Black Clover: When Does Asta Go Full Demon?

Black Clover: When Does Asta Go Full Demon?

We all know that Asta is the protagonist of Black Clover. Asta is a truly well-written character but aside from being very powerful, Asta is also unique to the world of Black Clover. In this article, we are going to discuss Asta and his demonic form, as it has appeared and changed throughout the series. This article won’t talk about the powers that much, as we have already written about that in a separate article, but rather about when Asta managed to access his demon forms in Black Clover.

Asta accessed his Demon form for the first time in Chapters 97 and 98 of the manga, which were later adapted in Episode 63 of the Black Clover anime series. As for his full, Unite Demon form, also known as Black Asta, it only appeared in the manga so far – in Chapter 273 – and has yet to appear in the anime series.

The rest of this article is actually going to be the story of when and how Asta actually accessed his demon forms in the series. We are going to tell you all you need to know about these situations and how they have impacted the story of Black Clover. This article is going to contain some spoilers for those who have not read the manga, so be careful how you approach the whole situation.

When does Asta become a Demon for the first time?

The events we are about to describe happened during Asta’s battle against Ladros in the Withces’ forest Arc of Black Clover, more specifically, in Episode 63 of the anime series, titled “It’s Nothing”. This was the first time that Asta actually transformed into a demon in the story and this is how it went down.

Ladros wonders how many blasts Asta’s body can sustain during combat. As he abruptly lifts his head, a black liquid envelops his arm and begins to wither the grass around him. When someone calls, Asta begins to grumble in his mind and wonders if he died. Asta looks around and is greeted by a large dark mass.

When he wonders who he is, the crowd reacts by remarking that he is the person closest to Asta and that everyone else is in total disorder. Asta asserts that he is unrelated to the mass, to which the mass responds that it makes no difference because he now has a body to occupy in order to join the physical world. The mass makes it to Asta, but Asta dodges it and asks what he is talking about.

Asta simply responds to the dough’s assertion that he can handle everything and defeat Ladros by grabbing his arm and asserting his own strength. Asta is advised by the dough to simply follow his conscience because a shrimp-like Asta has no chance of succeeding. Asta warns the crowd not to undervalue him because he may easily go upstairs and meet him in person.

Mass responds that there are some obstacles he won’t be able to overcome and gives up. Asta responds that Asta’s magic is his ability to keep going. As the mass covers Asta’s arm and transforms it into a horn and a wing, he regains awareness and gets up. When Asta returns, Ladros is astounded, and Noelle considers how the dough isn’t magical. The Witch Queen, who is an onlooker, remarks on Asta’s ability to command the crowd and the way the Anti-Magic from the blade is now flowing inside of her. Asta wonders why he is now bursting with power.

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Asta is a defect who was born without magic, despite the Witch Queen’s assertion that she believed Asta might be descended from that race. Asta is shot by Ladros after being told to leave his line of sight. As he advances, Asta effortlessly stops the blast and the queen remark that magic is useless against him. In order to get around Asta, Ladros leaps into the air and keeps attacking.

The queen also claims that Asta alters course and travels in the direction of Ladros as the overflowing Anti-Magic pursues the magic. When Noelle notices this, she remarks on how much she resembles a black shooting star. Asta responds that he has others to help him stand up and become stronger when Ladros inquires as to why, after all, he has done to reach the top. Asta uses one strike to take down Ladros.

When does Asta go full Demon?

The section above actually concerns the first time that Asta became a Demon, which happened in Episode 63, which, in turn, adapted Chapters 97 and 98 of the manga. But, as we have explained in the introduction, this was not Asta’s full Demon form, but rather just his initial Demon form. Later on, Asta United with Liebe into Black Asta, his full Demon form and we are now going to give you the details of Asta’s and Liebe’s fight against Nacht Faust, at the end of which Asta went full Demon for the first time.

