Attack on Titan: 20 Ugliest (& Best-Looking) Titans

ugliest and best looking titans in attack on titan ranked

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Titans of Attack on Titan went on a beauty pageant? You probably did not, and if you observe the faces you have in front of you, it doesn’t surprise us. Hajime Isayama’s creatures aren’t exactly known for their beauty; in fact, let us be honest, they’re quite ugly. All of them. Some do look a bit cooler compared to others in the sense that they are less ugly, but the Titans aren’t really pretty. Still, despite all of that, we have decided to make a small list of Titans based on their looks. We are going to rank the ten ugliest and ten best-looking Titans in the franchise.

Ugliest Titans in Attack on Titan

The Titans are going to be ranked from 10th to 1st place, with the 10th one being the least ugly one and the 1st one being the ugliest.

10. Marcel Galliard’s Jaw Titan

Jaw titan

While the Jaw Titan’s more detailed appearance is dependent on the wielder, there are still commonalities that they all share. The Jaw Titan is generally around five meters tall and moves on all fours. Because of his size, he is not very strong but very agile and maneuverable. Although not overly evident in Ymir’s Titan form, the Jaw Titan has a very strong jaw, capable of biting through even steel.

The Jaw Titan has long hair; with Porco, these merge into a beard. Both Marcel’s and Porco’s titan forms feature bone-like protection over the jaw, while Ymir’s Titan has no special body forms. In addition, the claws of Porco’s Jaw Titan appear to be armored; again, this was not the case in Ymir and Marcel’s form. In general, Porcos and Marcel’s Titan look a lot more alike than Ymirs, which may be due to their kinship. In general, Marcel’s Titan looks less defined than Porco’s. A possible reason for this is that Marcel was considerably younger than Porco when he inherited the Titan.

9. Eren Kruger’s Attack Titan

Attack Titan Eren Kruger

In the possession of Eren Kruger, the Attack Titan was 15 meters tall, had short black hair, and was very muscular. He also had small sunken eyes and a small jaw. He was a very plain-looking Titan.


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8. Grisha Yeager’s Attack Titan (Founding Titan)

Grisha Yeager's Attack Titan (Founding Titan)

As the Attack Titan, Grisha stood 15 meters tall and had a body with a torso notoriously bulkier than his arms and legs. He had long black hair, elongated ears, small eyes, and his mouth was covered in flesh. He had a thick black beard with black hair on his chest. His titanic form had several similarities to Eren’s, including their long black hair, elongated ears, sunken eyes, and muscular body. His titanic form was more like that of Zeke Yeager, in that they both possessed long, broad torsos.

7. Ymir’s Jaw Titan

Ymiris Jaw Titan 2

Ymir’s Titan was a 5-meter-class Titan with long, black hair and an agile chimpanzee-like body. This form granted Ymir rather long arms and sharp claws and gave her great mobility. Ymir’s Titan had a mouth with sharp teeth, as well as sharp claws that could be used either for grasping things or for fighting.

Its long arms and small, muscular body allowed it to maneuver with great speed and agility in the same environments as a 3D maneuvering device, making it a formidable opponent in combat. Unlike the others, who gained their powers under a controlled process, Ymir unexpectedly gained their powers by eating Marcel while roaming the island of Paradis.

6. Female Titan

Female Titan

Annie Leonhardt can transform into a 14-meter-class titan with a distinctive feminine physique and short blonde hair. Her transformation grants her tremendous strength and speed. A Titan of athletic appearance with lean muscle and minimal skin, Annie’s Titan is one of unusual strength. He has the stamina and focus to maintain a running pace capable of rivaling horses over long distances.

This Titan form also has the unique ability to harden its body parts by creating a crystalline substance over selected areas of its body, which allows it to protect its neck simultaneously. Combined with Annie’s refined martial arts, he can unleash incredibly deadly and destructive attacks. The Female Titan can summon nearby Titans with her screams.

