Willow Episode 4: Recap & Ending Explained

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The fourth episode of the Willow series was mostly centered around healing the infected Graydon. As Willow and the group come to Nockmar, they come up with a plan on how to cure Graydon. They also learn important information regarding their past, their bloodline, and their capabilities. Willow and Elora are doing their best to heal Graydon, and Kit, Boorman, and Jade are experiencing hallucinations. Further in the article, you can read about the Willow episode 4: recap & ending explained. So, let’s see what the fourth episode provided us with.

Willow and Elora perform the Ritual to heal Graydon

After defeating Ballantine, Willow is weak as he uses his magic, and Graydon is hurt and infected. The group comes to Nockmar, once the home of a powerful sorceress, Bavmorda, Kit’s and Airk’s grandmother. Even though Bavmorda is dead, her spirit lives through her daughter, Sorsha, and through Kit an Airk. The group entered the castle and started to tend to hurt Graydon. He tells them that they should kill him before the infection spreads, as it did with Ballantine. Graydon also tells the story of how Willow defeated Bavmorda and saved Elora when she was a baby by using the Fibonacci Hex.

As Graydon’s condition got worse, the group started debating what to do about it. Willow had an idea and decided that they would perform a ritual in order to save Graydon. In the Malatrium book, Willow found the ritual needed to extract the evil from Graydon. The ritual is called The Purgation of Namshub. So, they start preparing the salve needed for the ritual.


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When Elora and Willow started preparations for the ritual, they found marks all over Graydon’s torso and stomach. He tells the that it is because he was sick as a child but does not wish to talk about it. During the ritual, Graydon is having hallucinations and sees his father, Hastur, and his brother Dermot.


In the meantime, Kit is trying to deliver the red-throated possum to Willow and Elora in order to add the final ingredient to the salve. Boorman and Jade are discussing what is going to happen if Willow’s ritual fails, as they are aware that one of them will have to kill Graydon if that happens. Boorman also says comforting words to Jade, who is struggling with the fact that she had to kill Ballantine.

When Kit finally delivered the ingredient necessary for the salve to be completed, Willow and Elora applied the salve to Graydon’s infected area and proceeded with the ritual. During the ritual, Graydon suddenly started talking in Airk’s voice. However, Willow warns them that it is not actually Airk, but the Lich, trying to break their concentration. Moments later, Elora is disturbed by something that the Lich said through the Graydon in Mim’s voice, so she leaves the room. She then started hearing voices and having hallucinations also, like the other members of their group.

Elora, Kit, Jade, and Boorman experience hallucinations

When Elora left the room where Willow continued to perform the ritual on Graydon, she started to hear a familiar voice. She followed the voice through the castle and found that the voice was her mother’s. She sees her mother threatening to Bavmorda how Elora will defeat her one day, and she has a vision of her mother being killed. Elora also learns that she was born in Nockmar.


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In the meantime, Jade has hallucinations as well. She saw her mother dead and hallucinated about fighting general Kael, who threatened her that she was going to die next. Boorman heard voices of women calling him toward them. He stumbled upon mysterious doors that he could not open no matter how much he tried and was also led to believe that someone had stolen his Lux Arcana.

While Kit was returning to Willow and Elora with the final ingredient for the salve, she had a hallucination of her grandmother, Bavmorda. She had a hallucination about The Crone radicalizing Bevmorda and where Bevmorda renounced her name and her family. She saw how Bavmorda became the harbinger of The Blood of the Six and Primal Priestess of the Wyrm.


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After Elora returned to the room where the ritual was conducted, she found Graydon, who seemed to be fine, with Willow nowhere around. Graydon told Elora that Willow managed to cure him, but he got infected in the process, and they had to find him. Elora and Graydon went looking for Willow and went to the High Tower, the one place where Willow explicitly forbade them to go. While in the High Tower, it is revealed that Graydon had tricked Elora and that he is not cured at all.


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The infection only got worse, and the infected Graydon lured Elora into High Tower in order to perform The Ritual of the Thirteenth Night, the same ritual Bavmorda planned to do when Elora was a baby in order to banish her soul into the realm of eternal suffering. Willow eventually found them in the High Tower, and it is revealed that it was not Willow who defeated Bavmorda years ago but it was her own carelessness that caused her demise.


Kit, Boorman, and Jade arrived at the High Tower and helped Willow overpower the infected Graydon. Even though Jade and Boorman wanted to kill Graydon as the only way to defeat the evil inside him, Kit stooped them. She encouraged Elora to save Graydon by using her magic abilities and reveal to Elora that she managed to grow the eckleberry bush. That gave Elora confidence and belief in her capabilities of doing charms.

Elora leaned over Graydon’s body and extracted the infection from his body. In the process, she also learned about Graydon’s past. It is revealed that Graydon was affected when he was a child and killed his own brother, Dermont, by pushing him from the tree.

With Graydon being cured, the group leaves Nockmar and continues their journey of finding Airk. Willow tells Kit the story of the Blood of the Six, and Kit concludes that if Bavmorda is the Blood of the Six, that means she and Airk are as well. They have to find Airk and reach the Immemorial city before The Crone corrupts him. At the very end of the episode, Airk wakes up and learns that he is in a secluded and destroyed place.

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