Jujutsu Kaisen: Here’s When & Why Toji Fushiguro Came Back From the Dead!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Here’s When & Why Toji Fushiguro Came Back from the Dead!

Jujutsu Kaisen’s Toji Fushiguro left a pretty strong impact on the series when he appeared in Gojo’s Past Arc, which is also when Gojo himself killed him. But, if you thought that this would be the end of Toji, you were wrong. Namely, Toji Fushiguro will return once again during the Shibuya Incident Arc, and while he won’t be there for long, we’ll still see more of him. In this article, we will tell you when and why it happened.

Toji Fushiguro was revived in Chapter 95 of the manga (this has not yet been adapted in the anime, but will be as part of the second season) by Ogami, who used her skills to revive Toji in her unnamed grandson’s body, which he agreed to. Ogami believed that she could use Toji’s hatred for jujutsu sorcerers to make him an ally in their fight against Gojo and his allies, but she did not consider just how powerful Toji was, so he broke out of her control, killed her, and ultimately ended up helping his son and his allies against Dagon, before ultimately killing himself once again.

The rest of this article will be yet another in our series of articles on Toji Fushiguro, who left a lasting and important impact on the series despite appearing in only a few episodes. In this article, we will talk about what happened to him after his death, i.e., how, when, and why he came back from his death and what happened to him at the time. This will be adapted as part of the Shibuya Incident Arc, but we will tell you all of it beforehand, so be careful about spoilers in the article.

Toji Fushiguro was revived by Ogami, but she failed to consider that Toji cannot be controlled, which cost her her life

So, before we tell you how Toji came back to life, we think it would only be fair for us to tell you how he died. It happened back in 2006 when Gojo and Geto were assigned to guard Riko, the then-current Star Plasma Vessel. At the same time, Toji Fushiguro was hired to assassinate Riko. Now, Toji was a specific character – due to his Heavenly Restriction, he had 0 cursed energy, but he was granted supernatural abilities that made him an exceptionally dangerous foe.

He knew he was dealing with Gojo and Geto, so he opted to tire them out before engaging them, and when he did, and all of that within the grounds of the Tokyo School, he was almost successful.

He successfully defeated Gojo and left him for dead, after which he killed Riko and, with relative ease, defeated Geto. But, after he handed Riko’s body over to his employers, he was greeted by Satoru Gojo once again. Gojo managed to recover using his special technique. Now, in a state of complete frenzy, he came to defeat Toji, not giving the powerful fighter any time to fight back against the sorcerer.

Gojo used his amazing skills and killed Toji with relative ease this time, after which he asked Toji whether he had any last words. Toji told him that Megumi would be sold to the Zenin family and that Gojo could do what he wanted with that fact. He then died.


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Now, the story of Megumi and Gojo is known, as well as Megumi’s relationship with his own father, but everyone honestly thought that we had seen the last of Toji at that time, as Gojo did a pretty good job in killing him, mauling so much that there was no way he could be healed. And he wasn’t, but his story still wasn’t over at that very moment. How, you might wonder? Well, there’s – obviously – more than one way to skin a cat, as the old saying goes.

So, fast-forward to the present timeline, Pseudo-Geto and his band of curses initiate the event known as the Shibuya Incident. Pseudo Geto, Hanami, Jogo, Mahito, and Dagona are the main fighters, but they also have a lot of allies scattered around Shibuya.

But, while their main goal was to seal Gojo inside the Prison Realm, which they eventually did, their allies did the dirty work, and this brings us to an old female jujutsu sorceress known as Ogami. Ogami and her unnamed grandson were a team, as she could use her skills to bring back someone from the dead and implant them into her grandson’s body. These resurrected souls would be under her control, and she could use them to fight in her place.

Now, knowing that the battles in front of them were dangerous, as well as their opponents, Ogami overestimated her own skills, and she decided to bring back to life none other than – Toji Fushiguro, or Toji Zenin, as they called him. In Chapter 95 of the manga, titled simply “The Shibuya Incident, Part 13” and released on February 17, 2020, Toji Fushiguro was finally revived by Ogami, and he soon took over her grandson’s body.

Ogami knew about Toji’s hatred for jujutsu sorcerers and the Zenin family, and since they fought both of these groups at the time, she thought that she could use Toji’s skills to win some battles with relative ease. But she failed miserably.

Namely, not only was Toji too powerful for her to control, but he also hated the idea of being controlled. Ironically, while he agreed with her idea of killing jujutsu sorcerers, he started off with her, killing her not long after returning to life. Even in death, Toji did not change, and seeing that there was trouble in Shibuya, he continued looking for some opponents.


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After a while, he arrived at where Dagon had activated his Domain and did what was thought to be impossible – he broke through the Domain from the outside and attacked Dagon with his weapons. Dagon was powerful, but Toji mauled him so hard (like he did Gojo the first time around) that he easily killed and exorcised the powerful curse.

He then faced his own son, Megumi, who did not recognize him. But, during that encounter, Toji found out that his son did not, in fact, become a Zenin, which made him somewhat happy, as he did not expect it to be like that. To save his son and honor his decision, Toji then used his own weapon to pierce his head, thus effectively killing himself and Ogami’s unnamed grandson simultaneously.

And that was the end for Toji; so far, he has not reappeared in the series, and we somehow think that his reappearance would be redundant in that aspect, so we think that this was his final end. But his story was undoubtedly interesting, so we have presented it to you.

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