Minecraft Command Block: The Complete 2021 Guide

Minecraft Command Block: The Complete 2021 Guide

Minecraft is an exciting game based on the dramatic action and survival genre. This game is all about strategy, creativity, and action. With a few extra features, you can play this game in a much better way. One of those remarkable features is the command block. It is the most fantastic thing you can make things automatic instead of handling them manually. Let’s find out how to activate the command block and which command you can use for different functions.

Different commands include; kill command, summon command, clear command, etc. You can activate the command blocks in your Minecraft by turning on the cheats. Enable creative mode in your inventory and open the chatbox. Enter your command there. Press the enter key to activate your command. You can use more than one command at a time. Each command is for a specific purpose.

Command block is one of Minecraft’s most intricate aspects in which you can use different commands with the help of specific command blocks. They will make you able to automate things and save time. Getting a command block in your Minecraft is not an arduous task. You do not require a crafting table for this. You can activate the command block for your Minecraft by using a game command. In this article, you will learn how to obtain and execute the command blocks in your gameplay. Let’s begin without any delay. 

How Do You Get A Command Block In Minecraft?

Minecraft Command Block: The Complete 2021 Guide

Command blocks are one of the most intricate features of your gameplay. You can use these blocks to implement and execute different commands in Minecraft automatically. In addition to this, you can also activate a series of different commands by placing them side-by-side to automate the whole process. 

Command blocks are accessible in creative mode only. You cannot mine them in survival mode because they affect the game in all manners. Different editions require different guides to get a command block in Minecraft. 

Let’s find out how to add a command block to your inventory. 

For Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock Edition has a special feature. It not only allows you to play with the players of other Minecraft Bedrock Editions, but it also makes you able to play with the players of other platforms of Minecraft. So basically, it’s a cross-platform multiplayer game. You can use it on Windows 10, Android, and other related devices. For your Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you will need to go through the following steps:

  1. Turn on cheats in your gameplay. Go to settings > Game > Cheats. They will automatically disable achievements.
  2. Enable creative mode in your Minecraft.
  3. You will not find command blocks in the drop-down menu unless you open the chatbox and enter (/give (username) command block).
  4. Turn on the creative mode in your chat box and place the block anywhere you want.
  5. You have successfully activated the command block in Minecraft.
  6. You can also turn off the cheats once you have done with the blocks. 

For Java Edition

Minecraft Java Edition is different from the Bedrock Edition. You cannot play with the players of other platforms if you have Minecraft Java Edition. You can only play with the other Java players, and this is the limiting factor behind its usefulness in Minecraft. It is specific for your PC. The following steps will help you to get the command block in Minecraft Java Edition.

  1. Go to the server and open the ”server. Properties”.
  2. Change the line from false to true to enable command block.
  3. Enter (/give (username) command block).
  4. To open the chat window, press the ”T” key.
  5. Here you can type your command.
  6. To run the command, press the ”Enter” key.

How Does A Command Block Work In Minecraft?

Minecraft Command Block: The Complete 2021 Guide

You can use these commands to automate different things on your Minecraft server. Command block plays a pivotal role in your Minecraft journey. You can perform complex tasks with a single click. Minecraft has three different types of command blocks. They include:

– “Impulse” 

Used to run different commands with a Redstone signal

– “Repeat” 

You can use this command to run multiple commands in a single tick.

– “Chain” 

This command is specifically for those users that have gone through the other sets of commands. You can run a command of your choice by activating the command block in your Creative mode menu.

Follow these steps to learn how command blocks work in Minecraft.

  1. Place the command block on the ground.
  2. Make sure that you are in creative mode.
  3. Position your pointer on the block.
  4. Place the command block at any place of your choice.
  5. You will see your block highlighted.
  6. To bring the command block on the ground, right-click on the mouse.
  7. Now activate the command block with any Redstone device (pressure button, lever, pressure plate).
  8. You will need to add this device to your inventory if you don’t have it in your gameplay.
  9. Ensure that the Redstone device is near your command block or else, you won’t be able to activate your command block in Minecraft. 
  10. Select the lever to place your block.
  11. Position your pointer on the block to place the lever at any place of your choice.
  12. Now activate it with the ”run” command to program the command block.
  13. Click on the done button by standing in front of the command block.
  14. Type your desired command in the command text box.
  15. You have successfully activated your command in the command block.
  16. Now you can use this command at any time and as often as you want.

What Commands Can You Use In A Command Block?

You can use command blocks in creative mode only. You cannot get these command blocks in survival mod until you have your cheats on in your gameplay. Command blocks are of three types, impulse, repeat, and chain. They are in different colors. However, there are plenty of commands in the Minecraft command block. Before using these commands, you need to get a command block:

/give <your username> Minecraft: command_block

It was the very first step to use commands in a command block. Now, get ready to learn about the other commands one-by-one. 

Title Command

This command displays text on the screen. It is the most basic command, and you can use it for your texts. Your text will appear in the basic font and white in Minecraft. You can also add different colors to your text. You will also use different font styles (bold/italic) to make your text catchy. 

Kill Command

You can use this command to kill the players. It is up to you whether you kill every player or a random player. You will have to use the command options accordingly. For example:

– To kill every player, you will use:

Kill @a kills every player

– To kill a random player, you will use:

Kill @r kills a random player

– To kill the closest player, you will have to use:

Kill @p kills the closest player

Summon Command

Use this command to call the fighters such as zombies, mobs, monsters, etc. There are different options for you to summon different objects. You can summon any object with its specific command such as:

  1. You will use “summon giant” for giants
  2. You will use “summon horse” for horses
  3. You will use “summon Ender Dragon” for the ender dragon.

