Why Denji Killed His Father in Chainsaw Man? Explained

denji kill dad

Chainsaw Man features countless deaths, many of which are tragic yet simultaneously sinister and twisted. It was revealed that Denji was actually involved in his father’s passing, but many fans are still curious to know exactly why Denji killed his father in Chainsaw Man.

Denji killed his own father in self-defense during an altercation, and it is believed Denji would have been killed had he not killed his abusive father first in Chainsaw Man. Initially, many thought that Denji’s father took his own life, but this was later revealed to be a ruse plotted by the Yakuza in order for Denji to take on his father’s debt.

While knowing that this beloved anime character killed his own father may be shocking, there are numerous reasons why he chose to make this decision. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Denji’s parents, why Denji killed his father in Chainsaw Man, as well as how this twist of fate has affected Denji in the long run.

Denji’s Father in Chainsaw Man

The Chainsaw Man storyline never really reveals who Denji’s father actually is, choosing to omit his name and surname – a primary reason why fans still have questions about Denji’s full name and ancestry. Denji’s biological father is an unknown man flaunting a somewhat similar appearance to Denji – primarily having the same scruffy blonde hair that Denji is known for.

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He was shown to be deceased prior to the events of the Chainsaw Man saga taking place, although fans are given insight into Denji’s father’s character and personality through various flashbacks and tidbits of information throughout the story. It is known that Denji’s father was incredibly abusive towards Denji as a child, with various problems such as substance abuse, addiction, as well as financial issues.


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It was revealed that Denji’s father had managed to rack up an insane sum of debt while dealing with the Yakuza, and he owed tons of money to some rather dangerous people. The money may have been used on a variety of his addictions, such as drinking and gambling, but it eventually became far too much for Denji’s father to ever pay back.

Denji’s father was abusive towards Denji in various ways while he grew up, including verbally, psychologically, as well as physically. Although, he was certainly neglectful as a parent and never appeared to be a good caregiver for Denji. He was incredibly controlling and violent, and he had an addictive personality which caused various additional issues.

denji child

His behaviors and acts of aggression were said to be due to a combination of severe alcoholism and grief for Denji’s mother, who had died from a genetic heart condition – primarily since it’s believed the abuse only became severe after she passed. This is actually one of the reasons many Chainsaw Man fans think that Pochita chose to take the place of Denji’s hybrid heart, as Denji may have ultimately died due to the same heart condition as his mother.

How Did Denji’s Father Die?

The death of Denji’s father was never described or explained in great detail, with no explicit information regarding his sustained injuries and the official cause of death. However, it was initially believed that Denji’s father took his own life due to the weight of his debt and lifestyle problems.

However, Chapter 82 of the Chainsaw Man manga revealed that Denji was actually the one who killed his own father. Denji had been repressing this memory ever since the event took place, firmly believing that his father did take his own life.

Who Is Denji's Father in Chainsaw Man? Explained!

That is, until the memory floods his mind, showing Denji standing over his father’s bleeding corpse. There are still no obvious signs of what really took place, but it appears that Denji’s father died due to a fatal blow to the head – with the broken beer bottle being a potential murder weapon.

Makima later becomes a shoulder for Denji to lean on regarding his blocked-out trauma, encouraging him to open up about his past and life prior to becoming a devil hunter. After Denji seems to share more details with Makima, she ends up describing Denji’s father as an abusive alcoholic.

Why Did Denji Kill His Father in Chainsaw Man?

Since Denji’s father was extremely violent towards Denji, his death ended up being a direct result of an altercation due to unknown causes. Denji must have had some conflict on a certain occasion, or perhaps his father started lashing out and being abusive for absolutely no reason.


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What is certain is that Denji did not actually wish to fight or hurt his father, let alone end his life, but it was necessary at the time since Denji was in mortal danger. Makima confirms this by stating that if Denji had not killed his father in self-defense, his father would have undoubtedly killed Denji.

She was the one who ultimately brought these memories back into Denji’s mind, helping him accept the truth and deal with the trauma of killing his own father. Although, this extended helping hand was not as comforting as one might expect, and it only proved to be a part of Makima’s evil plan to gain full control over Denji.

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Makima actually saved this piece of information for the ‘perfect’ moment – after Makima killed Aki and Power. Denji was as weak, helpless, and hopeless as he had ever been in this state, after which Makima uses this plot point to convince Denji that he does not deserve to live a normal, healthy, and happy life.

Why Was Denji’s Father’s Death Covered Up?

The reveal of Denji’s father’s true death brought a lot of questions for Chainsaw Man fans, primarily concerning why so many adults and officials continued the story of him taking his own life. The initial conclusion was that other members of the community felt for Denji, being such a young child and having grown up with severe abuse, and they chose to stick to the idea of his father committing suicide as a result.

denji father death

However, as with many other instances in Chainsaw Man, selfless acts of kindness generally have deep-rooted ulterior motives. Makima later explained that the supposed story of Denji’s father committing suicide was actually a ruse created by the Yakuza, as it was the simplest way to make sure that the standing debt would be successfully passed down.

denji debt

This would make Denji responsible for the debt his father could not pay back to the Yakuza, yet another cruel twist of fate for a young and helpless Denji. While Denji was free from his father’s torment and abuse, he would now have to suffer the full weight of his father’s bad life choices – going as far as eating a lit cigarette just for some money to pay off the debt.


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Being so heavily indebted to the Yakuza ultimately led Denji to live a harsh and dangerous life, selling his body parts just to try and pay the Yakuza back – later with the help of Pochita. It was only when Denji became mortally wounded that Pochita sacrificed his form, becoming Denji’s hybrid heart and saving him in the process. To find out more about how Denji’s father died and how it affected Denji later down the line, check out the video below by iZATCH.


That’s everything there is to know about Denji killing his father in Chainsaw Man so far, with images thanks to iZATCH. Denji may have been the one behind his father’s mysterious death, but adults chose to keep this a secret due to the promise of debts being repaid. It genuinely appears that killing him was the only way for Denji to survive, after which he would eventually become the iconic Chainsaw Man we all know and love.

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