How Strong Is Sawatari and Her Snake Devil? Compared to Other Devils

sawatari snake devil

The Chainsaw Man universe has tons of incredible protagonists and powerful devils, all of which flaunt unique abilities and powers. Being a former devil hunter and forming affiliations with multiple devils, many Chainsaw Man fans still wonder how strong Sawatari and her Snake Devil are compared to other Chainsaw Man devils.

Sawatari controls the Snake Devil in Chainsaw Man using her hands, sacrificing her health and fingernails in order to use its abilities. The Snake Devil is incredibly powerful apart from its brute strength, capable of swallowing and absorbing devils or reviving its allies at will, but Sawatari is not as tough and is relatively easy to take down without the Snake Devil being summoned.

While Sawatari is definitely not the strongest female Chainsaw Man character or the most powerful opponent in the Chainsaw Man storyline, she is definitely tough to keep up with after she summons the Snake Devil in combat. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about Sawatari’s Snake Devil powers and abilities in Chainsaw Man, as well as how she holds up against some of the most powerful Chainsaw Man devils.

Akane Sawatari

Countless Chainsaw Man fans are still eager to find out more about Sawatari, formally known as Akane Sawatari. She is a young and petite female with blonde hair and dark brown roots, topped with bangs and strips of hair on either side of her face. She is typically seen wearing an oversized red hoodie paired with black shorts and orange sneakers – which match her red and snake-like eyes.

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She is actually a former civilian devil hunter, usually keeping her hands tucked away inside her pockets – presumably to hide her bloody fingertips. Sawatari generally has a neutral or bored facial expression, and she became the secondary antagonist within the Chainsaw Man Katana Man arc with the main aim of destroying Makima.

Sawatari Devil Contracts

Although Akane Sawatari is technically a human, she still has some incredibly useful powers and abilities. These are primarily due to forming a contract with the Snake Devil, although Sawatari later becomes affiliated with the Gun Devil in order to defeat Makima as she believes that Makima is evil and cannot be trusted.

Snake Devil Powers & Abilities

Akane Sawatari’s main power involves summoning the Snake Devil at will, at the cost of sacrificing her fingernails – with four sacrificed fingernails being able to summon the Snake Devil completely. She uses her hands in order to control the Snake Devil’s abilities and motions, meaning that she could be helpless when her hands are held together.


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The Snake Devil is a devil that embodies the fear of snakes, taking the form of a gigantic snake with protruding arms and legs for teeth. It has green scales and skin as well as a giant red eye with a black sclera, and it has various abilities that Sawatari can use in combat.

snake devil

She can also use various other abilities that do not involve summoning the devil completely, such as summoning the Snake Devil’s tail for simple yet powerful swipe attacks. Sawatari can also order the Snake Devil to release swallowed devils with full health, after which she can use them to fight alongside the Snake Devil – although, this does do some visible internal damage to Sawatari in the process.

Other than having the ability to summon the Snake Devil by sacrificing her fingernails, Sawatari can also use a pseudo-revive ability. This comes in handy while taking on Makima’s squad, and can be a really challenging ability to counter in battle.

How Strong are Sawatari & the Snake Devil?

Akane Sawatari is definitely not the toughest devil user out there, despite the fact that the Snake Devil is incredibly powerful. Of course, a vicious serpent that will devour just about any opponent is nothing short of terrifying, but these two may not be a match for many other devils out there – such as the Gun Devil or even the infamously powerful Pochita.

However, Sawatari can be a key player in a team of powerful antagonists thanks to her insanely useful support abilities. Her pseudo-revive skill means that she could instantly maximize the threat of any devil or villain, being able to revive powerful allies at the cost of her nails.

Sawatari may not be able to go head-to-head with powerful devils or protagonists, but she is still one tricky antagonist due to her manipulative skills – which are all topped by the Snake Devil’s raw strength. Her unique revival skills can be really challenging to keep up with when she fights alongside another powerful enemy, making her a dangerous and frustrating opponent.

sawatari katana man

An example of this is seen when she chooses to revive Katana Man with full health and stats. To Sawatari’s surprise, Aki still manages to defeat Katana Man shortly after he is revived, but it’s a prime example of how Sawatari could theoretically change the outcome of various combat encounters using her Snake Devil abilities.

The Snake Devil is undeniably powerful as well when going up against most devils, swallowing the Ghost Devil completely apart from its head. This instance is seen in the video below by Snazzy Blocks, which also shows the tragic moment when Aki realizes Himeno is gone.

That being said, Sawatari seems to have quite a few weaknesses for Chainsaw Man protagonists to take advantage of, such as the finicky use of her hands for controlling the Snake Devil battle. She is also quite weak on her own, appearing to have next to no combat abilities or useful skills without the Snake Devil. Unlike many other devil users that fans have seen throughout the Chainsaw Man storyline, Sawatari never hesitates to summon the Snake Devil for just about any threat.


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In a nutshell, the Snake Devil is definitely tough to match in a fight, with a variety of insane support skills and controlling or absorption abilities topped with brute strength. However, Sawatari is not as tough of an opponent, and she was eventually subdued by Kobeni holding a knife to her throat.

snake devil ghost devil

Although the Snake Devil is incredibly powerful, Sawatari was not as strong as many fans anticipated. She quickly became panicked and flustered in tricky situations and it seemed that she could not do much without the use of the Snake Devil’s powers. It appeared that the Snake Devil eventually ate her, potentially due to a contract clause.

That’s everything there is to know about Sawatari as well as her Snake Devil’s strength and powers, with images thanks to the Chainsaw Man Wiki. The Snake Devil was one tough opponent for the Chainsaw Man characters, especially after it began using the Ghost Devil to attack Aki, but it was thankfully stopped due to Sawatari being somewhat easy to take down on her own – although, it would later be under the control of Makima.

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