Classroom of the Elite: Here’s How Ayanokoji Got the Most Positive Votes!

Classroom of the Elite: Here's How Ayanokoji Got the Most Positive Votes!

If you remember, the third season of Classroom of the Elite started with Volume 8 of the light novel series, i.e., with the Mixed Training Camp event. This was another in a line of numerous special events held in the Advanced Nurturing High School, but we have already written about that. Now, the anime is on Volume 10 of the light novel, which means that the Class Poll Exam is underway. We have explained what the exam is and how it played out, so you know by now that Ayanokoji is one of the winners. But how did he manage to win? This article will reveal everything you need to know about this topic.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Class Poll Special Exam is a special type of exam that consists of students evaluating their classmates and determining one who was worthy of praise and one who was worthy of criticism.
  • Before the vote, a plot was revealed to expel Kiyotaka, which was supposedly led by Yamauchi, who had a deal with Arisu, not knowing that she was just using him.
  • When the plot was revealed, Yamauchi soon became the target of the whole class, and it was also soon revealed that Arisu betrayed him, with Kiyotaka getting the most praise votes.

The purpose of the Class Poll Exam was to expel a student

Because every student had passed every prior exam and no one was in danger of being expelled, a special supplemental exam called the Class Poll Exam was added as a surprise test. So, the school set up this test to make things more difficult for them. Each class was given a total of four days to assess their own classmates in order to decide who deserved the greatest praise and who needed the most criticism. Each student had three praise and three criticism points to give, and the one with the most praise points would get special protection, while the one with the most criticism points would end up being expelled.

As Sae Chabashira explained, there was no way around it, as the point was to expel a student; despite this, a class could save their student if they paid 20,000,000 private points, which is what happened in Class B. As you might assume, there was a lot of lobbying and background discussion, as the students wanted to control the outcome of the voting process.

Now that this introduction is done, we can continue with Kiyotaka’s story.

Kiyotaka became the winner after it was revealed that there was a plot to expel him

After the exam was announced, the students began to discuss their approaches. Kiyotaka, who was one of the central figures, deduced that it wouldn’t be good to draw attention to them, so he concluded that while they should group together, they shouldn’t draw attention to themselves to avoid becoming targets. This is why, initially, Kiyotaka’s allies (the Ayanokoji Group in particular) remained in the shadows and did not actively participate in the lobbying, but things would soon change.

Although Kiyotaka was fairly popular and influential in the school, it was soon revealed that there was a large in-class plot to expel him. This was somewhat strange, but the members of the group were told to keep quiet, or else they themselves would become the targets of this group of conspirators. Kei ultimately broke and told Kiyotaka the truth, and the next day, just before the vote, Horikita stood before the class and urged them to vote to expel Yamauchi since he was the most useless member of the class. Yamauchi tried to defend himself, but Horikita then revealed the truth.


Classroom of the Elite: Who Won & Who Lost During the Class Poll Exam? Revealing All the Important Names and Points!

Yamauchi was the ringleader of the conspiracy, and he was the one who urged the others to vote against Kiyotaka. It was revealed that he had an agreement with Arisu – she would give him praise points if he urged his class to expel Kiyotaka. But, what he did not know was that Arisu was just using him – she actually arranged for her class’ praise points to go to Kiyotaka, as she wanted to get revenge on Yamauchi for being mean to her earlier (in Volume 8). And she succeeded. This revelation changed things, and the class united for Kiyotaka, who, along with the other votes, won the Class Poll Exam.

At the same time, Yamauchi was expelled, and he did not take it lightly, even becoming aggressive, but he was apprehended and removed from the school; even in the end, he did not want to admit his wrongdoings and claimed that he was being framed.

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