Who Does Aki End Up with in Chainsaw Man?


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Aki Hayakawa is one of the most popular characters of Chainsaw Man because he is actually one of the few characters that have a purpose for fighting. Of course, beyond the good looks, his story and character development are also incredibly intriguing. But the one thing that has gotten fans excited about Aki is the possibility of him having a romantic partner at one point in the future of Chainsaw Man. So, who does Aki end up with in Chainsaw Man?

Sadly, Aki doesn’t end up with anyone in Chainsaw Man. Throughout his time in Public Safety, he did have a crush on Makima, just like almost all of the other characters in the storyline. However, she never returned his feelings. Aki ended up dying at the end of the Gun Devil arc in the manga.

The fact that Aki died before the conclusion of the storyline means that his story didn’t end well. He never even got to be with anybody, although that was never his goal from the moment his family died at the hands of the Gun Devil. Nevertheless, Aki did form good relationships with most of the people that he worked with in Public Safety. That said, let’s get to know more about Aki’s relationships in Chainsaw Man.

Who Does Aki End Up With In Chainsaw Man?

One of the things that we know about Chainsaw Man is that there are a lot of different characters that have their own reasons for fighting. Of course, Denji is an exception because his reasons for wanting to kill Devils and fighting for the side of Public Safety are quite simple. But the one person who always made sure that everyone knew that he had a very good reason to be in Public Safety was Aki Hayakawa.

Introduced as a kind of stoic and serious character, Aki’s main goal was always to find more clues about the Gun Devil so that he could take revenge for the death of his family. It was revealed sometime in the past that he lost his brother and his parents to the Gun Devil, as he was the only one left alive after that attack. As such, he ended up joining Public Safety to find the Gun Devil and take revenge for what happened to his family.

But the one thing that we also know about Aki is that he is one of the favorites of the fans because of his good looks and intriguing storyline. While Denji is the main character, Aki is one of the characters that fans are rooting for to succeed in life, defeat the Gun Devil, and hopefully settle down. So, in that regard, who does Aki end up with in Chainsaw Man?


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While there are a lot of fans that actually shipped Aki with a few characters in the series, he does not end up with anyone. That’s because Aki knew that he didn’t have long to live, and that was something that was revealed to us in episode 11 of Chainsaw Man when he learned that his natural life only had two years left due to the effects of the Curse Devil. And he also discovered from the Future Devil that he was going to die an interesting death soon.

In that regard, Aki’s main goal was to make sure that he was going to kill the Gun Devil, considering that he didn’t have too long to live. He did form a lot of different relationships with the people around him. But all of those relationships were platonic in nature, as he was someone who actually treated his colleagues as friends.

For instance, Himeno was the first person that Aki formed a friendly relationship with because she was the one who took him under her wing when he first joined Public Safety. They had known each other for a while, and it was clear that Himeno had a crush on Aki because she requested Denji to help her to get Aki to like her as well. Himeno also genuinely cared for Aki because she prevented him from using the power of the Curse Devil (which shortened his lifespan) and repeatedly tried to make him quit Public Safety. Sadly, Himeno died during the early part of the Katana Man arc as she sacrificed her entire body to the Ghost Devil to try to defeat Katana Man and prevent Aki from using more of the Curse Devil’s powers.

aki and himeno

Aki, despite the fact that he never returned Himeno’s feelings, saw her as a dear friend. That’s because she was the first true friend that he ever had in Public Safety. And when he learned that Himeno died, he wept as he reminisced all of the memories that he had with her.

We also know that Aki actually formed a good relationship with the Angel Devil, as fans began shipping them to be a couple. But their relationship was one that resembled a bromance because they actually ended up caring for one another as close friends. Of course, despite his feminine appearance, the Angel Devil is a straight male Devil that even fell in love with a woman before he joined Public Safety.


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In that regard, while some fans were shipping Aki with a lot of different characters in Chainsaw Man, he never looked at them in a romantic way. And he also ended up dying before he could even find someone he could spend the rest of his life with.

Who Does Aki Like In Chainsaw Man?

Despite the fact that Aki was always a serious character that was motivated to kill the Gun Devil, he still is a regular person that can get romantically attached to other people. That’s why it was made clear at the start of the storyline that he had a crush on Makima, just like a lot of the different male characters of Chainsaw Man.

aki and makima

Of course, Himeno wasn’t comfortable with the fact that Aki liked Makima because she never really understood why most of the men actually liked her. But Makima never saw Aki as anything more than a tool that she could use, as that was the way she saw all of the people around her during her time with Public Safety.

There is also the fact that Makima is actually the Control Devil, which means that she has the ability to control people. As such, it was suggested that Aki had a crush on Makima due to her powers. In the manga, the Angel Devil asked Aki why he liked Makima, and Aki couldn’t even give a straight answer. This suggests that Aki only liked Makima and was quite attached to her due to her powers of control.

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