Jujutsu Kaisen: Megumi Is Aware That Toji Is His Father & Here’s When He Discovers the Truth!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Is Megumi Aware That Toji Is His Father? Here's When He Discovers the Truth!

The relationship between Toji and Megumi Fushiguro has been one of the most interesting aspects of the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen, both during Gojo’s Past Arc and the Shibuya Incident Arc. The fact that Toji is one of the most interesting characters in the series and, while he is a villain, very popular further increases the need to clarify his relationship with Megumi. Okay, we do know that the two of them are father and son, but now that Megumi is face-to-face with Toji alone… we can ask ourselves: does Megumi know Toji is his father? Is he aware of that fact? Well, keep reading to find out!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • When Toji appeared in Dagon’s Domain, no one except Naobito recognized him, not even Megumi. He would later isolate Megumi and tell him that he was proud of him for not becoming a Zenin before killing himself.
  • Megumi did not recognize his father because he had not seen him for years, and he simply did not know what he looked like, but he was likely able to deduce who he was in the end.

Megumi knew that Toji was his father

Regarding Megumi’s relationship with his father, we must clarify that contrary to what some fans may believe, Megumi was aware that Toji was his father. It is common knowledge that Toji left Megumi behind and that, in later years, Megumi was unaware of his father’s location or fate. Still, he was aware of his identity, and there is a very clear-cut and understandable explanation for this. Specifically, Megumi wasn’t truly abandoned until a much later age.

As every true Jujutsu Kaisen fan knows, Toji conceived Megumi when he had undergone a personal transformation and improved. It was strange since the Toji we’ve seen was a bad parent and a bad person in general, yet he had quit gambling and working as an assassin because he seemed to genuinely love Megumi’s mother. However, the one snapshot we had of him holding a little Megumi revealed him to be truly pleased, and from that, we deduced that Toji did, at one point in his life, care about his son.

Megumi was too young to remember that, and Toji eventually left him when he grew more self-conscious; thus, it makes sense that he harbored largely bad feelings toward his father even though it seemed like he loved him at the time. We cannot, however, claim that Megumi was ignorant of Toji’s identity. In other words, when Gojo went to see him, he immediately knew who Gojo was talking about. However, he only said that he didn’t like him and that he had forgotten his appearance because Toji was a horrible father who had abandoned him and his sister Tsumiki, who was his step-sister.

So, fast-forward to Shibuya, we know that Megumi managed to enter Dagon’s Domain through the hole that Megumi created, and among the four people inside (Megumi, Nanami, Maki, and Naobito), only Naobito knew who Toji was. However, he did call him a ghost rather than a person. So, we know what happened next – using the Playful Cloud, Toji Fushiguro managed to defeat and exorcise Dagon, after which he took Megumi away, and the two landed on an empty road in Shibuya.


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Megumi was shocked at Toji’s speed, but what confused fans the most was the fact that Megumi had no idea who his father was. He looked at Toji and wondered who that guy was, comparing him to Sukuna regarding the danger he represented. On the other hand, Megumi wasn’t himself either, but he had enough consciousness left to talk with his son. What did he say? Well, not much – he concluded that Megumi never did join the Zenin clan, and he was proud of that, and moments later, he pierced his own skull with the Playful Cloud and died once more.

Megumi was quite confused, but he was probably able to deduce who Toji was at that point, seeing how he talked to him. Megumi is quite intelligent, so it makes sense that he would eventually grasp the truth.

So, why did he not recognize him? Well… you have to remember that Megumi last saw his dad when he was a child and that he had hated him this whole time, so the image of Toji completely disappeared from his head, and that is why he did not recognize him when he appeared.

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