What Episode and Chapter Does Luffy Fight Kaido In?

What Episode and Chapter Does Luffy Fight Kaido In?

Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga, is known for his many epic fights. One fight managed to stand out among Luffy’s many fights against his numerous opponents. The fight we are talking about is Luffy’s fight against Kaidou of the Four Emperors, one of the most powerful characters in the whole franchise and one of its principal villains. In this article, we are going to tell you in what episode and chapter Luffy fought Kaido in.

Luffy fights Kaidou for the first time in episodes 914 and 915, which aired on December 15, 2019 and December 22, 2019. Their second fight still hasn’t been adapted in the anime. As far as the manga is concerned, their first fight was published in chapters 922 through 924. Their second fight ended with Luffy’s victory in Chapter 1049, which started in Episode 1000 (although there were some breaks in between).

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of the fight between Luffy and Kaido. You now know when it happened, so we are just going to bring you the details so you know the whole context.

The fights between Luffy and Kaido

Luffy and Kaidou fought on two occasions. The first time they fought was in episodes 914 and 915, which aired on December 15, 2019 and December 22, 2019; this fight was published in chapters 922 through 924 of the manga. Their second fight ended just with Luffy’s victory in Chapter 1049, which started in Episode 1000 (although there were some breaks in between). Their second fight still hasn’t been fully adapted in the anime, but we know it is going to be adapted soon enough. In this section, we are going to go through these two fights.

Their first fight was the result Luffy’s anger at Kaidou, which was discharged when he saw him destroy Oden’s castle while his crew was hiding there. Under the impression that he had killed his friends, he attacked the Emperor in a fit of rage. His hatred for Kaidou is so great that after defeating him, the emperor noticed that Luffy was still staring at him angrily, even though he was unconscious.

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After his defeat, his spirit is not dampened at all and he still firmly believes that he will defeat the Emperor. He uses the forced labor in prison as an opportunity to train to become stronger. After the liberation of Udon Prison, Luffy has been training non-stop for the rest of the time before the Fire Festival under Hyogoro’s supervision to develop his Busoshoku Haki to the point where he can defeat Kaidou, as Oden almost did in the past.

Before the rematch on the Skull Dome, Luffy angrily recalled all the cruelties that had befallen the Wano country, the Mink tribe, and the Kozuki family at the hands of Kaidou’s tyranny. He vented his pent-up rage with his improved Busoshoku-Haki attack on Kaidou, inflicting considerable damage on him, while Luffy declared his intention to surpass him and become Pirate King. And that would ultimately happen.

Much later, after Luffy talked to the injured Kin’emon, Kaidou tried to hit Luffy, but Luffy dodged and attacked him with a powerful move that made Kaidou bleed. Although initially surprised that Luffy’s attack damaged him, Kaidou regained his composure and responded. Luffy managed to avoid the attack, but was still grazed. However, Kaidou was still impressed that Luffy didn’t go down easily. After Big Mom tried to attack Luffy, Kaidou launched another attack at the Straw Hat captain, but Law teleported Luffy to another place. Zoro, Killer, Luffy, Kid, and Law unleashed their own attacks on Kaidou, but the Emperor transformed into his dragon form and joined Big Mom in the sky.

Luffy walked up to Kaidou and hit him with a Gomu Gomu no Kong rifle, injuring him. After Big Mom used her technique on the rival pirates, Kaidou attacked Luffy, but to Kaidou’s surprise, Luffy was unharmed, claiming that it was his “guts” that protected him. He then hit Kaidou with a Gomu Gomu no Kong Gatling. After the beating he received from Luffy, Kid and Killer tried to continue on the offensive, but Kaidou stopped them by creating some tornadoes.

When Luffy attempted to attack Kaidou, the two engaged in a heated battle in which they both tried to hit the other, which would eventually result in Luffy being knocked out again. After Luffy found out how Kaidou infused Haoshoku Haki into his attacks, Kaidou confirmed that only a handful of people could do it, including himself. He then prepared to hit Luffy again with his Kanabo, but Luffy blocked the attack and then hit Kaidou repeatedly without making any contact, finally knocking the Emperor down.

After Kaidou got up, he told Luffy that he seemed to be enjoying this fight with him because he kept smiling when the risk kept increasing. Despite Luffy’s new ability, Kaidou was still able to defeat him and throw him off the dome roof, lamenting that he could not give Luffy a clear and certain death and cryptically stating that Luffy was not (or could not be) Joy Boy.

After Kaido’s fight against his daughter Yamato, Luffy activated his Snakeman to attack Kaidou with another special move; Kaidou decided to return to his full form in order to face him properly. After being reaffirmed in stopping the clouds and accompanied by Yamato, Luffy was left alone again fighting against the Emperor.

Little by little throughout the combat, Kaidou was losing strength. While having fun, Kaidou began to drink, thus beginning a much more aggressive stage of the fight. Despite this, Luffy managed to dodge or block most of his attacks and took a big kick in Gear Third and both Busoshoku Haki and Haoshoku Haki from him.

