Jujustu Kaisen: Here Is How Megumi Summoned Toji!

Jujustu Kaisen: Here is How Megumi Summoned Toji!

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The Shibuya Incident is the center of the action in the anime adaptation of Jujutsu Kaisen, and the real battles, which took place after Gojo was sealed, finally started. The recent battle with Dagon was exceptionally thrilling, and not only was it a great battle, but it also brought a fan-favorite villain back to the series. Yes, Toji Fushiguro reappeared in the main story again after Ogami had revived him. He entered Dagon’s Domain and successfully killed the Cursed Spirit almost effortlessly. But how did he enter the Domain? How was Megumi able to help his father enter Dagon’s Domain? If you want to know the answer to that question, keep reading.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • After Dagon trapped Naobito, Maki, and Nanami in his Domain, Megumi activated his own Domain and was able to enter it from the outside.
  • He then came up with a plan: he would use his Domain again to create a small opening in Dagon’s Domain through which they would be able to escape.
  • As he did that, Toji – who was passing by – entered the Domain and helped them defeat Dagon for good.

Toji was not summoned by Megumi – he simply saw an opening and jumped into the Domain

So, during the Shibuya Incident, Dagon was encountered by Kento Nanami, Naobito Zenin, and Maki Zenin as they were going to Gojo’s location. Dagon proved to be far more formidable than the protagonists had anticipated, even if, at first, he appeared to be a weak foe—especially after revealing his full appearance. Dagon managed to activate his Domain, Horizon of the Captivating Skandha, trapping his adversaries inside when it appeared the protagonists had the upper hand and were close to defeating him.

The Domain was hard to breach, but at one point, a miracle happened. Namely, at the same time, Megumi Fushiguro found the Domain and observed it from the outside; to breach it, he decided to activate his Domain from the outside.

Megumi’s external Domain activation was sufficient to make a little gap in Dagon’s Domain that allowed him to pass through. Dagon’s sure-hit method was likewise nullified, leaving him open to attacks. Because Megumi was the object of Dagon’s attention, he had to concentrate on keeping his Domain strong, weaker than Dagon’s Domain but not strong enough to destroy it.


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Megumi originally intended to aid his friends (and Naobito) in defeating Dagon, but he soon realized that he should give his allies another opportunity to defeat Dagon. Accordingly, he told Nanami that he would once more make a small opening and that everyone should just leave through it, allowing them to engage Dagon in combat once more on an equal footing. After Nanami assembled them all around Megumi, Dagon attempted to attack them to foil their scheme, but events swiftly shifted.

Namely, instead of them escaping, Toji Fushiguro entered Dagon’s Domain from the outside. Everyone was shocked, and Dagon even thought this was their initial plan, which was incorrect. Megumi’s initial plan failed, but since Toji was there, the outcome was quite obvious. Toji took over the fight against Dagon and used the Playful Cloud to completely take over the fight. Dagon initially underestimated Toji because he had no cursed energy, but that proved to be a fatal error. After some time, Toji could defeat Dagon and then exorcise him completely. And that is how Dagon’s story ended. But – how did Toji enter? Did Megumi summon him?

Since Megumi was not even aware Toji was his father, he did not summon him to Dagon’s Domain. It is likely that Toji simply kept strolling around Shibuya in search of strong opponents and eventually located the Domain. He then uses Megumi’s trick to enter it from the outside, and with that, the question is answered. He entered the same way as Megumi, but he used Megumi’s Domain instead of his own powers.

So, no, Toji Fushiguro was not summoned to the Domain, neither by Megumi nor by anyone else. Likely, he would not have come had he been summoned, knowing how he hates being ordered around. His appearance surprised everyone (only Naobito knew who he was), so there is no reason to think that his appearance in the Domain was planned in any way. This is the whole story of how and why Toji entered Dagon’s Domain; we hope that it helped!

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