Yuta vs. Sukuna: Who Is More Powerful & Who Would Win in a Fight?

Yuta vs. Sukuna: Who Is More Powerful & Who Would Win in a Fight?

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Among other things, Jujutsu Kaisen is a series that has been consistently praised for its battle sequences, which illustrate just how good Akutami is in that aspect. But, a lot of it is due to the fact that the characters are truly powerful individuals, and in this article, we are going to compare two of them. You are going to find out who would win in a fight between Sukuna, the most powerful curse, and Yuta Okkotsu, the only character with the potential to actually surpass Gojo.

At this moment, it is impossible to determine the winner because Yuta’s full potential has not yet been revealed. If the theory that he could surpass Gojo is true, and if he actually does surpass him, then he would certainly be stronger than Sukuna, but at this moment in the story, when Yuta is not at his peak, Sukuna is stronger. Because Yuta is such a big mystery still, it is impossible to give a completely true and straightforward answer to this question at this moment in the series.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, we are going to provide you with a detailed category-by-category analysis of the issue, presenting the characters in questions to you and giving you a point-by-point analysis that is going to help you understand why it is, at this moment, impossible to determine the winner in this situation, as there is simply not enough information on Yuta’s peak power at this moment. So, we’ll be working with what we have.

Overall skills

The Exorcism School has recognized four S-class exorcists, and Yuta Okkotsu is one of them. Due to the great strength of Rika, whom he accidentally cursed, Yuta was promptly registered as an S-Class while being haunted by her ghost. He overcame Suguru after unleashing Rika’s Power Limiters in the 29th Tournament, where he appeared to have vanquished all of Kyoto’s students.

Satoru has predicted that Yuta will eventually surpass him in strength. When Yuji Itadori met Choso, Naoya Zenin, and Yuta, Choso advised him to flee at all costs, equating Yuta’s strength to that of Satoru. However, Yuta acknowledges that he is somewhat weak and lacks strength, which he makes up for by empowering himself with Cursed Energy.

Sukuna is an evil S-class cursed spirit, though to be the strongest cursed spirit in history. Sukuna is exceedingly strong and powerful and is known as the indisputable King of Curses. His presence in Shibuya when he awoke nearly rendered his adversaries helpless. Even Satoru admitted that Sukuna had strength and that defeating him would be difficult, but he nevertheless believed he could do it. With each apparition, Sukuna has grown to become the most potent curse ever.

Satoru is one of the few people who can (as far as we are aware) claim victory over Sukuna; even among the S-classes, very few people can equal his strength.


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Both of them are special grades, and while, at this moment, Sukuna definitely surpasses Yuta, Yuta has such amazing potential that if he surpasses Gojo, he will be more powerful than Sukuna. So, who wins the point? We’re not sure, so we’ll just divide them now and potentially change them later.

Points: Yuta 1, Sukuna 1


Due to the relationship between him and Sugawara no Michizane, which was first made clear when he turned Rika into a cursed ghost, Yuta has exceptionally large quantities of cursed energy. Rika became such a powerful cursed spirit that Suguru, a hungry collector of terrible curses, awarded her the title “Queen of Plagues.”

As a curse, Rika can shape her boundless cursed energy in any way. After a year abroad, Yuta returned to Japan with much better control over his cursed energy. A constant stream of Cursed Energy flooded his weapon and body in battle, making up for his lack of physical power. Yuta’s attacks have an unequaled level of destructive force, and he can reduce all harm done to himself.

Sukuna is an S-Class curse with an incredible amount of Cursed Energy. He showed no signs of tiredness despite using his skills repeatedly throughout his numerous battles. He is skilled in administering cursed energy, as seen by his mastery of the Reverse Cursed Technique and the Domain Expansion. As their recent fight showed, he is one of the generally strongest characters in this category who can even parry Gojo in many aspects.

And while Sukuna’s peak is more or less known, Yuta has not even come close to reaching his peak, but despite that, he is still exceptionally strong and feared by his opponents. Knowing that he has the potential to become even better, we don’t think it would be fair to just simply award Sukuna this point because he is stronger now, which is why we are going to divide them once again.

Points: Yuta 2, Sukuna 2


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Fighting skills

Yuta was not known for using violence during his time in school and was a little uncoordinated in this area. Even when he tried to run away from a fight, carrying Maki Zenin and two other children in his arms, he encountered too many problems along the way.

But he displayed extraordinary skill in hand-to-hand fighting, striking his opponent with various, albeit simple, blows. When confronted with irrational outbursts, he can become noticeably stronger. From the beginning, He has been presented as extremely weak and lacking in resistance. He enhanced his durability by training with Maki Zenin, allowing him to battle for prolonged periods despite severe physical ailments.

In Yuji’s body, Sukuna possessed superhuman strength and could easily carry a person through a building’s many stories. Even in his half-form, he could easily survive the effects of an S-class curse. One of Megumi’s Shikigami was easily vanquished and destroyed by him as well. Sukuna has proven that he moves so remarkably quickly that his adversary is unaware of his movements until it is too late.

Sukuna was shot through several buildings and was still in perfect shape, demonstrating his remarkable fortitude. Sukuna is exceptionally strong and skilled in hand-to-hand fighting. He can combine spells with physical attacks, making him extremely difficult to defeat in combat.

Now, this is a category where Sukuna definitely surpasses Yuta, and we will have to give him the point. Sure, Yuta is not a weakling anymore, but he will never have the time to actually reach Sukuna’s level of fighting proficiency, which is why we have to award this point to Sukuna.

Points: Yuta 2, Sukuna 3


Yuta Okkotsu is a young man with a strong drive to learn, and he has shown that he can quickly pick up the Tokyo school’s curriculum. He learns academic and practical teachings exceptionally quickly, which enables him to apply them in conflict. Initially, he could not properly apply his tactical intellect due to his lack of experience, but he has since significantly improved in that field, so his high intelligence has finally come to the forefront. He has the ability to copy the actions of others, which allows him to employ a variety of cursed methods.

Although it is uncertain where he gets the information to use these tactics, he has proven that he is capable of doing so successfully.

Sukuna possesses a high level of intelligence. He was well aware of the nature of spells and all energy that was cursed. He can make parries that are specific to various strategies using this to quickly determine how spells work after only seeing them. The most well-known case is when, after perfecting his technique, he engaged Makora in battle and vanquished the Shikigami. In that aspect, Sukuna is one of the toughest opponents one can have in the series because of his high adaptability.

Based on what we know, Yuta is, with so little experience, already a fully competent opponent due to his ability to tactically approach a battle. In that aspect, we can confirm that with the same level of experience as Sukuna, he would be a more dangerous opponent, which is why Yuta wins this final point.

Points: Yuta 3, Sukuna 3


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At this moment, it is impossible to determine the winner

As the points suggest, the situation is rather unclear at the moment. Why? Well, we don’t really know Yuta’s full potential. Sukuna’s max has been, more or less, shown in his fight against Gojo, but with Yuta, there are still too many questions.

Yuta is already powerful, but at this level, he wouldn’t – probably – be able to beat Sukuna. But, if it is true that he can surpass Gojo’s potential in that aspect, then we can confirm that he would also defeat Sukuna. Whether that is going to happen is still a question of debate, so we’ll have to wait and see how the story develops.

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