Jujutsu Kaisen: Here Is Why Toji Killed Himself!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Here is Why Toji Killed Himself!

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Toji Foshiguro is unique in many ways; this is a fact that all fans of Jujutsu Kaisen know well. He was born with a Heavenly Restriction, but despite that, he became so powerful that he defeated even Satoru Gojo once while Gojo was still a student. Toji reappeared once again in Shibuya and defeated and exorcised Dagon almost effortlessly, bringing him back into the spotlight. After Dagon, he also briefly fought his own son, Megumi, and the battle ended with Toji’s suicide. Why did Toji kill himself? Keep reading our article, as we are going to explain everything!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In Shibuya, Toji Fushiguro was revived by Granny Ogami and was put inside the body of her grandson; he quickly became self-aware and killed Ogami, after which he became an animal intent on killing.
  • He located Dagon’s Domain and helped the sorcerers in the battle against the powerful cursed spirit, being able to defeat and kill him in the end. After that, he took Megumi to a separate location.
  • After fighting his son, Toji remembered something from his past and regained his consciousness. He then asked Megumi what his name was, and upon hearing it, he killed himself!

Toji killed himself to atone for what he did to Megumi (or so we’re made to believe)

To understand how Toji was even present in Shibuya, as he had been killed by Gojo back in 2006, we have to tell you what Ogami did.

Ogami had the special ability to resurrect a deceased person and implant them into her unidentified “grandson’s” body. She would be in charge of these resurrected souls and may utilize them to fight in her place. When Ogami realized how dangerous both their opponents and the conflicts they were about to engage in, she overestimated her abilities and revived none other than Toji Fushiguro, or Toji Zenin, as they nicknamed him. Ogami eventually brought Toji Fushiguro back to life, and he quickly assumed control of her grandson’s body.

Ogami believed she could easily exploit Toji’s abilities to win some battles because she was aware of Toji’s animosity toward the Zenin family and jujutsu sorcerers, two organizations they were fighting at the time. But she was a colossal failure. Specifically, Toji detested the thought of being in charge and was too strong for her to manage.

Ironically, he killed her shortly after reviving, even though he supported her desire to eliminate jujutsu sorcerers. Toji remained the same even in death, and upon learning of the unrest in Shibuya, he kept searching for opponents.


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And this brought him to Dagon. Namely, as Dagon was fighting Nanami, Maki, Naobito, and Megumi, who managed to enter Dagon’s Domain from the outside by using his Domain. Soon afterward, Megumi told Nanami that they had to leave when he realized what was happening. He would figure out a way out, and then he and Megumi would go off together, restoring their equality. When Nanami rallied them around Megumi, Dagon discovered they were trying to run away instead of standing up for him. He was right to think so and to desire to attack them, but before he could do so, Toji suddenly moved through the opening Megumi had created.

At first, Dagon thought he would win because Toji didn’t have any cursed energy, but he soon found out that Toji wasn’t sure how or why he was so strong. Dagon realized he was in a tight spot and tried to run, but Naobito stopped him. Toji then used Playful Cloud to pierce the cursed spirit. Although he didn’t initially kill him, the Domain simply collapsed from the several stab wounds.

Shortly after, Toji was able to swiftly and successfully exorcise Dagon, causing him to just wither away. The four of them watched Toji as the Domain collapsed, unsure of whether to regard him as an ally or an enemy, but Toji was only paying attention to Megumi.

He then drew him away, and the two engaged in a bitter fight. Although Megumi did give it his all, he soon realized he would be unable to do anything against his father (although, at that moment, he did not know that he was fighting his father). Toji was simply too strong for Megumi, and there was no chance that Megumi could find a solution to defeat him. That is why all of his attacks were just ways of avoiding being attacked by Toji, and he was ultimately successful in that segment.

The fact that he was able to stall Toji proved to be of vital importance, as Toji was, at the time, a mindless puppet focused on killing; he could not control his own consciousness, and ever since he entered Dagon’s Domain, he had not spoken a word, not even to Megumi. But he then managed to remember something.

He remembered when, years ago, he met with Naobito Zenin to discuss selling Megumi to him. As he died before Megumi reached the age of maturity for a sorcerer, he did not know what happened with his son, but he would not have liked it if he had become a Zenin.


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He then regained his consciousness again, and Toji, now looking at his son, asked him what his name was. When Megumi said it was Fushiguro rather than Zenin, he praised his boy and then took the Playful Cloud and stabbed himself with it. Toji thus atoned for at least part of his sins by sparing Megumi, and he soon died alongside the vessel he had been in; this is also when the body changed to Ogami’s “grandson,” as Toji was completely gone from his body.

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