5. Karl Fritz’s Founding Titan

Karl Fritz Founding Titan

Karl Fritz’ Titan had light hair, long arms, and a lean build. He used his Titan power to create the walls and erase the memories of most of the residents. His pacifist will is passed on to his descendants, who inherit the Founding Titan.


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4. Frieda Reiss’ Fouding Titan

Frieda Reiss Founding Titan

Frieda was able to transform into a 13-meter tall, female-looking titan with light-colored hair. At age 15, she devoured her uncle under the Reiss Chapel to preserve his Titan abilities and secrets of the world. She had the Founding Titan’s powers, but she died before she could learn how to use them fully.

3. Ymir Fritz’s Founding Titan

Ymirs Fritz Founding Titan

Little is known of the Founding Titan’s physical appearance beyond what is depicted in illustrations. In all of the works depicting Ymir Fritz’s founding titan, she seems to have a female form with long blond hair. Ymir Fritz was the first human to receive the power of the Titans, making them the true founders of all Titans.

According to Grisha Yeager and the Eldia Rehabilitation Group, she used her powers to advance her subjects, like cultivating barren lands, building roads around the world, and building bridges between mountains. After 13 years, she died, and her powers were shared between the Nine Titans; her power as the Founding Titan would be passed down through the Fritz family (later the Reiss family) over the next two millennia.

2. Cart Titan

Cart Titan character image 28Pieck Finger29

This Titan looks similar to the regular Titan classes but has an elongated face. Unlike the other Titans, the Cart Titan does not walk on two legs but on all fours. The Titan’s wielder can remain within the Titan for long periods. For example, Pieck remains in the Titan’s body for over two months during the war with the Middle Eastern faction.

However, this means that after she leaves the Titan, she sometimes walks on all fours and initially needs crutches. The Titan is not particularly large, nor is it particularly strong. Therefore, it is not used for attack, scouting, or transport. The Cart Titan can carry multiple objects using a backpack-like platform strapped to its back.

In addition, the Titan is quite fast, which also helps when transporting or scouting. Additionally, Marley uses some form of armor and a turret platform strapped to the Titan’s back, allowing some soldiers to fire at enemies from the turrets on the Titan’s back. This allows the Titan, who is rather unsuitable for combat, to compensate for its weaknesses and thus assist from afar.

1. Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan

Founding Titan character image 28Eren Yeager29

Eren’s Yeager possesses, among others, the abilities of the Founding Titan, allowing him to take control of other Titans and relentlessly attack his target with mindless Titans. However, this ability only activates when Eren comes into contact with royal blood, such as that of Dina Yeager.

Best-Looking Titans in Attack on Titan

The Titans are going to be ranked from 10th to 1st place, based on their looks. The 10th one is going to be the least good-looking one, and the 1st one is going to be the most good-looking Titan. Note that “good-looking” here doesn’t really mean that, it just means epic and/or not as ugly as the others.

10. Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan

Beast Titan character image 28Zeke Yeager29

Zeke Yeager’s Titan has a distinct, ape-like appearance. His Titan’s body structure and facial features are like a human’s, and he walks upright like one. It stands at an unprecedented height of 17 meters. Dark fur covers most of its body except for the face, hands, feet, and abdomen. His arms are also long, with long fingers and fully functional thumbs. Its torso proportions resemble the Colossal Titan, with a massive chest, small head, and unusually slender arms.

Zeke’s Titan possesses tremendous strength and precision: it hits members of the Scout Regiment precisely, hurling sections of the wall from far away and destroying an entire fleet of ships. He is also capable of defeating the Armored Titan with no sustained damage. The Beast Titan is the strongest Titan.

In addition, Zeke possesses the unique ability to create Titans by screaming after infusing his spinal fluid into the subjects of Ymir. He has some control over these Titans and can even move them at night. Previous Beast Titans did not have this ability.

9. Armored Titan

Armored Titan

Reiner Braun’s Titan is a 15m class with a slight resemblance to his human form. His Titan form has thick, hardened sheets of skin over his body that serve as armor. This Titan is well-built and has a bowed profile. His only visible weaknesses are the small areas on the backs of his joints where he has no armor. While not particularly fast, this form is strong and agile and can then destroy a fortified wall if given enough running.


