One Piece: Here’s When Sanji Gets His First Bounty!

One Piece: Here’s When Sanji Gets His First Bounty!

Vinsmoke Sanji is the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, and while he hasn’t been labeled as a pirate initially, he actually became a pirate (whether he wanted to or not) as the years passed by. And we all know what Pirates have in the world of One Piece – bounties! Yes! As a member of Luffy’s crew, Sanji has received a bounty in the series, and in this article, we are going to tell you when that happened, how big it was, and what happened with it in the series.

Vinsmoke Sanji received his first bounty after what happened at Enies Lobby and for defeating Jabra of the CP9; the bounty was made public in Chapter 435, which was adapted in Episode 320 of the anime series. His initial bounty was 77,000,000 Berrys, which was quite impressive (we know that Zeff was proud when Sanji got his first bounty and such a high one at that). Later, his bounty was raised to an incredible 177,000,000 Berrys, and that was only because he was a member of Luffy’s crew. After Whole Cake Island, his bounty was raised to 330,000,000 Berrys (and his status changed from “Only Alive” to “Dead or Alive), and after Onigashima, it was raised once again to a high sum of 1,032,000,000 Berrys.

The rest of this article will discuss Sanji, his story, and the history of his bounties in One Piece. From the first bounty he was ever given, after the events at Enies Lobby, which is also going to be the focus of this article, to his current one, which is going to be mentioned as well – we are going to tell you about Sanji’s pirating history so you know everything you need to know about the topic. Some spoilers might be present, so be careful how you approach the article.

How big was Sanji’s first bounty, and when did he get it?

Vinsmoke Sanji is the cook on Luffy’s crew and is one of the most skilled chefs in the whole series; he has a natural talent for cooking, but he also studied under Zeff, which made him a true master in the kitchen. He can create a delicious meal from almost anything, which is why his dishes are so beloved and why he is so popular among the other crew members (even though he often quarrels with Zoro over various stupid reasons).

When he was a child, his father wanted to use him for his weird experiments, but thanks to his mother’s sacrifice, he was saved. After being labeled as a black sheep in the family, he escaped and soon worked as an assistant chef on the Orbit. Zeff and the Cook Pirates attacked The Orbit one day, but a storm destroyed both ships.

Zeff saved Sanji’s life, and the two were stranded on a piece of rock for 85 days before being saved; both of them nearly starved to death, with Zeff cutting off part of his leg so he could eat something. Not long after that, the two of them founded the sailing restaurant, the Baratie, where Luffy and his crew came at one point.


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Sanji’s ultimate dream was to find the legendary All Blue and use the ingredients found there to prepare the best meals in the world. Luffy liked him because of his sincerity and invited him to join his crew, which Sanji ultimately accepted after getting a “blessing” from Zeff. Since then, he has been part of the crew and shared many adventures with them, which earned him the status of a notorious pirate. Having said this, we can now discuss his bounties.

Sanji’s first bounty was for a very high 77,000,000 Berrys and was given to him for defeating Jabra of the CP9, and for closing the Gates of Justice; this happened after the events at Enies Lobby. However, because Attach mistakenly failed to remove the lens cap when he was taking the photo of Sanji, the photo for the poster was not taken.

Ultimately, it was replaced by a robot portrait of a person who poorly resembles him, which ultimately caused Duval (who does look like Sanji) a lot of trouble. This, as well as some other incidents related to that portrait, is part of a joke about how Sanji has the bad luck to be recognized by his image on his poster.

Not long after that, Sanji was “awarded” a second bounty, this time just because he was a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. This happened after the events in Dressrosa, as his reward increased to 177,000,000 Berrys, thanks, in part, to the machinations of Vinsmoke Judge, Sanji’s father, who wanted to get his son back, and who was – through unknown means – able to change the conditions of the bounty, something that is not easy to do.

Instead of the robot portrait, a real image was placed for the first time. Also, the condition said “Only Alive” on his wanted poster, which was quite strange and resulted from the Judge’s influence.

A third bounty was issued not long after what went down on Whole Cake Island. For participating in Big Mom’s assassination attempt, Sanji’s bounty increased to 330,000,000 Berrys. Also, the former condition of “Only Alive” was now changed to “Dead or Alive,” which is used for all pirates. Also, the poster now listed him as “Vinsmoke Sanji,” although he had given up on his family name, which made him angry.


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Finally, a fourth and current bounty was also issued later. For participating in the assault on Onigashima, having defeated the headliner Queen, Sanji was given a bounty of 1,032,000,000 Berrys. The image on his poster changed, and his name became simply “Sanji” again.

And with this, the history of Sanji’s bounties is over, and, as you can see, it was quite a thrilling ride.

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