Using a Seed in Minecraft is Cheating, Here’s Why

Using a Seed in Minecraft is Cheating Heres Why

In other games, there’s a fine line between cheating and not cheating, whereas Minecraft’s lines seem to be blurred. The consensus is that anything that gives players an unfair advantage is considered cheating, but what if the game itself allows you to cheat? Is it cheating, then? What about knowing your world seed, and how can a seed help you cheat? Finally, is using a seed in Minecraft cheating?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Knowing your world seed in Minecraft might as well be considered cheating since it gives you an unfair advantage compared to other players who perhaps may not know anything about the world seed.
  • People have been searching for good seeds for years, and each good seed gives you a different advantage in-game.

How can you find out your world seed?

There are two situations you might find yourself in where you want to find out the world seed. The first is when you’re playing a single-player world, and the second is when you’re playing on a server (multiplayer world). Finding out your world seed in the first scenario can also be done in two ways, depending on whether you’re a Java Edition or a Bedrock Edition player.

For Bedrock Edition players, the seed of their world can be found by loading up the world, going to the Pause menu, opening World Settings, and scrolling down until you find the World Type setting. The world seed will be located underneath. Don’t get confused if your seed is abnormally long or abnormally short. It’s all normal.

In Java Edition Minecraft, players in single-player worlds can open up their command window and type in the command /seed. As we know, having commands enabled in Minecraft is usually considered cheating, but this command can be executed even if you don’t have commands enabled in your world. Hence, it is technically not considered cheating.

These instances are when knowing your world seed isn’t considered cheating because you don’t know anything about the world seed. You’re not creating a world that is a specific seed because perhaps it has all of the biomes within walking distance away from your spawn point, or maybe there’s a monster spawner or a buried treasure chest right next to your spawn point.

It becomes cheating when you use a third-party tool to help you find whatever it is that you need to see. Let’s take, for example, slime chunks that I personally had difficulty finding in my survival worlds and was often tempted to use the website to find them. Ultimately, I didn’t end up doing it (only because I wanted to do it on a server, and I’m not the server owner).

Knowing the world seed on a server

The only way you can learn about your world seed on a server is if you have server owner rights. If you’re just a player, not even using the /seed command will help you find out the world seed. It’s also improbable that you’ll know what the world seed is just by looking at it because there are too many possible world seeds.

All that’s left for you to do is to ask the server owner for the seed. It’s highly unlikely that the server owner will disclose that information if the server isn’t already set to have commands enabled. If the owner discloses this information to you and no one else, you’ll have an unfair advantage, which is cheating. If the server owner discloses this information to everyone, then there’s no unfair advantage given, which makes it not cheating.

How many possible world seeds?

Worlds in Minecraft generate randomly, and you never know which seed you will get. Part of the reason why this is that there are plenty of possible worlds that can be generated in Minecraft. A rough estimate is that there are 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 possible world seeds in the game. The number reads as 18 quintillion and doesn’t include the custom worlds that you’re able to generate as well. If we had those as well, the number wouldn’t be quantifiable.

Chunkbase: a look at how world seeds can help you cheat

Chunkbase is a fantastic website that lets you get a better view of your seed and find different biomes, structures, and stuff like slime chunks just by typing in your world seed into one of the various apps it has available. To show you how it works, I’ll take an example of discovering slime chunks.

Slime usually spawns in swamp biomes or the aforementioned slime chunks. These chunks can be found deep underground and are scattered all over the Overworld. Finding them without cheating can prove to be a difficult task. First, you have to convert world coordinates into chunk coordinates. Still, the generation rule is pseudorandom, and if you’re a novice Minecraft player, you’ll quickly get lost in this daunting task, usually to no avail.

Seed article

Looking at the photo above, we can see that the world is divided into chunks. The green chunks represent all of the slime chunks in a world, and hovering over the chunk can show you the X and Z coordinates of that specific chunk. The red dot on the map is the indicator of where my base is, so I can easily navigate to the nearest slime chunk.

Without a doubt, using a world seed can easily help you cheat in this instance. Of course, you don’t have to use Chunkbase, so knowing your world seed won’t help if you decide against using it. The possibility is still up in the air, though, and you might get tempted to use it after a while. In this case, knowing your world seed is cheating.

How is it cheating if there are so many world seeds?

Best world seeds for Minecraft 1.19+

Knowing your world seed doesn’t usually amount to cheating if you’re not using a third-party tool like Chunkbase. What is cheating is going into a world where you know what you can expect to find at or close to spawn point 0,0, which is what you can find on the internet. Many people share their seed findings with the world and give details on what you can expect to find close to the spawn point. If you’re interested in exploring some of these worlds, I’ll list a few of the best ones for Minecraft version 1.19+.

Before I list these seeds, some might not appear interesting to you, but it’s essential to realize that every player is looking for something else. Some might be chasing after awesome biomes, some might be chasing the potential to mine out a lot of diamonds, and some might want a structure close to their spawn point.

  1. -2909343002793827664 – This world seed spawns you on the edge of a Deep Dark biome, and right underneath the Dark Forest, you’ll find an Ancient city filled with amazing chest loot and unique blocks you can use to build. The exact coordinate
  2. -4361528937055201680 – The spawn point on this seed is on the border between Meadows and Savanna biomes. The biomes you spawn in might not seem impressive, but what are the holes that easily lead you deep below sea level where you’ll find plenty of diamonds and other resources.
  3. 7445395903252703439 – If you’re looking for a new challenge to complete, this seed spawns you at Y level 24, which is way below sea level. You’ll start off surrounded by cave systems, including dripstone caves. Good luck fighting off hostile mobs without any resources and no food.

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