Clear Command

You can clear your inventory with this command. The same story repeats here as well. Here are a few options for you:

– To clear closest players, use this command

Clear @p clears closest players.

– To clear a random player, use this command

Clear @r clears a random player.

– To clear every player, use this command

Clear @a clears every player.

How Do You Make A Command Block Car In Minecraft?

Minecraft Command Block: The Complete 2021 Guide

Command blocks also offer you to add a drivable car to your gameplay. A car can be of any type, but it always works. You can also make it without using any mod with the help of a command block in Minecraft. You need to follow these steps:

  1. Use the ”Summon command” for a minecart that will help you to make your car.
  2. Use ”activated only once” to summon a minecart.
  3. Set the first command block on ”repeat.”
  4. Now set it on ”always active.”
  5. Now set all the other command blocks on ”chain” and then on ”always active.”
  6. You have successfully made a command block car in Minecraft.

What Is The Command For A Light Block In Minecraft?

Light blocks are invisible blocks used by the map makers in Minecraft. For example, glowstone is the most valuable light block with a light level of 15 in Minecraft. It is the brightest block among all light blocks in Minecraft world. You cannot mine light blocks in your inventory. You won’t find them in your creative mod. You can make a light block by using different commands in your command block list. The command that you will use for a light block is:

/give <target> light block (amount: int) (data: int (0-15)) (component: json)

The light level of a light block varies from one to fifteen. The blocks get brighter when you increase the light level. You can find them in different forms such as ice, non-solid, etc. they have a slippery nature in Minecraft bedrock edition and exist in other different forms in other editions of your Minecraft. The sole purpose behind using these light blocks is to get different light levels depending upon the need of an observer. 

Best Minecraft Command Block Commands

Minecraft’s commands help you control the world you have created. They will provide you with several shortcuts as well. They vary from very basic to the most complex ones. The most commonly used commands are ‘cheat’ and ‘console’ commands.

Here is a list of the most outstanding command block commands available in Minecraft gameplay that allows you to use plenty of tools and play your game much better. They are some of the most advanced features that your world offers you. Let’s explore them one by one:


It is the most useful cheat command of command blocks in Minecraft that is used for transportation. It helps you to teleport from one place to the other. With the help of this command, you can move from one world to another. Not only can the players move but also move other items or things with this command.

Summoning Objects

You can use this command to call the other players of your gameplay. This command usually works in collaboration with the teleport command. Ou can also summon different items in difficult times. For example, you can summon light blocks when you need them or summon mobs around you with this core Minecraft. 

Setting Your World’s Weather

This command is helpful to play your game in a favorable environment. You can choose the weather of your world depending upon your biome. This is a core Minecraft command that helps you to enjoy the weather of your own choice. But how exactly would you settle the weather of your world? Let’s learn about it. 

  1. First of all, you need to enter the “root” command
  2. Select the weather of your choice 
  3. You can also choose the time for your selected weather
  4. You will have to choose from clear weather, rain, thunder, sunlight, and water.

How To Change Your Game Mode

If you have tired of the limiting game mods in Minecraft, you can use this command to play a game in any mode of your choice. Minecraft offers you four types of game mod. You can choose any of them for your gameplay. The four different modes are:

  • Survival (used to gather different resources for your survival in this gameplay)
  • Creative (used to build the abilities of a player to play in a much better way)
  • Adventure (used to explore and try new and interesting things of your world)
  • Spectator (used by the other players to observe their game)

Locating The Closest In-Game Structure

This command is also one of the most fantastic commands in Minecraft. You can use it to observe everything in your gameplay. You can use it for navigational purposes. You can use it by simply typing the in /locate, and then you need to enter the structure type. Your Minecraft will finally show the coordinates in the game menu. 

Sending Private Messages To Other Players

It is another exciting feature of your Minecraft command block. You can use it to interact or chat with other players in your world. You can use this command only when you have no other way to communicate with the other players of Minecraft. You can use /tell the command to communicate with the other players secretly.

Counting Entities In Your World 

Minecraft Command Block: The Complete 2021 Guide

This command is resourceful when it comes to estimating the mobs around you. It works in a slightly different manner when compared with the other commands of command block in Minecraft. You can count your enemies before fighting with them. You can also get a rough estimate of your fellow players and the other items or tools around you. It will also help you to make specific targets. 

Managing Your Team 

Handling many users in this game is an arduous task for a player. This command serves you the best to deal with such difficult situations. The root command is used to control your team in a much better way and manage your team in multiplayer. You can take care of all the things with this remarkable command. 

1. Help

You can use the help command to help you out in difficult situations. It will help you when you have many mobs, monsters, zombies, and dragons around you. 

2. Give

This command will allow you to share your items with other players. If any of your fellow players need anything and wants you to help him out, you can use this command to give that thing to him. You can give your tools, weapons, and armors with this command.

3. Kill

It is the deadliest and most lethal of the commands that you can use to kill the monsters and other enemies surrounding you.

4. Set Time

You can use this command to select the time when you will play the game. It is totally up to you whether you want to play it or not and when you want to play. You can set your desired time with this command.

5. Stop Time

This command is extremely useful because it allows you to keep away from the virtual world and allows you to live in a natural environment.

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