Jujutsu Kaisen: What Are Uraume & Sukuna Preparing For?

Jujutsu Kaisen: What Are Uraume & Sukuna Preparing For?

Uraume is a character that debuted much earlier in the Jujutsu Kaisen series in Episode 21 but has resurfaced, much to Sukuna’s pleasure, in Episode 40. After finally seeing Sukuna freed, Uraume greeted their master, and Sukuna was quite happy to see them. He also told them to continue the preparations as planned and that he would be free soon. He soon went to fight Mahoraga, but… what was Sukuna preparing for? What was Uraume supposed to do in the meantime? In this article, we will discuss that and reveal Sukuna’s master plan in Jujutsu Kaisen.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Uraume, also known as “The Frozen Star,” is a minor antagonist in Jujutsu Kaisen, a thousand-year-old jujutsu sorcerer whose story is closely related to Sukuna’s. They are extremely loyal to Sukuna.
  • When Sukuna met Uraume again, he was quite happy. As he was going off to fight against Mahoraga, he told Uraume to continue with the preparations, which Uraume agreed with without any questions.
  • Sukuna referred to the preparations for his proper return, which included a series of actions that had to be undertaken and a location that had to be found so Sukuna could return normally.

Uraume’s role in Sukuna’s “liberation” is big

Uraume made their manga debut in Chapter 53, corresponding to Episode 21 of the anime series. They are described as a mysterious person wearing monastic garments and having white hair. Uraume was presented as a part of Kenjaku’s organization. Still, it soon became clear that Uraume had little regard for Kenjaku and was more interested in using his actions to further their objectives, which included sealing Satoru Gojo and liberating Sukuna.

Due to their long history together, Uraume and Sukuna share a very strong bond. Uraume dates back almost a millennium, and they were there when Sukuna was at the height of his power. Uraume was Sukuna’s devoted subordinate even back then, and from what we can tell, Uraume’s only goal was to bring back their former leader. For this reason, they saw Kenjaku as a chance to bring Sukuna back to life.

As seen by his genuine happiness when Uraume unexpectedly appeared in front of him in Shibuya, Sukuna appears to have a soft spot for Uraume. Sukuna claimed that he hardly recognized Uraume because of how they had changed their appearance since their last encounter. Uraume would subsequently assist Sukuna in achieving total freedom in Shinjuku and during the Culling Game. This demonstrates Uraume’s strong bond and loyalty to Sukuna as well as their significant alliance, which appears to be crucial to the storyline.


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This is why we have said that Uraume’s role in the story is truly big, and this is also why Sukuna really does hold Uraume in high regard. It seems that Uraume’s only goal was to bring back Sukuna in full capacity and that they did not have any other role in the story, which also makes sense, but it shows just how important Uraume was.

This is why Sukuna would entrust all the necessary preparations to Uraume. This is also why Sukuna trusted Uraume in such a way, as he chose them, among his potential followers and allies, as the executors of these preparations. Uraume had the skills and the intelligence to execute the plan, and that is why Sukuna trusted them so much and why Uraume was, in a way, safe from Sukuna’s wrath. Sukuna knew that he had Uraume’s complete loyalty, and Uraume has proven this on more than one occasion, and that is why their role is so big and important.

Uraume was supposed to continue preparing for Sukuna’s majestic return

We can confirm that Uraume played a significant part in Sukuna’s liberation during the Culling Game Arc. They also looked for the ideal place to build Sukuna a bath, which they eventually discovered; afterward, they understood Yorozu would need to be slain for Sukuna to fully possess Megumi’s body and go free. When Uraume faced the recently released Gojo near the end of this arc, he was defeated in one blow. Shortly after Gojo’s apparent death during the Shinjuku Showdown, Uraume emerged while battling Kinji Hakari and brought Sukuna a weapon. And this is what the preparations consisted of, in short.

Yorozu was a specific case. Namely, Kenjaku had prepared the body of Megumi’s half-sister to become a vessel for Yorozu, another one of Sukuna’s acquaintances from the past, just like Uraume. Yorozu was in love with Sukuna, and she was willing to do anything for him, hoping that he would start loving her back. But Sukuna realized that he had to kill her to fully break Megumi, which is a task that Uraume helped with. Sukuna was the one who ultimately killed Yorozu and Megumi’s sister, which allowed him to destroy Megumi’s resistance and take over the boy’s body.

While Uraume was willing to sacrifice themselves when facing Gojo, they survived, and that confrontation also helped Sukuna; the fact that Uraume was ready to die for Sukuna says it all.

Finally, Uraume had an important moment in securing a special weapon for Sukuna. Namely, before she died, Yorozu created the Kamutoke, also known as the Supreme Martial Solution, a powerful weapon similar to the one Sukuna had in the past. After Sukuna defeated Gojo, Uraume arrived on a large block of ice to bring this weapon to Sukuna, which helped the King of Curses significantly, although his next opponents were not even near the level of Satoru Gojo. And that is how Uraume helped Sukuna prepare for his grand comeback in the series.

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