After a CP0 agent intervened in the fight and seemingly killed Luffy, Kaidou declared Luffy dead and demanded that Momonosuke surrendered to him, while also agreeing to fight anyone who still wishes to challenge him. He told the samurai that his insurrection against him provoked his wrath, and that the price of his failure would be the loss of his freedom and hope, and that he would not stop fighting until Momonosuke came before them.

However, he soon heard what seemed to be the beating of a drum, before being grabbed by a huge hand and foolishly dragged back to the top of the roof by Luffy, who had awakened his Devil Fruit. Luffy proceeded to swing Kaidou before slamming him to the ground. Luffy released him and Kaidou confessed how happy he was that Luffy survived before throwing a Boro Breath at him.

However, to his surprise, Luffy hit him back and the attack landed on him. He recovered from the blow and apologized to Luffy for allowing the CP0 to interfere with their duel as they both prepared for their final fight. While watching Luffy bouncing around, Kaidou told him that he had awakened his Devil Fruit, as he was turning the ground into rubber, like himself, but felt that the transformation was similar to that of a Zoan Fruit, which confused him.

However, he bit into Luffy and swallowed him, only for Luffy to bounce off of him before using an attack to inflate both his and Kaidou’s bodies, causing him discomfort as the two floated towards the sky. Kaidou tried to understand how Luffy was able to make his body rubbery just as Luffy was about to stretch his arms through Kaidou’s eyes to launch himself out of Kaidou’s body, which caused Kaidou additional discomfort.

Luffy then launched himself higher into the air and became a giant to step on Kaidou, but Kaidou dodged and lunged at Luffy’s torso, but Luffy grabbed his head and tail and started using him as a jump rope until Kaidou used a Boro Breath to throw himself away. When Luffy recovered and ran towards him, Kaidou transformed into his hybrid form and hit Luffy, slamming his head into the ceiling, causing everyone present to bulge their eyes out.

As Luffy withdrew his head, Kaidou commented that his fight looked like something out of a picture book, but he believed that Luffy was at the limit, which was confirmed when the awakening effect wore off. Though Kaidou himself fell to his knees, he told Luffy that after he died, he would tell everyone how brave his fight had been, but Luffy rejected this idea and changed back, assuring Kaidou that he was not afraid of dying.

Kaidou managed to hit Luffy with the Hassaikai a few times before Luffy bounced off a rock towards Kaidou as he spun his arms around like a propeller. Kaidou tried to block his attack while he also tried to figure out what Luffy’s power was, stating that no one is capable of taking him down, only to receive a direct punch to the face from Luffy and fall on his back.

Kaidou stood up again and asked Luffy who he was, to which Luffy replied that he was the one who would surpass him and become the Pirate King. Kaidou recognized that Luffy still hadn’t lost his spirit and how “ridiculous” his power was. He admitted that he lost a lot in that war, but believed that Luffy did too, only for Luffy to retort that he would get it all back.

He used his attack on Luffy, but was also hit several times by Luffy, whose punches went through him again. He then noticed smoke rising from the bottom of the roof and thought the entire castle was on fire and everyone would burn to death, but Luffy replied that he trusted his friends to fix the problem as Kaidou fired a Kaifu attack which Luffy dodged.

He then watched as Luffy caught a beam of light with a smile on Luffy’s face. Luffy used a Gomu Gomu no Kaminari to launch the lightning at Kaidou, but Kaidou dodged it and hit Luffy from the side, sending him flying far away again. Luffy used another lightning bolt to propel himself back to attack Kaidou, but Kaidou quickly dodged the attack and hit Luffy on the head.

As he did so, he told Luffy that having a strong Devil Fruit is not enough to conquer the seas; Roger himself didn’t have one and yet he became the Pirate King and Kaidou said that those obstacles can only be overcome with Haki as he hit Luffy with a special move, throwing him into the air again. However, Luffy grabbed Kaidou as he was passing through the storm clouds and Kaidou tried to throw Luffy off him, first hitting his arm with the Hassaikai and then changing into his full dragon form to hit him with a Tatsumaki Kaifu and a Boro Breath.

His efforts were futile, as Luffy not only held on, but inflated his other fist to a massive size to finish off Kaidou. Seeing Luffy’s gigantic fist, Kaidou decided to engage him as he engulfed himself in fire, eventually causing Luffy to let go of him, a move Kaidou said was the right move. He told Luffy that Oden was burned to death, and since then, the people of Wano desperately clung to the hope that his “savior” would come.

He also told Luffy that his fist would never hit him because his fire would vaporize him and he faced Luffy’s attack with his Shoryu: Kaen Hakke. As they battled it out, Kaidou praised Luffy for coming this far, but he believed that he couldn’t change the world.

However, he asked him what kind of world Luffy wanted to create and Luffy told him that he wanted to make a world where his friends could eat whatever they wanted, as his fist pierced through Kaidou’s attack and punched him so hard in the face that made him fall to the ground in front of the Flower Capital, apparently knocked out.

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