How Strong is Bomb Devil in Chainsaw Man? Compared to Other Devils

bomb devil chainsaw man

The Chainsaw Man saga is packed with incredible devil hunters and powerful devils, with the Bomb Devil being one of the most iconic to date. Considering the intense yet short-lived romance between Denji and Reze, many fans are curious to know how strong the Bomb Devil is compared to other devils in Chainsaw Man.

The Bomb Devil is considered one of the most powerful devils in Chainsaw Man due to the possibility of it being far more powerful in its full form, with water being its only known weakness. In hybrid form, the Bomb Devil can unleash various attacks to suit any opponent, withstand its own explosions as well as lethal blows that would kill most devils, and regenerate, making it nearly unkillable.

Although this bombshell assassin did not make it to recent manga chapters, she could have been an incredible addition to Denji’s team of allies under different circumstances. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about the Bomb Devil, including her background, unique abilities, and powers, as well as her strength when put up against other Chainsaw Man devils.

The Bomb Devil in Chainsaw Man

Reze made her debut back in Chapter 40 of the Chainsaw Man manga, going under the additional aliases “Lady Reze” or “Bomb Girl.” She originates from the Soviet Union, sent to Japan with the primary goal of obtaining Denji’s hybrid heart under the command of the infamous Gun Devil. Reze took the role of the primary antagonist within the Bomb Girl arc but would ultimately end up stealing Denji’s heart in a far more meaningful way.


Fans still question Reze’s true feelings, as she formed a romantic relationship with Denji – initially with the intention of following through with the plan. However, it appears that Reze did have feelings for Denji deep down since she abandoned the idea of assassinating him, instead trying to flee Japan with Denji – although this plan ultimately failed.

reze denji

The Bomb Devil embodies the fear of bombs in the Chainsaw Man universe, resembling the Fat Man atomic bomb that exploded over Nagasaki during the final moments of World War II. Similar to other hybrids in the Chainsaw Man universe, the Bomb Devil has sharp and angular teeth, accompanied by her dynamite apron dress and bomb-fused arms.


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When in her civilian form, the Bomb Devil wears a choker in order to conceal the grenade pin on the side of her neck. She uses this pin in order to transform into her hybrid form, similar to how Denji pulls the cord on his chest in order to take on Pochita’s incredible powers and transform into Chainsaw Man.

Skills & Abilities

The Bomb Devil has some notable physical skills as is, much like all devils, including enhanced speed and strength. She can unleash attacks with some insane force and at rapid speeds – the Bomb Devil managed to cut Denji’s throat and wrist before he could even transform into Chainsaw Man.

reze stab

Being trained in the military from a young age, Reze is a skilled opponent in hand-to-hand combat as well, in addition to being proficient with using blade-like weapons. Despite never having gone to school, she is also bilingual, being able to speak both Japanese and Russian.

Bomb Devil’s Special Powers

The Bomb Devil is a deadly opponent due to her amazing combat abilities as well as the near-perfect strategy skills she acquired from years of training. She can pull the pin on her neck and transform into her hybrid state if needed, but she can also cause her head to explode in order to create decoys that can distract her enemies.

bomb devil boom

When Reze is in her Bomb Devil hybrid form, she can use a bunch of explosive attacks – including hybrid-like attacks and skills that make her more terrifying than a typical bomb. Below is an overview of all the Bomb Devil’s special powers when in her hybrid form:

Bomb Devil PowerDescription
Augmented DurabilityReze can withstand a full-power kick from the Violence Fiend, withstand her own explosions, and fall from the sky at immense speed without taking any damage.
Explosion CreationHer explosions are powerful enough to destroy vehicles, buildings, and roads, all while dealing heavy damage to devils, hybrids, and fiends – apart from herself.
Explosive PropulsionReze can enhance her physical attacks, movement speed, and mobility using the explosive force from her bomb blasts – which enables her to keep up with cars and travel through the air by causing continuous and consecutive explosions.
Augmented Strength & SpeedReze’s punches and kicks become more devastating once they are infused with explosive force, becoming powerful enough to destroy large vehicles such as trucks and send opponents flying several feet into the air.
Explosive SparkReze can release a spark that explodes upon impact by simply flicking her hands, doing damage as a projectile attack.
Self-DetonationShe can also turn her body parts into remote-like bombs, which she can choose to detonate at will. These do not cause her damage either, and she can regrow these body parts without drinking blood.
Torpedo TransformationFor added measure, Reze can transform her limbs into torpedoes, which makes her melee attacks far more lethal.

While these are her recorded skills and abilities, there is a chance that the Bomb Devil could be vastly more powerful in full form. Since only a fragment of the Bomb Devil was implanted into Reze, there may be an unknown number of other parts and additional unknown abilities to go with them.


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How Strong is the Bomb Devil in Chainsaw Man?

The Bomb Devil is insanely powerful, with a variety of abilities and attacks to match any opponent, occasion, or specific mission. The Bomb Devil may not be the most powerful devil out there, especially compared to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse or the devils embodying Primal Fears, but her regenerative abilities, expertise, and explosive resistance make her a serious threat to just about anyone.

bomb devil

Being a hybrid, the Bomb Devil is nearly unkillable. She can survive tons of attacks that would kill most devils in an instant, including being beheaded and even bisected. In addition, she can revive herself by consuming blood – plus, she can simply return from the dead in perfect health if someone pulls the pin on her neck.

The Bomb Devil is undeniably powerful, being able to slice apart victims before they can defend, in addition to skill, training, and smarts that make her more dangerous than one might expect. The only main weakness that the Bomb Devil has is water. She cannot use any of her explosive powers if she is wet since the moisture levels will prevent the sparks needed for explosions.

reze wet

However, since she can still keep up very easily in battle without using her explosives, the Bomb Devil may be one of the most powerful devils within the entire Chainsaw Man storyline. Finding access to water in large sums may also be a tricky thing to do in the middle of a fight with such a vicious foe, so taking her down would be near impossible for the majority of the existing devils in Chainsaw Man.


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That’s everything there is to know about how the Bomb Devil would handle going up against other devils in Chainsaw Man, with images thanks to the Villains Wiki. Reze gained tons of attention and admiration among Chainsaw Man fans ever since her debut, flaunting some insanely impressive abilities topped with the style and finesse to match.

Despite being seen as a traitor, Reze’s defeat was quite tragic – and quite mysterious as well. Countless onlookers believed Denji would end up with her, and many Chainsaw Man fans still hope she can still somehow make her way back into the Chainsaw Man universe as a result.

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