Who Is Beerus’s Strongest Foe? Who Is He Really Afraid Of?


Ever since he made his debut in the Dragon Ball Super anime, Beerus eventually became one of the strongest characters to have ever appeared in the Dragon Ball anime and manga universe. Of course, we know that Dragon Ball is full of some of the strongest fictional characters of all time, and that means that being one of the strongest characters in this fictional world puts Beerus on an incredibly high pedestal in fiction. But who in the Dragon Ball world has been strong enough to actually make Beerus struggle? Who is Beerus’s strongest foe?

At this point, Goku is the strongest character that Beerus has ever faced, not counting Whis, who is only there to train and oversee his activities. Beerus once joked that Monaka, a gag character, was his strongest opponent. But he only said that to motivate Goku to become stronger than Monaka.

The thing about Beerus is that he is always going to be stronger than Goku and all of the other characters in Universe 7, as he is the very reason why Goku wants to train harder. That means that we are yet to see someone who is strong enough to actually take on Beerus’s full power. So, with that said, let’s look at who Beerus’s strongest foe is.

Who Is Beerus’s Strongest Foe?

When Dragon Ball Z ended, we thought that Goku and the other Z Fighters had reached the pinnacle of power as they were all so incredibly strong that they could defeat any entity that threatened to destroy the planet. However, we learned in the Dragon Ball Super anime that Goku and his friends still have a long way to go before they can call themselves the strongest in the universe.

That’s because Beerus, the God of Destruction, was introduced as the next challenge for Goku. In fact, Beerus was so strong that he made quick work of Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 transformation, which was the strongest form he had at that time. Beerus even forced Goku to reach a new transformation called Super Saiyan God, which Beerus enjoyed fighting but still wasn’t close to the level of the God of Destruction.


As the anime storyline went on, it was clear that there were a lot more characters that had powers that far surpassed what Goku had. Beerus, in fact, wasn’t even the strongest because the Angels and Zeno were stronger than him. However, he has always been the ultimate character in terms of Goku’s goals as a fighter, as all that the Saiyan hero wants to do is to reach a level that could make Beerus go all out. But who is Beerus’s strongest foe in Dragon Ball?

The strongest character that Beerus claims to have fought is Monaka. Of course, he was only kidding when he said this because Monaka is a complete amateur that isn’t even remotely close to Goku’s level, as he isn’t even stronger than a regular human being. Monaka is simply a deliveryman that delivers different parcels all over the universe. That means that he doesn’t have any special abilities whatsoever and isn’t even strong enough to defeat the weakest of the Z Fighters.


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Beerus only said that Monaka was the strongest fighter he had ever faced because he wanted to motivate Goku to become stronger. At that point, Goku and Vegeta were already the strongest Universe 7 fighters aside from Beerus. And the God of Destruction believed that fooling Goku into thinking that there was someone stronger than him in their universe would motivate him to train harder than ever.


But while everyone knows that Monaka is incredibly weak, legends say that Goku still believes that he is the strongest Universe 7 fighter out there. In fact, he suggested recruiting Monaka into his team in the Tournament of Power, only for Beerus to quickly shut that idea down.

However, out of the different Universe 7 characters that Beerus has faced, Goku is still the strongest. It might have been some time since they last fought, but Beerus is still miles ahead of Goku, who has already mastered different a lot of different levels in his Ultra Instinct technique. But, somehow, Beerus is still stronger than him. Despite that, the only other character that Beerus has ever been impressed with is Goku, as he believes that he has the makings of a fighter that could eventually surpass him.

There have been several characters, like Granolah and Gas, who were able to surpass Goku due to the power of the Dragon Balls. Of course, Black Frieza has also surpassed Goku in the manga as well. But Beerus has never fought any of those characters.

Who Is Beerus Afraid Of?

At this point, it is safe to say that no other fighter has ever made Beerus feel afraid because no one has ever been stronger than him in Universe 7. Of course, we know that Whis is stronger than Beerus and is one of the few characters that have actually shown the ability to put him in line. After all, the Angels are stronger than the Gods of Destruction even though they aren’t part of the respective universes that the Gods of Destruction reside in. As such, Beerus is quite obedient to Whis, who was installed at his side as his attendant and martial arts teacher.

There is also Bulma, who has always been the most fearless character in Dragon Ball. Despite not having any fighting abilities whatsoever, Bulma’s spunk and bossy attitude have allowed her to actually make Beerus afraid of her to a certain degree. But that’s only because Bulma is the one that provides Beerus with all of the delicious food that he loves about Earth. Without Bulma, Beerus wouldn’t be able to enjoy all of the food that she regularly allows him to eat.

Outside of Whis, Bulma, and the other higher beings, no mortal has ever been able to strike fear in the heart of Beerus. Broly did it one time because Beerus was afraid that if Broly were to go berserk again, his entire planet would get destroyed. But Beerus was never afraid of Broly as he was stronger than the mutant Saiyan.


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Probably the only thing that Beerus is afraid of is the thought that Goku might end up surpassing him one day. But because Goku still has a long way to go, it would take a while before he could actually strike fear into Beerus’s heart. 

Is There Anyone Stronger Than Beerus?

Of course, outside of Universe 7, there are other powerful characters as well. Before the Tournament of Power began, Beerus fought with all of the other Gods of Destruction in the manga, as they were angry at him for Goku suggesting that a tournament should be held to see which universe is allowed to survive. However, Beerus effortlessly fought on par against multiple Gods of Destruction coming right at him.

The Angels, however, are stronger than Beerus. It also goes without saying that Zeno is stronger than Beerus, as he is the supreme being of the entire Dragon Ball anime. That means that there is a good chance that Beerus is the strongest character outside of Zeno and the Angels. But that could change somewhere down the line, especially because we haven’t seen the true limits of Black Frieza. And, of course, Goku is set to eventually surpass Black Frieza and inch closer to Beerus’s level in the future.

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