One Piece: What Episode & Chapter Does Luffy Fight Kaido In? (Including Round 2)

What Episode and Chapter Does Luffy Fight Kaido In Including Round 2

Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga, is known for his many epic fights. One fight managed to stand out among Luffy’s many fights against his numerous opponents. We are talking about Luffy’s fight against Kaidou of the Four Emperors, one of the most powerful characters in the franchise and one of its principal villains. In this article, we will tell you in what episode and chapter Luffy fought Kaido both times.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Luffy fights Kaidou for the first time in episodes 914 and 915, which aired on December 15, 2019, and December 22, 2019.
  • As far as the manga is concerned, their first fight was published in chapters 922 through 924. Their second fight ended with Luffy’s victory in Chapter 1049, which started in Episode 1000.
  • Luffy finally defeated Kaido in Round 2 in Episode 1076, titled ‘The World That Luffy Wants!’ which aired on September 17, 2023.

The two fights between Luffy and Kaido

Luffy and Kaidou fought on two occasions. The first time they fought was in episodes 914 and 915, which aired on December 15, 2019, and December 22, 2019; this fight was published in chapters 922 through 924 of the manga. Their second fight ended just with Luffy’s victory in Chapter 1049, which started in Episode 1000 (although there were some breaks in between). Their second fight concluded in Episode 1076, titled ‘The World That Luffy Wants!’ which aired on September 17, 2023.

Their first fight was the result of Luffy’s anger at Kaidou, which was discharged when he saw him destroy Oden’s castle while his crew was hiding there. Under the impression that he had killed his friends, he attacked the Emperor in a fit of rage. His hatred for Kaidou is so great that after defeating him, the emperor notices that Luffy is still staring at him angrily, even though he is unconscious.

After his defeat, his spirit is not dampened at all, and he still firmly believes that he will defeat the Emperor. He uses the forced labor in prison as an opportunity to train to become stronger. After the liberation of Udon Prison, Luffy trains non-stop for the rest of the time before the Fire Festival under Hyogoro’s supervision to develop his Busoshoku Haki to the point where he can defeat Kaidou, as Oden almost did in the past.

In the lead-up to the Skull Dome rematch, Luffy, fueled by anger over the atrocities committed by Kaidou in Wano, unleashed an improved Busoshoku-Haki attack on the tyrant, vowing to surpass him and become the Pirate King. In a subsequent encounter, Luffy managed to damage Kaidou, surprising both himself and the Emperor. Despite Kaidou’s retaliation and Big Mom’s intervention, Luffy, along with allies Zoro, Killer, Kid, and Law, continued to launch attacks. Kaidou transformed into his dragon form, escalating the battle in the skies.

In the intense confrontation, Luffy boldly approached Kaidou and delivered a powerful Gomu Gomu no Kong rifle, causing injury. Despite Big Mom’s intervention, Luffy, displaying his indomitable “guts,” emerged unharmed and unleashed a relentless Gomu Gomu no Kong Gatling on Kaidou. As Kid and Killer sought to join the assault, Kaidou countered with tornadoes. A fierce battle ensued between Luffy and Kaidou, with both attempting to land decisive blows. After discovering Kaidou’s infusion of Haoshoku Haki into his attacks, Luffy resiliently blocked and counterattacked, eventually knocking the Emperor down.

Despite Luffy’s resilient efforts and newfound abilities, Kaidou, acknowledging Luffy’s enjoyment of the escalating battle, ultimately proved superior. He defeated Luffy and cast him off the dome roof, expressing regret that he couldn’t provide a clear and certain death. In a cryptic remark, Kaidou suggested that Luffy might not be, or couldn’t be, Joy Boy.

Kaidou derrota por tercera vez a Luffy

After Kaido’s fight against his daughter Yamato, Luffy activated his Snakeman to attack Kaidou with another special move; Kaidou decided to return to his full form in order to face him properly. After being reaffirmed in stopping the clouds and accompanied by Yamato, Luffy was left alone again, fighting against the Emperor.

