Who Are the Three Brothers in Chainsaw Man? How Strong Are They, What Are Their Powers, and Are They Immortal?

Who Are the Three Brothers in Chainsaw Man? How Strong Are They, What Are Their Powers, and Are They Immortal?

Chainsaw Man is one of the weirder series you’ll encounter in your life, but that makes it so special and that is why this series has become so popular. The characters of Chainsaw Man are so interesting that they actually deserve more attention and that is what inspired this article. In this article, we are going to present a rather interesting group of characters that appear in Part 1 of the manga and are collectively known as the Three Brothers. In this article, you are going to find out who they are and what their stories are.

The Three Brothers, officially known as the American Thugs, are a group of three assassins from the United States of America who appear in Part 1 of the manga. They are, like most other characters, tasked with taking Denji’s heart from him and killing Denji. They are actually three brothers called Aldo, Joey, and… well, the third brother’s name has not been revealed.

The rest of this article is going to focus on the Three Brothers and their role in the Chainsaw Man series. These intriguing characters have been featured in the first part of the manga, so we are going to bring you as many details as possible so that you know everything about them and their story. If you haven’t read the manga, we have to warn you that there are going to be spoilers present in this article.

Who are the American Thugs in Chainsaw Man?

The three brothers in Chainsaw Man are actually the three American Thugs, a group of assassins from the United States who came to Japan to – of course – kill Denji and steal his heart, i.e., Pochita. They are called Aldo, Joey, and… well… we actually never found out what the third brother’s name was so… yeah.

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Unnamed third brother

The unnamed brother is the oldest among them. He is crude and likes to see the job done, which is why he sometimes comes off as cold and overly professional. He is also an authority figure for his younger brothers, and often calls Joey a dumbass, and not without basis. Namely, although he is the middle brother, Joey is the least mature among the three, although he does care for his family and was angered when this older brother died; he also comforted Aldo before dying himself.

He likes smoking and is a womanizer, chasing women in any country. Aldo is the youngest brother and the most sensitive one. He is afraid of death and always pukes in front of a corpse, which he also feels sorry for. He comes off as a coward most of the time because he is unwilling to act unless the situation is completely safe, but is nevertheless intelligent and has a prudent approach to fighting. They perceive themselves as immortal, but that is not correct.

Now that we have told you who they are, we can tell you their story from the manga.


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The US government assigned the three brothers the responsibility of locating the chainsaw’s heart and bringing it back to the country for a reward of $2,000,000. After reassuring Aldo that they are immortal, the older brother departs for Japan. Road spikes halt three Japanese Devil Hunters named Michiko Tendo, Yutaro Kurose, and Subaru who are on their way to assist Denji with additional security. When the three brothers arrive, they kill the passengers. The older brother uses the powers provided to them by their contract with the Skin Devil to transform into Yūtarō Kurose, one of the travelers.

The eldest brother quickly alerts Kobeni and Galgali, the Violence Fiend, to call headquarters about the earlier event while pretending to be an injured Yūtarō. Denji and the others are confronted by the two fighters and the brother in disguise. He tells Denji that he is going to defend him after learning that Denji is actually the Chainsaw Man, i.e., their target. While operating Kobeni’s vehicle, he and Denji experience power. The unknown brother throws him into a fence post, where he strikes his skull and dies. Once his disguise is removed, he is revealed to be one of the three American hitmen operating throughout the country, whose goal is to kill Denji and capture Pochita.

The squadron realizes that the remaining two brothers must also be in Japan because one of the brothers is there covertly. Aldo and Joey are astonished by the crowd. The two remaining brothers escape into an alley, saddened over the loss of their brother. Hirofumi Yoshida kills Joey while he tries to flee the outraged mob. Yoshida dismisses Aldo since he is still hiding his identity. Aldo, who has nowhere else to go, finds a photograph of Kurose, Tendo, and Tomono dressed as Kurose and goes to see Tomono. They talk about their pasts for most of the evening till Aldo gets sick after seeing a photograph of Kurose.

As he fights to fall asleep later that same night, Tomono tells “Kurose” that he is considering leaving his job and wonders whether Kurose would discontinue Devil Hunting and open a store for second-hand clothing in its place. He elaborates that if he continues to hunt Devils, he would eventually die, much like his older brother, and will need to get in touch with his parents. Tomono wonders if Kurose’s sibling would actually say something kind like that as Aldo recalls his own brothers promising him that a professional would handle the problem. Tomono then speculates on his brother’s reaction to this.


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As Quanxi and her Devils combat Denji and his guardians, Aldo enters the department store where the fight is taking place and makes himself known. While aiming toward Long, who is holding Denji back, he shoots at Denji but fails to hit him. He continues to shoot him until Quanxi forces him out of the department store and he crashes into Kobeni’s car. He sees the devil of hell consigning everyone to damnation in the department shop. Aldo can be seen practicing “Halloween” with the puppets toward the arc’s conclusion. He might be under mind control, but based on the expression on his face, it appears that he is feigning survival.

What are their powers and how strong are they?

It is known that the American Thugs had a contract with the Skin Devil, a relatively unknown Devil whose true appearance has not been shown. It is known that the Skin Devil, of course, possesses all the standard abilities of a Devil, including the usual contract-making ability. He has a known contract with all three brothers for an unknown price. The contract allows the brothers to change their appearance whenever they come into contact with a corpse, as they can change into that corpse, which is – as you might suspect – quite useful.

Aldo is known to be a skilled and proficient assassin. He had enhanced durability and high-level fighting skills and was also a very proficient marksman. Comparatively, it is difficult to compare him to, for example, Kishibe, but he was probably not near his level of skills. As for Joey and the unnamed brother, they were probably similarly skilled, but not on the same level as Aldo, since both of them died without us knowing anything particular about them.

Are the American Thugs immortal?

Well, seeing how Joey and the third, unnamed brother are dead as of the time of writing, we can deduce that they are not immortal, despite what all three of them have said during the story. This makes sense since they are regular humans that have contracts with Devils and work as assassins, and not any other “species” from the Chainsaw Man lore. So, no, they are not immortal. Aldo did survive, but that does not imply that he is immortal, he simply is – lucky.