Top 10 Chainsaw Man Deaths Ranked by Sadness

All 10 Chainsaw Man Deaths Ranked by Sadness (2022 Update)

Death is always a sad thing; it is not necessarily tragic, but it is always sad. It is present in fiction as much as it is in real life and the fictional deaths from our favorite series can hit us as hard as real-life deaths do. And while Chainsaw Man has featured a large number of deaths, even among the main characters, fans never really reconciled with the deaths of some of their most important characters. In this article, we are going to bring you a list of the 10 saddest deaths in Chainsaw Man as they happened, both among the protagonists and the antagonists.

10. Pingtsi

Chapter 65 Title Page

As Santa Claus accepts the arrangement, Tolka is picked up and beheaded by the Darkness Devil. Kusakabe makes an effort to fight by using the might of the Stone Devil, but the Darkness Devil just snatches the Stone Devil and crushes it, killing Kusakabe. Before being shattered into pieces by the Darkness Devil, Beam revives Denji using blood from his severed arms.

Power, Long, Pingtsi, Quanxi, and Tamaoki are all vivisected as they get ready to fight. We started off the list with Pingtsi’s death not because it was particularly sad, but because she was a beloved character and her death, although gruesome, definitely deserved a spot on this list.

9. Galgali


The Violence Fiend killed an unidentified demon that they came across while on patrol with Kobeni. The FIend made a suggestion that he was a Grape Devil when Kobeni inquired about how he should be reported. The Violence Fiend then gave Kobeni an ice cream as a gift after they took a break.


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Kobeni tells the Fiend a story of when he first sampled ice cream as a child and explains that, despite being united with the Violence Devil, he is not a particularly violent guy. He nods in agreement with her and adds that he still has a significant portion of her human brain. He explains that the only thing he can remember is that Makima saved him. A man who appears to be Kurose suddenly comes in a car that has been shot up and claims that his partner and his teacher were killed in the attack. They flee in response to his command to report the situation to headquarters.

Kishibe directed Galgali and Kobeni to pursue the dolls during the battle. Galgali requests that Kobeni remove his mask once everyone has been dragged into hell so he can exert his full might as a demon. He attempts to take on the Darkness Devil, but is defeated in combat.

8. Beam


Beam assists Makima and Prinz in tidying up a variety of Santa Claus-controlled dolls. Beam happily accepts Makima’s request to go aid Denji and says that he will keep tidying up the mess. He shows up at the department store where the fight is occurring and uses his giant shark head to strike Denji in the back to free her from Long’s hold.

He begs her not to approach “Mr. Chainsaw” before he and Denji depart. Beam warns Denji not to use his chainsaws so he can preserve his blood, but as he flees, he comes across a doll’s dead body. While pointing out her carelessness, Denji winces as he steps on a nail, which summons the Curse Devil and causes Denji to be lifted up and begin bleeding heavily.

At that moment, Tolka, who had been hiding in the vicinity, comes out and lands a kick on Beam’s face, as he watches this in disbelief. When Tolka’s teacher transforms him into an ideal doll and calls the Hell Devil, Beam is rendered unconscious by the attack of Tolka and is carried to Hell alongside all the others in the department store. Beam sees the Darkness Devil when he awakens, and when he approaches the other Devils, they all become terrified. Beam’s arms are severed when the Darkness Devil shows there, along with those of everyone else.

Beam stands up and feeds Denji blood from his stump as the Darkness Devils start to massacre all the present humans and demons. Moments before the Darkness Devil points at him and rips Beam to pieces, killing him instantaneously, he pulls the cord on Denji’s chainsaw to revive him and asks him to grant his desire.

7. Angel Devil


As far as the Angel Devil’s fate is concerned, it seems that he is dead, as far as things stand now. During the Control Devil arc, when Makima leads Denji down the hallway, Angel’s body is visible amid the rest of Chainsaw Man’s supporters. He was last seen as one of the several creatures and individuals that Makima was in control of and using to her advantage while she engaged in combat. It is not officially confirmed that he died, but it is heavily assumed that he did.

