How Strong Is Muzan? (Compared to Other Demons)

How Strong Is Muzan? (Compared to Other Strong Demons)

Muzan Kibutsuji is the main antagonist of Demon Slayer. He is a Demon, being the first of his kind, who has lived for more than a thousand years, being as such, the one responsible for the origin of the other demons, responsible for having corrupted Michikatsu Tsukiguni and being the one who murdered Tanjirō’s family and Nezuko, turning the latter into a Demon, being the trigger for Tanjirō’s desire for revenge towards him. Building on that fact, we have decided, in this article, to tell you a bit about his powers and abilities and how he would fare against numerous other characters from the Demon Slayer series, but with a twist – namely, we are going to focus solely on comparing Muzan’s powers to those of other (powerful) Demons from the series, which means that the Corps won’t be mentioned here.

The article is going to be divided into two major parts. The first one will present Muzan’s final form and its powers and abilities, while the other one will be a short comparison of this form’s powers and abilities to the powers and abilities of other characters, divided into several subsections. These will not be detailed analyses, just brief comments so you can understand how powerful Muzan’s final form was in the Demon Slayer lore.

Muzan’s powers and abilities

When engaged in combat, Muzan can appear more monstrous, leaving his chest exposed and his limbs covered with a dark red mace with big, pointed teeth. Although he lost a lot of energy fighting Tamayo’s human-transforming medicine, he was nevertheless completely capable of outwitting a number of low-ranking Demon Slayers and devouring dozens of them within minutes.

This form greatly enhances his strength, speed, reflexes, and power. While in this mode, he has sharp-toothed jaws/mouths that are scattered throughout his. These jaws/mouths are not only his main point of attack in combat but also help him heal more quickly by allowing him to tear through his foes and consume their flesh.

Muzan may strike a common person with his claws and infect them with his blood quickly enough for no one to notice because of his speed. Even when one of his Lower Moons attempted to flee from him and managed to go a fair distance without Nakime’s assistance, he quickly beheaded him.

The highlight of Muzan’s regeneration is that he can even regenerate his own head when it is severed, unlike the demons he creates who die by having their heads severed, with the Sun Breathing Style being the only thing that can kill them. Muzan can regenerate from any kind of injury, even recovering his limbs when severed; he can also withstand an explosion at close range, rebuilding his body as fast as it is destroyed.

Muzan’s Blood Demon Art is Biokinesis. It might seem like a relatively weak power, but Biokinesis allows Muzan to use his body amazingly. He has incredible shapeshifting powers, far surpassing similar abilities of other Demons. He also has a total of seven hearts and five brains, a fact that combined with his Blood Demon Art, makes him almost immortal, as it is exceptionally difficult to kill him (he can, in fact, survive if even a small piece of him is not destroyed). He can create flesh clones of himself and turn others into Demons using his blood.


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This was a rough overview of Muzan’s general powers and abilities because it was important for us to provide you with a proper introduction. But, we must say that Muzan’s battle form, described above, is not his final form. Namely, near the end of his final battle against the Corps, when he realized that the sun was about to rise, Muzan created a special flesh armor that turned him into a large demonic infant. This demonic infant form is actually Muzan’s final form, and it was in this form that he was ultimately defeated.

Now, we know three things about this form. First of all, it is the ultimate manifestation of Muzan’s Blood Demon Art, as we have described above, and it shows just how powerful it was. Secondly, this final form gives Muzan amazing strength. He becomes incredibly strong, so strong that only Himejima was able to hold him down and prevent his escape, and Himejima is incredibly strong; the other Demon Slayers stand no chance against him.

He was also able to crush cars with ease in this form. Finally, the form is a defensive fortress as well as a power boost, as it makes Muzan incredibly durable; it even allows him to resist the sun longer, although it doesn’t give him complete immunity. It is not known how it influences his speed.

How powerful is Muzan compared to other powerful Demons from the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series?

This section will compare Muzan Kibutsuji to some other powerful Demons from the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series. These will be brief comparisons whose main goal is to give you a general idea of his powers and abilities.

Muzan Kibutsuji vs. Kokushibō

Kokushibō was, as we all know, not the first Demon Muzan created, but he was by far the most powerful one, which is why he was ranked first among the Kizuki. Still, while Muzan was more powerful than Kokushibō, he respected him and feared him in some aspects, which is why Kokushibō had a special status among the Kizuki. In that aspect, it can be said clearly that if any Demon had the chance to actually defeat Muzan, it was Kokushibō, as he was the only one who was close enough to Yoriichi to deal some damage to the powerful Demon.

Muzan Kibutsuji vs. Dōma

Dōma has received an enormous quantity of Muzan’s blood, which makes him so powerful. Although he came into the organization much later, he surpassed even Akaza and was near Kokushibō’s level. Still, despite all of his morbid abilities and skills, Dōma could not surpass Muzan. Despite everything, and we really have to say that Dōma is truly powerful, he was never close to Muzan’s level. He was morbidly loyal to him and liked when Muzan would hurt him, but that’s about it.


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Muzan Kibutsuji vs. Akaza

As for Akaza, it has to be said that Muzan was impressed by his skills (when he killed 67 people out of revenge), so he offered to turn him into a Demon, which Akaza accepted because he was in a pretty hopeless situation. But, despite all of his skills and abilities, Akaza is simply not as powerful as Muzan, but he does want to be.

Muzan Kibutsuji vs. Nakime

Nakime controlled the Infinity Castle, and she was, despite a lack of fighting abilities, one of Muzan’s most powerful Demons. In Akaza’s case, she became a Demon after she impressed Muzan with her brutality as a human, so he offered to turn her into a Demon. And while she was not stronger than Muzan, the Infinity Castle she controlled had the potential to harm or even kill Muzan, which is why Muzan actually killed Nakime later on, to preserve himself.

Muzan Kibutsuji vs. Hantengu

Hantengu was undoubtedly respected by Muzan, who valued his powers and his potential contributions to the organization. Otherwise, he would not have given him such a high position in the hierarchy (as Hantengu was the Upper-Rank Four despite his cowardly nature).

Hantengu’s abilities were quite special, which is why Muzan respected him, but we have to be honest and state that they were nowhere near Muzan’s level of power and that even the combined powers of all of Hantengu’s emotion Demons would not be enough to defeat Muzan or even deal some actual damage to him.

Muzan Kibutsuji vs. Gyokko

Muzan is the most powerful of all Demons and the creator of all the Demons that came after him. His weaknesses are the same as those of the other Demons, but his powers and abilities far surpass those of any other known Demon in the series. Using his powers, he has turned numerous people into Demons and has organized the most powerful ones in the Twelve Kizuki. Gyokko was powerful, and he was versatile in many ways, but Muzan was simply too powerful for him, and Gyokko was aware of that fact; he also experienced it when Muzan took his head from his hideout without even moving, assigning him the task of attacking the Swordsmith Village with Hantengu.


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Muzan Kibutsuji vs. Kaigaku

Muzan made Kaigaku the Upper-Rank Six later on after he had been turned into a Demon by Kokushibō. But, Kaigaku either never got the chance to prove himself, or he was really weak, which is why we can simply state that there is no chance that he could even hit Muzan, let alone defeat him.

Muzan Kibutsuji vs. Daki & Gyūtarō

As for the original Upper-Rank Six, the siblings Daki and Gyūtarō had a very special power, but they were no match for Muzan. Gyūtarō was quite powerful, but despite his kindness towards her, Muzan considered Daki to be quite inferior, which is why there is no chance that the two of them would have any chance against Muzan.

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