This happened at the end of Chapter 272 and in Chapter 273. If you’re wondering why we provided you with the previous section, it was to give you some insight into the chronology of Asta’s transformations. As we thought that it would be important to stress just how important and difficult this was for Asta and how it took him a long time to actually become Black Asta. Now, let us begin.

Nacht says that Asta and Liebe must cooperate in order to continuously drain the demon’s power. Then Nacht calls a multitude of terrible hands beneath him, binding Asta and Liebe. Asta, however, changes into his nocturnal form and sneaks through the night. He looks about for Liebe and discovers that the demon has lessened, which Liebe interprets as the consequence of Asta using her magic.

Nacht explains that they are not one and that Asta is merely absorbing some of the demon’s power. Asta asks Liebe how to use true demon power after being reminded of his or her earlier remark, but Liebe admits ignorance. As Asta and Liebe begin to fight, Nacht summons multiple shadow clones of herself using Gimodelo’s Pack power.

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Asta is compelled to switch between swords as the clones strike, and while he does so, he discovers that Nacht’s ki is shared by all of them. Asta wonders what powers Nacht’s other demons possess and why, despite his enhanced bond with Liebe, he is unable to summon greater strength. Asta is informed by Nacht that the process is challenging due to the contract of equals.

Nacht is enraged as Asta pulls out Yami Sukehiro’s katana and quotes the captain. Asta sends a flying Anti Magic attack in the direction of the ki disturbance. The cut penetrates the clones and reaches Nacht’s cloak in spots. Nacht becomes even more enraged when Asta refers to it as the Demon-Slayer Katana and says once more that he would go above and beyond.

The next thing we see is Asta and Liebe on the ground, defeated once more by Nacht. Asta considers how formidable Nacht is and how he is still not actually engaging in combat. Why can’t he and Liebe create a similar union, he muses. He scurries over to a basket of treats. He and Liebe eat to refuel and treat their injuries. He claims that the Spade Kingdom Resistance’s contributors are responsible for the gifts.

He has an idea as he is eating, so he calls Liebe over. Liebe reflects on how brilliant Asta’s ideas are 10% of the time. Liebe considers how his thoughts are 90% stupid the rest of the time as Asta forces him to sit on his shoulders. Asta is told by Liebe to stop acting silly, and the two of them get into a fight.

Nacht begins to recall a conversation he had with his brother as they dispute. Asta and Liebe are informed by Nacht that it is time to join the others. Asta claims he had no idea that two days had passed. Nacht reveals that they will have to perish there because they are unable to create a union. After casting Shadow Prison Hunting Ground, he launches an assault on them.

Katana releases flying slash

Asta is unable to perceive its Ki and finds it challenging to avoid its blows. Asta had potential, according to Nacht, but it’s a shame now. Asta and Liebe are perplexed as to why they can’t work together. They each make the oath that they won’t pass away or allow the other to pass away as they reflect on Licita and Yami. Nacht is startled when a ball of light materializes out of the shadow. Liebe and Asta are severing their marriage. Nacht considers how, while not being targeted by their attacks, their union eliminated his magic and mana zone. He claims to have lost.

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Nacht disagrees with Asta’s suggestion that they should hasten and join the others. Asta is perplexed as to why he and Liebe created a demonic alliance. Nacht says that they briefly take on their demon bonding form without overwhelming him. He claims that in their present state, they would perish in enemy territory. Asta is informed by Nacht of his observation of the Black Bulls employing Shadow Magic.

He claims that despite the fact that he had no magic in him when he was born and was under the control of a demon, he was always right. Nacht claims he wants those who are consistently correct to be rewarded. He promises to leave Gimodelo with them to assist in their training before departing.

He continues by promising that they will battle as hard as they can in the Spade Realm before Asta and Liebe show up. He instructs them to get ready and join them. Gimodelo, who is trembling, declares that he will perish if he is struck by Asta and Liebe’s united attack.

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