6. Denji’s father

Denji27s father

Very little is known about Denji’s father and it was initially thought that he committed suicide, which left Denji an orphan indebted to the Yakuza. He was responsible for Denji’s tragic life, as he was a violent and abusive alcoholic, but it seems that the story developed a bit differently than was initially thought.

Namely, during the Control Devil arc, when Denji learns Makima’s true motives, she confesses that his father’s death was not a suicide but rather the result of Denji killing him in self-defense. In truth, the Yakuza staged his alleged suicide as a ploy to have Denji inherit his debts. Denji had been suppressing this information behind a mental wall, and as the memory surfaces, Denji sees himself as a young boy standing over his father’s bleeding and wounded body.


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5. Makima

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In the last chapters of Manga Part 1, Makima and Denji faced off for the very last time, and Makima seems to have killed him and goes to take Pochita. Denji eventually emerges from a mass of corpses behind Makima and dons an oversized police outfit. When Makima notices him, he approaches her and chops her chest with a chainsaw. While blood pours out of her chest, Makima gasps in amazement and confusion and falls to his knees as Denji stands over her.

Denji informs Makima that he would take Pochita back and exclaims that she has finally let her defenses down. He says that what he just did was risky and that he has used up all of the blood Power granted him as part of their pact as he kneels down and picks up Pochita. Denji responds that Makima was fighting Pochita the entire time and that he had a vague recollection of how Pochita was able to stand up when Makima, who is now bleeding from her lips and nose, inquires as to how Denji was still alive.

Denji tells Makima that the chainsaw he used to cut her was made from Power’s blood, and he let it “run wild” within her while she is still bleeding. Denji responds by saying he didn’t think he could kill her with such a crude item when Makima remarks, “It’s barely enough to…” Denji exclaims, joyfully, that Kishibe was coming to take them away as a van drives up behind him. He then apologizes to Makima before turning the chainsaw on her. He then kills Makima and, later, proceeds to eat her as to prevent her from resurrecting.

4. Himeno

At the beginning of the Katana Man arc, Himeno and the others are talking in a restaurant when a man approaches them and talks to them about people’s tastes, mentioning that his grandfather was Denji’s former employer. He then shoots Denji, Aki, and Himeno. Power stuns him and Aki’s Fox Devil swallows him but he manages to break out of the head, revealing his true identity – that of Katana Man. Aki prepares to defend his subordinates, as he orders Power to stop Himeno’s heavy bleeding.


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Aki seemingly manages to defeat the Katana Man, while Power declares that Himeno definitely needs medical attention because of her severe injuries. As the Katana Man reappears, Aki begins fighting him. Himeno orders both Power and her own Ghost Devil to assist Aki, but they both refuse because the Katana Man is too fast and too scary. Himeno, who starts bleeding out of her mouth, then offers herself up to the Ghost Devil in exchange for its full powers, which the Devil accepts with a smile.

The Ghost Devil then appears in full form and engages the Katana Man. Initially successful, the Ghost Devil is ultimately defeated when the Snake Devil is brought into the fight; the Snake Devil simply swallowed the whole Ghost Devil and with it, Himeno also disappeared, leaving only her clothes behind. Before dying, Himeno used the Ghost Devil’s hand to pull Denji’s cord and revive him.

3. Aki Hayakawa’s family

The scene shows a sick boy in bed, his parents reading a children’s book about a town mouse and a country mouse to him. An older boy approaches him and asks if he wants to play, but the boy is sick and their parents tell him to go play catch alone. The older boy remarks that the younger boy is never well enough to play, to which the younger boy replies that he wants to play and goes out with his brother.

