Who Is Wang Zhi in One Piece? Origin, Personality & How Is He Connected to Rocky Port Incident

One Piece boasts a massive spread of incredible characters, many of which are far more mysterious than one might expect. Wang Zhi has become quite an intriguing character in One Piece with very little information being made clear outright, leaving plenty of anime fans wondering who is Wang Zi in One Piece – as well as how he is connected to the Rocky Port incident.

Wang Zhi is a samurai originating from Wano in the New World, said to in fact be Ochoku in One Piece. He turned to crime and piracy after being exiled and he was defeated by Blackbeard, aided by Koby, during the Rocky Port incident.

Although Wang Zhi is shrouded by questions, there are still quite a few things fans know about him so far. Stick around to find out about Wang Zhi in One Piece, including who he really is, his background and origins, as well as how he is connected to events that have occurred throughout the One Piece storyline.

Who is Wang Zhi in One Piece?

There are tons of powerful One Piece characters to love, in addition to the infamous Straw Hat crew. However, One Piece also has a spread of fascinating and mysterious villains that have brought tons of questions amongst fans worldwide.

Wang Zhi is a stereotypical bad guy, with a violent and ruthless attitude – topped with some combat skills to match. He has tan skin with a tall and lanky build, and he is generally dressed in a traditional black kimono adorned by sakura detailing which has been decorated with skulls.

Although there is very little that fans know about Wang Zhi so far, dedicated One Piece lovers have identified some of Wang Zhi’s most notable traits, importance to the storyline, as well as key pieces of the character’s background. Below is everything we have to share on Wang Zhi in One Piece to date.

Personality & Powers

Although some of the classic One Piece villains actually have some more tragic and complex backgrounds, they generally have a mixture of empathy for certain people and pure wrath for everyone else. Wang Zhi is quite a unique villain in One Piece since he has been known to show absolutely no respect for anyone who is weaker than him.

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He even goes as far as murdering his own comrades at certain points, simply due to the fact that they were not as enthralled by fighting and violence as he was. He shows no reaction when he is disrespected by other samurais in the One Piece world, which is quite uncommon for the culture.

But, he still does show minor signs of respect for the samurai culture. Examples of these traits include when he refuses to fight another’s battle and only hunting other samurais to test his strength or for high bounties. He is pretty strong and gifted when it comes to all things combat-related.

Background & Origins

Wang Zhi, also known as the Black Samurai in One Piece, was originally a samurai from the Wano country in the New World. However, he turned to crime and committed some seriously heinous acts – most of which revolve around violence and murder.

He was exiled from his home country in One Piece as a result, after which he turned to bounty hunting and piracy, either as a means to survive or due to him truly enjoying it – perhaps a bit of both. Wang Zhi’s reputation grew massively over quite a short period of time after this point.

Wang Zhi became particularly infamous after he attacked numerous One Piece marine bases and kingdoms. According to One Piece Fanon, Wang Zhi earned his first bounty of 147,000,000 Beli after only several months following his exile from the New World, and his bounty was later revealed to be 214,000,000 Beli.

Is Wang Zhi Actually Ochoku?

Most One Piece fans believe that Wang Zhi and Ochoku are in fact one in the same person. According to the One Piece Wiki, Ochoku’s official English name is actually Wang Zhi, as seen below.

It is tricky to completely confirm since both characters have very mysterious backgrounds. But, there is no evidence to suggest that it’s not the same person and there are definitely some crossovers between Wang Zhi and Ochoku.

Both Wang Zhi and Ochoku are listed as participants in the Rocky Port incident and both characters fought Blackbeard. Plus, Ochoku was the leader of Hachinosu before Blackbeard became the island’s current ruler.

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Reports by One Piece fans state that Blackbeard became the ruler after defeating the previous ruler, Wang Zhi, and also the previous ruler, Ochoku. All of these similarities make it quite probable for Wang Zhi and Ochoku to be the same person.

Was Wang Zhi Part of the Rocks Pirates?

It is known that Wang Zhi joined the Wraith Pirates at some point, quickly gaining their attention and holding a valuable place within the Ox Lord’s crew. Contrasting to Wang Zhi’s behavior otherwise, he was known to be quite loyal to the Wraith pirates – showing a surprising level of respect for his captain due to his power and reputation for attacking the Holy Lands in the past.

Ochoku was a member of the Rocks Pirates, a legendary and powerful crew of pirates that sailed the seas until they were defeated. The Rocks Pirates’ defeat took place about 38 years before the current One Piece storyline, so there is definitely room for plenty of unknown events.

If Wang Zhi is in fact Ochoku, then it’s safe to say that Wang Zhi was a member of the Rocks Pirates at one point. If this is the case, it’s possible that he moved on to joining the Wraith Pirates at a later stage.

How is Wang Zhi Connected to the Rocky Port Incident?

The Rocky Port incident has definitely been at the top of the ‘conspiracy theory’ list for many One Piece fans. Plenty of dedicated One Piece lovers have hit the drawing board with countless theories in an attempt to clarify what exactly went down, but there isn’t anything solid just yet.

However, One Piece Chapter 1059 brought some surprising new evidence highlighting Wang Zhi’s tie to the Rocky port incident. It is revealed that Koby and Blackbeard were involved in the incident and that Koby actually assisted Blackbeard in defeating Wang Zhi.

This ultimately ended up giving Blackbeard power and control over Fullalead Island (also known as Pirate Island). But, it doesn’t end there – Law is rumored to be the mastermind of the entire Rocky Port incident since it’s believed he actually pulled the strings behind the scenes.

Law could have influenced both Blackbeard and Wang Zhi into getting into the battle, to begin with – his Shichibukai status during the time-skip in One Piece may have given him the means to do so. That being said, there is still plenty of mystery surrounding why he did such a thing.

Although the manga seems to be shedding some light on the villainous character, fans still have tons of questions surrounding Wang Zhi and his connection to iconic One Piece events. Hopefully, future One Piece releases can clear up some of the more pressing questions about this mysterious character’s past and purpose.

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