During the intense battle, Kaidou, gradually losing strength, entered a more aggressive phase by consuming alcohol. However, Luffy skillfully avoided or countered most of Kaidou’s attacks, even landing a significant blow with a powerful kick in Gear Third enhanced with both Busoshoku Haki and Haoshoku Haki. The fight took a dramatic turn when a CP0 agent intervened, seemingly killing Luffy. Kaidou declared Luffy dead and demanded Momonosuke’s surrender, warning of dire consequences for the insurrection against him. He vowed to continue fighting until Momonosuke presented himself, emphasizing the cost of failure – the loss of freedom and hope.


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Luffy is pronounced Joy Boy

Amidst the battle, Kaidou was momentarily caught off guard by the distant sound of drumming before being seized by Luffy’s colossal hand. Luffy, having awakened his Devil Fruit, swung Kaidou and slammed him into the ground. After releasing Kaidou, the Emperor expressed his happiness at Luffy’s survival, only to be hit back by an unexpected blow. Recovering from the attack, Kaidou apologized for the CP0 interference and acknowledged Luffy’s awakening of his Devil Fruit. Observing Luffy’s rubber-like transformation of the ground, Kaidou noted the peculiar similarity to a Zoan Fruit.

Kaidou, having swallowed Luffy, experienced discomfort as Luffy used an attack to inflate both their bodies, propelling them skyward. Despite Kaidou’s attempt to comprehend Luffy’s rubbery transformation, Luffy stretched his arms through Kaidou’s eyes and launched himself out of the Emperor’s body, causing further discomfort. In the ensuing battle, Luffy transformed into a giant to step on Kaidou, but the Emperor dodged and lunged at Luffy’s torso. Luffy countered by grabbing Kaidou’s head and tail, using him as a jump rope until Kaidou retaliated with a Boro Breath. As Luffy approached, Kaidou shifted into his hybrid form, delivering a powerful blow that slammed Luffy’s head into the ceiling, leaving witnesses astonished.

As the awakening effect wore off, Kaidou, impressed by the seemingly picturesque fight, believed Luffy had reached his limit. Despite Kaidou falling to his knees, he anticipated sharing the tale of Luffy’s bravery after death. However, Luffy rejected the idea and changed back, affirming his lack of fear of death. Kaidou managed to land a few hits with the Hassaikai, but Luffy, propelled by a rock, approached him with spinning arms. As Kaidou tried to block and understand Luffy’s power, Luffy delivered a direct punch to his face, causing Kaidou to fall onto his back.


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After standing up, Kaidou inquired about Luffy’s identity, and Luffy declared himself as the one destined to surpass Kaidou and become the Pirate King. Acknowledging Luffy’s unbroken spirit and the “ridiculous” nature of his power, Kaidou admitted losing much in the war. Luffy countered, expressing his determination to reclaim everything. Despite Kaidou’s attack on Luffy, he was repeatedly struck by Luffy’s punches that seemingly phased through him. As smoke rose, Kaidou feared the castle was ablaze, but Luffy reassured him, trusting his friends to handle it. Kaidou then launched a Kaifu attack, which Luffy skillfully evaded.

Kaido Defeats Luffy

Observing Luffy’s confident smile, Kaidou witnessed him using Gomu Gomu no Kaminari to direct lightning toward him. Although Kaidou dodged and counterattacked, sending Luffy flying, the resilient Straw Hat rebounded with another lightning-propelled assault. Kaidou evaded Luffy’s attack and emphasized that a powerful Devil Fruit alone couldn’t conquer the seas; even Roger lacked one. Kaidou asserted that overcoming such challenges required Haki. Subsequently, Kaidou executed a special move, launching Luffy into the air. However, Luffy seized Kaidou as they soared through storm clouds, enduring subsequent Hassaikai and transforming into a full dragon to unleash Tatsumaki Kaifu and Boro Breath attacks.


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Despite Luffy’s massive fist and determined onslaught, Kaidou engulfed himself in fire, causing Luffy to release his grip. Kaidou acknowledged Luffy’s choice, asserting that Oden was burned to death and Wano’s people clung to the hope of a savior. He claimed Luffy’s fiery punch would never connect, engaging in a heated clash using Shoryu: Kaen Hakke. During the battle, Kaidou praised Luffy’s journey but doubted his ability to change the world. Questioning Luffy’s vision, Kaidou received an answer about creating a world where friends could enjoy their meals freely. In a powerful moment, Luffy’s punch landed on Kaidou, seemingly knocking him out in front of the Flower Capital.

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