Is Jake the Goat Mephisto? Here’s What We Know

jake the goat

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We all know that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is a series that brings in the laughs and was made for some of the most hilarious moments in the MCU. But it isn’t too off for the series to introduce new characters and even tease the entry of some comic book personalities that could join the MCU in the future. One such character that we didn’t exactly see but only heard about was Jake, a talking goat from a hellish dimension, as this demon entered into a contract with Madisynn. But could Jake the Goat actually be Mephisto?

It is possible that Jake the Goat is Mephisto, who is the demon that rules a hellish pocket dimension. After all, we were teased with a character named Donny Blaze, who could be related to Johnny Blaze or Ghost Rider. But it could also be possible that Jake is merely one of the demons under Mephisto’s command.

There were a lot of interesting teases in episode 4 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, especially when it came to how they teased the possible entry of certain characters into the MCU. Donny Blaze was an obvious one, but the hellish dimension that Jake the Goat resided in was also another one. So, with that said, let’s look at the possibility of who Jake the Goat could be.

Who Is Jake The Goat In She-Hulk?

Episode 4 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law brought in some interesting laughs in what was an episode that was certainly quite entertaining when it came to some of the most hilarious moments in the series. The one character that provided the entertainment factor was Madisynn, who was introduced as an LA party girl that was one of the members of the audience in amateur magician Donny Blaze’s show.

We saw that Blaze used a Sling Ring to open a portal to a hellish dimension that Madisynn described as “ew.” Meanwhile, after that, Madisynn found herself in Kamar-Taj, where she met Wong, who told her to explain how she got there. The party girl told the Sorcerer Supreme that Donny Blaze sent her to a dimension where she got stuck in a lava pit and had to give six drops of her blood to a talking goat so that she could get out of the mess she was in.

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Throughout the entire time, Madisynn was quite nonchalant about how she was explaining what happened to her, as she was obviously drunk. Nevertheless, she didn’t expound on what transpired while she was in that pocket dimension, where she met the talking goat that got her out of the mess she was in. In any case, this led to Wong filing an injunction case against Donny Blaze to stop him from ever using the mystic arts for his show ever again because of how dangerous it could be.

During the trial in the case between Wong and Blaze, Madisynn was called in as a witness against the amateur magician. When called to the witness stand, Jen Walters told her to tell everyone what happened to her on the night she participated in Blaze’s show. Madisynn said that she was brought to a fiery land. She-Hulk also asked her how she escaped, to which Madisynn said:

“I made a pact with a demon that I cannot discuss. Otherwise, he would reap my soul and the souls of all I love, which honestly is so dramatic, and I hate drama. The demon, I think his name was Jake, opened a portal that dropped me off at Wonger’s house. And that’s how we became besties.”


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So, based on what Madisynn said, the talking goat that she described earlier when she first met Wong was actually named Jake. Of course, this wasn’t exactly a talking goat but was more of a demon because Madisynn said it herself that she “made a pact with a demon.” Of course, the demon she was referring to was obviously the talking goat. And this was made clear during the mid-credit art when we saw Madisynn signing a contract held by a talking goat with an ID tag that said “Jake.”

Is Jake The Goat Mephisto?

At this point, we don’t know a lot about Jake, except for the fact that he is a demon goat in a hellish dimension that can be accessed using the Sling Ring of a master of the mystic arts. But there are already speculations of what and who Jake could be, especially because of how Donny Blaze’s name resembles the name of our favorite skull-headed anti-hero named Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider is actually a regular human being named Johnny Blaze, who works as a daredevil stuntman on a motorcycle. However, he ended up forming a pact with a demon to save the life of his foster father. That was how he became Ghost Rider, as Blaze ended up bonding with the spirit of vengeance after he signed a contract with that said demon.

The demon we are talking about is Mephisto, who rules a fiery pocket dimension he personally calls Hell. While the Hell and Satan of Christianity don’t exactly exist in Marvel, it is represented by this pocket dimension that has demons in it. The ruler of that dimension is, of course, the aforementioned Mephisto, who is an incredibly powerful entity that is at the level of cosmic entities in terms of his power.


So, going back to Jake the Goat, we know for a fact that he was described as a talking goat that had the ability to form pacts with people. Of course, the goat entered into a pact with Madisynn, who said that she couldn’t disclose the contract on account of how the goat would reap her soul and the souls of all she loved. We probably don’t have to pay attention to that detail, considering that Madisynn is quite possibly just a minor character. But the fact that the goat entered into a pact with her is eerily similar to how Mephisto entered into a pact with Johnny Blaze in the comics.

Teasing us with a character named Donny Blaze could be Marvel Studios’ way of telling us that there are plans to eventually introduced Ghost Rider into the MCU, especially if Donny Blaze was actually related to Johnny Blaze in the continuity. And the fact that Donny is capable of opening portals to a hellish dimension that could be home to Mephisto opens up the possibility of Ghost Rider finally joining the MCU.


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Now, this goat could very well be Mephisto himself, considering that it has the ability to enter into contracts with humans and that it is powerful enough to open a portal that brought Madisynn back to Earth. But, then again, Jake the Goat could simply be just one of the other demons living in Hell. After all, Mephisto may be a demon, but he is not the only demon in his own dimension, as there are other demons that call Hell home.

But even if Jake isn’t Mephisto, his existence could still imply the existence of other demons like Mephisto. And the fact that Jake and Hell exist in the MCU could very well open the possibility of Ghost Rider and Mephisto joining the continuity in the future.

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