Denji (Chainsaw Devil) vs. Reze (Bomb Devil): Who Won the Fight & How?

Denji (Chainsaw Devil) vs. Reze (Bomb Devil): Who Won the Fight & How?

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There are still a lot of unanswered questions when the Chainsaw Man manga and anime are concerned. A lot of them concern the actual balance of power between the Devils, the Fiends, and the Hybrids. From what it seems, there doesn’t seem to be any fixed system, which is why comparing these characters is always difficult and depends on interpretation. Still, that won’t stop us from doing it, as we have decided to compare Denji, better known as Chainsaw Man, and Reze, better known as the Bomb Girl. This is a fight that actually happened in the series so we had a much easier job than usual. So, who won that fight and how? Keep reading to find out!

Reze and Denji clashed during the Bomb Girl Arc, as Reze was sent to take Pochita from Denji. After a long and exhausting battle, Denji was left alone with Reze and, realizing that she would not be able to use her explosive powers underwater, he grabbed her and jumped into the ocean with her, but he did not kill her, which surprised Reze; she was ultimately killed by Makima.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, the rest of the article is going to be divided into three sections, with the first two introducing the characters, their powers, and their abilities. In the end, we’re going to give our final verdict and explanation on why Denji was able to defeat Reze in Chainsaw Man, which we are going to do by recapping the fight as it happened in the series.

Denji’s Chainsaw Devil – powers and abilities

Denji, whose last name is unknown, is the protagonist of the Chainsaw Man manga and anime. This quirky young man came back from the dead to become one of the most dreaded Hybrids in the series. The Chainsaw Devil, with whom Denji has merged, is one of the most powerful and feared Devils in the whole franchise, and that is why the Chainsaw Devil is such a threat.

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Denji has a string coming out of his chest that he may pull to turn into the Chainsaw Devil. In order to fully change, Denji needs blood; if he runs out, he can still generate chainsaws, but they will be significantly smaller and weaker. It is revealed that his agreement with Pochita contributed to the development of this talent. Pochita gave up its “regular existence” to become Denji’s heart.

Denji undergoes a change in which his arms and head sprout fully working chainsaws. These chainsaws are incredibly effective at cutting through demons; they can go right through the Bat Devil’s arms. He has the power to call out short chainsaws that he can walk on as well as hang on walls.


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Denji is strong enough in his altered state to pick up a car that has been launched into the air without stumbling and tossing it back with equal force. Denji, when transformed, also withstood a direct hit from the Bat Devil that obliterated the structure behind him. Despite the assault, Denji was able to stand up and carry on the battle. Denji can hold his own in a battle while on fire. Almost every part of his body was cut off at some time, and he survived the beheading.

Reze’s Bomb Devil – powers and abilities

Reze, commonly known as Lady Reze, is a hybrid created when the Bomb Devil and another species united. She is the primary enemy of the Bomb Girl arc and an ally of the Gun Devil. Reze comes across as a sweet, caring girl who, soon after meeting Denji, develops feelings for him. She enjoys his humor and isn’t averse to sharing intimate moments with him. She calls the owner of the cafe she works at stingy for stealing her salary, demonstrating her lack of respect for him. As seen by the merciless and vicious way in which she kills numerous Devil Hunters, she is cunning and cruel in real life. She likes to avoid murdering, though, unless it is absolutely required for her objective, as she does not enjoy doing it.

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Reze is physically strong for a young girl; with ease, she can break an assassin’s arm and even strangle him to death. Additionally, with just a knife, Reze could easily remove Denji’s wrist with a single strike. Reze has the ability to transform into the Bomb Girl Hybrid form by pulling the pin imbued in her choker, which she uses to detonate like a grenade.

She is also capable of using the same move, except she blows her head off and leaves a fake version of herself to draw attention away from her adversaries. Before Reze shows himself, the decoy can hold onto her own head and throw it; when it explodes like a bomb, so does the rest of her body. Reze’s strength increases noticeably in this form, and she can now take an extremely powerful kick from the Violence Fiend without getting hurt.

Reze has the ability to generate explosions by igniting the skin on her own arms, which strengthens her physical strikes. Reze can make them explode by detonating them after she simply takes them off. She has the ability to shoot them away from her. Reze also has the odd ability to use her limbs as torpedoes by transforming them into said weapons so that her kicks and punches are more potent.

Reze’s explosive force increases her movement by enabling her to set off explosions around her body as she pleases. She is also capable of flying through the air using constant back-to-back blasts. Reze has the ability to produce an explosive particle and aim it. Reze can regenerate her health by ingesting blood because she is a hybrid. She could instantly grow her amputated limb back after consuming the Typhon Devil’s blood. Reze is a master in unarmed conflict. She was able to disarm and harm an assassin in her human form, utterly outwitting him, encircling him, and strangling him with amazing prowess.

Chainsaw Man vs. Bomb Girl: Who won and how?

We could, actually, give you a proper analysis of the things we have written above, but that wouldn’t really do the trick when compared with what we have decided to go with. Namely, as Denji and Reze have, indeed, fought in the manga and are going to in the anime, we thought that it would be better for us to just recap this fight for you to see how it could help us understand this comparison

Reze was actually a Soviet agent sent to Japan to capture Pochita, the Chainsaw Man’s heart. She met Denji and got very close to him, seemingly only pretending to like him (this one is a bit unclear) until she finally decided to attack him and fulfill her initial plan. At one point during their shared story, she makes the decision to transform into the Bomb Devil in order to attack the headquarters and capture Denji.

Reze, who is carrying numerous dead Devil Hunter heads, is reunited with Denji and his colleagues when they attempt to flee in a vehicle. However, they were able to get away from Reze’s grasp during a further battle with Violence Fiend. Denji chooses to fight Reze once she manages to awaken from her unconscious state, but she is rather dissatisfied with how he was treated after her. She feels that any woman who comes close to her wants to murder her only because they are fixated on her heart. Reze received assistance from the Typhoon Devil throughout the battle, but Denji and Beam finally prevailed.


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While being chased by Reze, Denji and Beam manage to kill and shake off the Typhoon Devil, and after a protracted battle, Denji ultimately finds herself in front of Reze on top of a structure with a view of the ocean, using his chains to capture her, believing that she will not be able to counter this move. Using his underwater abilities, he leaps into the water and carries her along with him. After his victory over her, he decided to save her, so he took her to the beach.

Reze wonders why Denji revived her as she wakes up on the beach with Beam and Denji after the fight. Given his immortality, he argues that he doesn’t care how many awful things occur to him as long as he can eat well the following day and throw it all away, but if he turned her over to Public Safety, it would make him feel bad. She is attractive; therefore, he wouldn’t mind being slain by her.

Before turning around and leaving because she spent too much time fighting with him, Reze chuckles and bluntly informs Denji that every expression she has exhibited since they first met has been nothing more than a staged performance. Denji promises to flee with her despite the fact that she is a killer because even if her claims are false, she is the one who taught him how to swim. Reze approaches him and breaks his neck, and tells him to be smarter before she leaves the scene. She is informed by Denji that he will meet her in the cafe at noon.

Well, this is Denji for you. Even in victory, he is modest and doesn’t change. Even when visibly (ab)used by others, he doesn’t change. And although it did seem like he won Reze over in the end, we never actually saw the continuation of this romance, as Reze was killed by Makima before meeting Denji at the cafe. And that is Makima for you.

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