first part of the Chainsaw Man series, we see Reze in action in some pretty gruesome battles. Does she survive those or end up meeting her end?

Reze does not die during the first part of Chainsaw Man, however, we do not know what she is up to after her last appearance. The last time Reze was shown was in chapter 94 of the manga, during Denji’s battle against Makima. Denji defeats Makima and the other hybrid devils are not seen again after this. Reze ended up in Makima’s control after she failed to get her hands on Denji’s heart and tried to run away. Makima reached out to Reze in the hopes she would serve as one of her soldiers in her battle against the Chainsaw Devil.

No one is sure about what happened to Reze or the other hybrids after Makima was defeated. She may be living together with the other hybrids or even still be under Makima’s control even after her defeat.

What Happened to Reze in Chainsaw Man?

During the final arc of the first part of the Chainsaw Man series, Makima gets ahold of Reze and uses her powers as the Control Devil to take control of Reze’s mind. She does this in the hopes she would be of great help in defeating the fully powered Chainsaw Devil.

Reze is present in every battle Makima had against the Chainsaw Devil together with other hybrids Makima had brought together to fight. She ended up not being such a great soldier, failing to capture the Chainsaw Devil and even being decapitated by him.

After the fight is over, we do not hear of Reze again, but it does seem she is still alive and well somewhere in the world. She could have returned to her country of origin, the Soviet Union.


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Will Reze Appear Again in Chainsaw Man?

The Chainsaw Man manga returned not long ago with the release of the second part of the series focusing on Denji’s high school and love life. Since we see him pursuing love interests it would be incredibly interesting the return of Reze, since they already have an established relationship and interacted romantically before.

There are no public plans to bring Reze back into the story, but it seems extremely fitting for her to appear during this new phase of the manga since it makes total sense with her and Denji’s past. She could come back again as a villain or even as a true romantic interest and an ally of Denji. We will just have to wait and hope for her to return and make another appearance in the series.

As we patiently wait for her return to manga, we might as well be very hyped to see her debut in the anime adaptation, which might still happen this season. Let’s see how well she will do in her first animated appearance and if first-time watchers will enjoy her character as much as long-lasting fans.

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