Who Does Sarada Have a Crush On? Boruto, Kawaki, or Someone Else?

Who Does Sarada Have a Crush On? Boruto, Kawaki, or Someone Else?

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It is a well-known fact that shonen anime do include some romance elements but rarely actually focus on them. This gives fans ample opportunity to ship different characters with each other, thus coming up with various fan theories. Now, some of these ships do eventually come true – like Sasuke and Sakura, and Naruto and Hinata – but most of them are either revealed during the epilogue or don’t happen at all. In this article, we are going to discuss Sarada’s feelings towards some of her co-protagonists from Boruto.

Sarada has a crush on Boruto Uzumaki, and that is quite evident from the story; in her case, there is absolutely no one other than Boruto. She does have a close relationship with Mitsuki and Kawaki, but that is just a friendly relationship, as there are no romantic feelings involved. The only person she has romantic feelings for is Boruto.

The rest of this article will focus on Sarada, her relationship with Boruto Uzumaki, and other characters in the series. We don’t have much information on this topic since romantic relationships were never a primary focus of the Naruto franchise. Still, regardless of that, we have collected what we know and will present it to you so that you have all the information in one place.

Does Sarada have a crush on Boruto?

The relationship dynamics between Sarada Uchiha and Boruto Uzumaki are quite interesting. The two of them have a very similar relationship to Naruto and Sakura, but there is a major difference between them. Namely, where Sakura never loved Naruto like she did Sasuke – she never had any romantic feelings for him, while Naruto did have romantic feelings for Sakura, but he understood that she loved Sasuke and retreated – Boruto and Sarada seem to have genuine feelings for one another. Here are some situations that illustrate this well:

  • Although Sarada thinks Boruto is a troublemaker and Boruto thinks she is stuck up, the two still have respect for each other.
  • Sarada is interested in Boruto’s rebelliousness towards his father and his actions to gain attention.
  • As mentioned in the novel, Boruto, and Sarada watch over each other.
  • It has been seen that Boruto and Sarada care a lot about each other.
  • Although Boruto often makes fun of Sarada’s dream of becoming Hokage, he supports her dream and does not want her to fail.
  • Sarada defended Boruto against Sasuke when Boruto thought Sasuke was disappointed in his Rasengan training and showed enthusiasm for Boruto when Sasuke agreed to train him.
  • Boruto and Sarada have a strong bond of trust. Boruto trusts Sarada’s judgment, and she has confidence in his abilities.
  • Boruto has protected Sarada against Momoshiki and Kinshiki.
  • Boruto and Sarada blush in each other’s presence.
  • After realizing their dreams, Boruto promises Sarada that he will protect her no matter what if she becomes Hokage.
  • Sarada admits to herself that his blue eyes draw her to Boruto the most.
  • Sarada squeezes both hands as she worries about Boruto.
  • Sarada admits that she likes the change in Boruto’s personality.
  • They often worry about each other.
  • Mitsuki keeps emphasizing that they are a great duo. He also thinks they can be an ideal couple.
  • Boruto blushes at Sarada, and she blushes at him over something the other has said.


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What we know at this moment is that Sarada Uchiha has a crush on Boruto. The motions are quite obvious, and while there might be other ships in the series related to both Boruto and Sarada, this is by far the most obvious one and by far the most secure one. Sarada and Boruto have that love-hate dynamic typical of shonen couples, but they also care deeply for each other, as we have seen in the series and shown you in the list above.

BoruSara ship

As far as we can understand, there is absolutely no one else in Sarada’s eyes, and while Boruto has been shipped with other characters as well, these ships don’t seem realistic. Namely, we don’t see Boruto with anyone else but Sarada. Sure, Boruto is not the most romantic character in the series. He is somewhat of a combination between Naruto’s clumsiness and Sasuke’s focus on his goal, making him a very complex character when romance is concerned. On the other hand, Sarada is very similar to her mother, Sakura, making her easier to analyze.

Does Sarada have a crush on Kawaki?

As far as Sarada’s relationship with Kawaki is concerned, there is really not much to say aside from the obvious facts. Since we have already concluded that Boruto is Sarada’s crush, we won’t be digging too deep when Kawaki and Mitsuki are concerned. Kawaki and Sarada are friends, very close friends, actually. They have shared a lot of adventures together and, along with Boruto and Mitsuki, they make up the main quartet of the Boruto series, i.e., the next generation.

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Sarada certainly cares about Kawaki, and Kawaki cares a lot about Sarada as well. But, while Sarada’s feelings are exclusively friendly, we’re not certain about Kawaki’s, as he has shown much more interest in Sarada than he does when other (female) characters are concerned. Kawaki might like Sarada, which is something that cannot be ruled out, but he won’t be someone who’ll stand in the way of her potential romance with Boruto and will simply move aside, as did Naruto when Sakura and Sasuke were concerned. This is a fairly popular ship, we cannot deny that, but based on what we know, it is not that plausible as the relationship is purely friendly.


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Does Sarada have a crush on Mitsuki?

In terms of her relationship with Mitsuki, Sarada also has a very close bond with Orochimaru’s son, but it is purely friendly in nature. As far as Mitsuki is concerned, this makes sense because it remains to be seen how Orochimaru’s genetically enhanced child will cope with emotions, so it makes sense that the two of them are just friends. Sure, they have shared a lot of adventures together, and they have developed a very close bond, but that is that.

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Sarada doesn’t see Mitsuki as more than a friend, and it seems that Mitsuki also has the same feelings toward Sarada. As we have said, they are close and care deeply for each other, but it’s simply friendly and nothing more. This has also been a very popular ship in recent times, but based on everything we know about them, especially Sarada, this one doesn’t seem likely, like the previous one. And with this, we can end our analysis and tell you the obvious conclusion to this story.


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As we have said in the introduction, the only one towards whom Sarada has any romantic feelings is Boruto Uzumaki. She does care about Mitsuki and Kawaki, as we have come to understand, but they are only friends, and there is no chance of a romance between them, as far as the current state of things is concerned. So yes, Boruto is Sarada’s crush, and there should be no doubt about that.

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