One Piece: How Many People Have the Straw Hat Pirates Killed?

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The Straw Hat Pirates comprise most of the main characters in One Piece, being the loveable misfits that tag along with the series’ main protagonist, Luffy. Although these heroic pirates tend to take a more honorable approach to One Piece villains, they still do some serious damage – many fans wonder how many people the Straw Hat Pirates have killed as a result.

None of the Straw Hat Pirates have ever been seen killing directly, but Zoro has at least one confirmed kill – the former Baroque Works Mr. 7. Most Straw Hat Pirates members have likely killed before joining the crew, and many One Piece fans believe there must have been casualties along the way whether intentional or not – still, there is no evidence to prove it, leaving the current kill count of the Straw Hat Pirates at 1.

Despite the fact that they avoid taking lives, each of the Straw Hat Pirates members has a troubled past – not to mention the countless times they have left their opponents in pretty bad shape. Below is everything you need to know about how many people each Straw Hat Pirates member has killed, according to fans.

How Many People Have the Straw Hat Pirates Killed?

Plenty of fans still have tons of questions regarding the damage and chaos left behind by the Straw Hat Pirates. Irrespective of the good deeds they do, fighting to protect others from the most powerful One Piece villains (many of which have some insane kill counts), there are usually unfortunate cases of casualties along the way.

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There is no way to tell exactly how many people the Straw Hat Pirates have killed overall, as Oda has stated that the main point is for these characters to never take a life, even when going up against the biggest bad guys the series has to offer. According to the pirate culture in One Piece, the mercy that the Straw Hat Pirates show is a means to give every pirate a second chance – possibly an opportunity to rethink their actions, dreams, ambitions, as well as their methods.


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Although, there are cases where the longevity of the Straw Hat Pirates’ opponents still seems dismal after they are defeated. They are often left in pretty bad shape, such as out in the middle of the ocean with no ship or help – in some cases, the combat moves seem to be fatal as well.

Many could say that the Straw Hat Pirates have not killed anyone – but these heroes could have actually killed many people in the process of doing what they needed to do. To top it off, the Straw Hat Pirates members have some shady and problematic pasts – carrying secrets that haunted them long before they joined the crew. While some members may not have killed while working alongside Luffy, fans are still curious to know more about each member’s total kill count.

Has Luffy Killed Anyone?


Being the star protagonist of the entire storyline, many fans are eager to know if Luffy killed anyone in One Piece. According to canon material, Luffy has never intentionally killed any of his opponents – he believes that giving each of his opponents a second chance, no matter how evil or misguided they can be, is crucial.

He did kill Baron Omatsuri in one of the One Piece movies, and he also killed Candy Logia in another movie. However, these stories are not considered canon, and Oda is rarely involved in movie releases. So, Luffy still has a squeaky clean record in terms of his non-existent kill count – at least, in theory.


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Luffy is extraordinarily strong, and he does occasionally take on weaker opponents – many fans believe that there is a chance someone may have passed on from injuries sustained by Luffy, even if Luffy did not mean to take a life. It would be quite optimistic to believe that all of the Marines that got barraged and stranded in the middle of the ocean survived or that everyone aboard a sinking ship somehow made it out.

There is a chance that Luffy has killed someone due to an accident, being too overpowered for his opponents, or by means of simple negligence and collateral damage. Still, as it stands, Luffy is unaware of any death caused by himself, and there is no official, canon evidence to show that he killed anyone in One Piece.

Has Zoro Killed Anyone?


Zoro has definitely killed before, although no one knows just how many lives he has taken. His only confirmed kill was the former Baroque Works Mr. 7 – apart from this, he may have killed at least a few dozen bounty hunters, many pirates, as well as Mermen and Ninjas (although some fans still believe they were injured and not killed).

However, Zoro has often been blamed for unconfirmed deaths – many fans believed that Morgan was killed by Zoro, although Oda clarified that this wasn’t the case in one of his interviews. He stated that Morgan was still alive after the encounter with Zoro, rather imprisoned by his former subordinates.

Has Nami Killed Anyone?


Nami might be feisty, smart, and tough, definitely capable of defending herself if needed, but she is far less violent and combative when it comes to battle. Most fans believe that she has never killed anyone in One Piece, whether it be before or after joining the Straw Hat Pirates. Some believe she killed the soap lady from CP9, although this is pure speculation.


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Has Usopp Killed Anyone?

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While Usopp is not the strongest character, he still holds his own in battle and can be quite handy when the time comes. Many fans believe that he might have sniped a few opponents in his lifetime, although most believe he has never killed anyone outright.

Has Sanji Killed Anyone?


There is debate about whether Sanji killed anyone, as he has a pretty mysterious past – not to mention his complex ancestry. However, most One Piece fans believe Sanji has not killed anyone.

Has Chopper Killed Anyone?


The idea of Chopper killing anyone is debatable, as he may have killed Dr. Hiluluk, depending on one’s perspective. Chopper poisoned him, although this character was technically already dying and decided to take his own life instead of dying due to poison or his own disease – the main cause for this ‘kill’ being in the grey area.


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Fans also believe that Chopper may have wiped out an entire town in his first monster point transformation long before joining the Straw Hat Pirates. At least this may have led to deaths in the hundreds, although it was never confirmed.

Has Robin Killed Anyone?


Robin likely killed many people before joining the Straw Hat Pirates – being an assassin, there’s really no telling just how high her kill count is. She was on the run for approximately 20 years before joining Luffy, so many fans believe she would have had to kill numerous people in order to survive – particularly while she was in Baroque Works.

However, there is no evidence to show she killed anyone after joining Luffy and others. Many fans believe that she must have killed at least a few opponents using her vicious attacks, although most believe that she has not been snapping necks all this time – instead, breaking opponents’ backs (which can still be fatal in theory).

Has Franky Killed Anyone?


Franky was essentially a crime boss before joining the Straw hat Pirates, and many fans believe that this would have entailed either killing problematic individuals or ‘getting rid’ of them by more indirect means. Still, there is no evidence proving that Franky killed anyone in One Piece.

Has Brook Killed Anyone?


Despite Brook’s fun-loving attitude and carefree personality, he was a pirate and a guard captain for many years before joining Luffy. As such, many fans believe that he may have killed a few people in his prime, but there is no canon evidence to confirm it.


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Has Jinbe Killed Anyone?


At the time of writing, there is no evidence to show that Jinbe has killed anyone in One Piece. However, since he is a powerful fighter with a complicated backstory that involves being a former soldier, the idea of Jinbe taking a life in the past wouldn’t be out of the question.

Has Vivi Killed Anyone?


While Vivi is not technically a part of the Straw Hat Pirates, many One Piece fans still see her as such. She was initially an antagonist under the codename “Miss Wednesday,” although she was predominantly a spy – so most One Piece fans believe she has never killed anyone.


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That’s everything there is to know about how many people the Straw Hat Pirates have killed, with images thanks to the One Piece Wiki. While fans may never know the true kill count of each Straw Hat Pirates member, it may link to the concept of every pirate deserving a second chance. These characters seem to avoid killing completely after joining Luffy – and, for the most part, their kills have never actually been confirmed.

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