Outside, in the snow, the older boy goes several steps ahead of the younger boy and tries to send him away, but the younger boy is persistent and wants to play. At one point, the younger boy throws a snowball at the older one and they have a brief snowball fight. The older boy notices that the younger one does not have any gloves and that he is cold, so he sends him home to put something on and then come back. As the boy goes inside, the older boy stays in front of the house and waist.

At that moment, a gust is seen and the whole house is blown away. The plot returns to the present as the readers and viewers become aware that they have seen a glimpse of Aki’s past. Aki was the older boy and he saw his family die during a dreadful attack by the Gun Devil, one of the most powerful and dangerous Devils there is. They weren’t even attacked directly, they were just collateral victims of another powerful attack that left Aki orphaned.

2. Power

Why did Makima kill Power 2

During the final arc of Part one, while they’re at his apartment, Makima reveals to Denji that she invited Power and instructs him to open the door so she can kill her. Denji opens the door to find Power outside with a birthday cake for him; Makima then brutally kills Power by pointing the finger at her and blowing her torso off, leaving her remaining legs and head.

After Makima’s attack on Denji, Pochita suddenly woke Power up and asked her to save Denji; Power, quite confused, was convinced that she had died at the hands of Makima before, but Pochita assures her that her consciousness had simply transferred to Denji, due to Denji drinking blood from her earlier.

A few moments later, Power, as the Blood Devil, emerges from Denji’s body, her appearance completely changed from her original one; thanks to the confusion she generated, Power took advantage of killing Makima and her followers with blood weapons. Makima then subdues her with her zombie army and shoots her in the right arm, asking Power how she’s still alive.

But, Power doesn’t want to answer and tries to grab Denji’s body and escape; her attempt is canceled out of the blue, immediately when Makima shot him in the back, realizing that he had no chance of escape. Denji was ultimately able to defeat Makima thanks to Power’s help. He was then able to communicate with Power, who made him promise that – after her resurrection – he would seek her out, find her and make her remember everything they had been through so that they can be friends once again.

1. Aki Hayakawa

AkiX 1

On September 12, 1997, a 12-second Gun Devil attack takes place in the Japanese town of Nikaho in the Akita Prefecture. The Gun Devil’s ability to fire bullets is activated as soon as he emerges. The Gun Devil approaches Makima as he burns villages to the ground and murders their residents. It might be visible to Makima from 500 kilometers away. The Gun Devil halts before turning to shoot at Makima.

Just before being shot, Makima unleashes her power. Nevertheless, the Gun Devil kills Makima and Aki, who attempted to save Makima from death by setting aside his own vengeance in order to maybe save her. Makima had just recorded her 29th kill. Makima combines the abilities of both the Angel and Spider Devils, as well as the agreements she has with Yutaro Kurose, Akane Sawatari, Michiko Tendo, and Aki Hayakawa, to defeat it.

Nevertheless, Makima “failed” to destroy the Gun Devil. Namely, Aki Hayakawa’s corpse was infested by the Gun Devil’s remnants, which ultimately turned Aki into the Gun Fiend in one of the most heartbreaking and ironic moments of the whole series. The Gun Fiend, now an enemy, moves swiftly toward Aki’s residence and knocks on the door. Makima tells Denji, who has no clue what is going on, to open it, but the Gun Field shoots him in the stomach immediately after.

A significant amount of Aki’s apartment is destroyed in the process, while Denji and Power are catapulted into the air in the direction of the attack. The Gun Fiend then engages Denji in combat, completely destroying the neighborhood in the process and injuring several bystanders as well. In the process, Aki remembers the snowball fight he had with his younger brother just before his family was killed by the Gun Devil, but this time – in the vision – it is Denji and not his younger brother he is playing with.

After taking blood and hearing pleas for assistance from the locals, Denji eventually kills the Gun Fiend and defeats him. This happened because Aki had a second vision of Denji crying, which is why he ultimately gave up on fighting him, because he both remembered his little brother, and considered Denji a friend.