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8. Falco Grice’s Jaw Titan

Kiefertitan 28Falco29

Falco has the ability to transform into a 5-meter titan, but unlike previous users of this Titan, he has his upper limbs covered in light fur, his hands resemble the legs of a bird, similar to the claws of a griffin, and no beard (characteristic of the Galliard brothers’ Titan), as well as having very large outer jaws that give it the appearance of wearing a mask with a beak.

7. Porco Galliard’s Jaw Titan

Jaw Titan character image 28Porco Galliard29

After she decided to return the Titan to Marley, Porco Galliard received his Titan from Ymir. Galliard’s Titan had long, fair hair and a thick beard on his chin. However, the face above the jawline was hairless, and his Titan’s mouth took on a tooth-like appearance instead of lips or cheeks. Galliard’s Titan’s fingers had segments of hardened skin.

6. Bertolt’s Hoover’s Colossal Titan

Colossus Titan character image 28Bertolt Hoover29

Bertolt’s Titan was the first to appear chronologically within the series. The Titan was in the 60-meter class, making it the tallest of the Nine Titans seen so far and the second tallest overall (after Rod Reiss’ Titan, which was taller but could not stand); he is four times the height of the regular top tier Titans (15 meters).

His Titan had incredible strength like no other and could breach the gate of Wall Maria with a single kick. His Titan’s body temperature was extremely high, so he was constantly emitting steam. The heat of that steam was intense enough to keep dozens of veteran soldiers at bay. However, because this Titan was so large, it could only move slowly.

When transformed, Berthold had the ability to unleash an explosive amount of energy while transforming, which flattened buildings within a short radius of his transformation and created a cloud of steam.

5. Uri Reiss’ Founding Titan

Uri Reiss Titan

Although never shown in full Titan form, Uri possessed the same abilities as previous Founding Titan bearers.

4. Tom Ksaver’s Beast Titan

Beast Titan character image 28Tom Ksaver29

The appearance of the Beast Titan seems to depend on its owner, but not only physically, unlike the other Nine Titans. We can then notice that when Zeke was small, he played with a stuffed monkey resembling his Beast Titan, or even Falco, who observed a flying falcon on the ground on the battlefield. As for Ksaver, the only piece of information we managed to get on his Beast Titan, which is a ram, and only in the anime, was when he told Zeke what happened with his wife and son.

3. Eren Yeager’s Attack Titan

Eren Jegers Attack Titan

Eren Jäger’s Titan transformation differs noticeably from his human appearance; certain features make him recognizable. In Titan form, Eren is about 15 meters tall, his hair grows enormously down to the level of his mouth seen from the front, and to the level of his neck in the back. His eyes become proportionately thinner and in contrast with the wide, wide-set eyes of his human appearance.

His tongue, nose, and ears also take on a larger shape and size. In his titanic appearance, he is missing certain parts of his human face, such as his lips or the flesh of his cheeks, thus exposing all of his teeth and giving him a monstrous and particularly menacing appearance. Unlike the other Titans, Eren’s titanic form is well-proportioned. It appears much more dynamic (like the Female Titan), sporty, and muscular than the other Titans, who are “blessed” with pot-bellied, emaciated, and disproportionate looks.

2. War Hammer Titan

War Hammer head

Lara Tybur’s War Hammer Titan’s ability is to create massive structures of hardened titanium substance. This ability ranges from ground spikes small enough to go unnoticed by other Titan enemies to massive pillars tall enough to attack the 15-meter Titans. This structural hardening also allows the War Hammer Titan to create objects such as weapons, most notably the War Hammer, after which their Titan was named.

Unlike all other titan shifters, the War Hammer Titan’s wielder is not on its neck. This also allows the War Hammer Titan to withstand critical damage in the neck, which other titan shifters cannot. Instead, the person is encased in a crystal and pushed into the ground, while the actual Titan – an empty shell – is connected to the cocoon by a cord of nerve fibers. If the cord is severed, the wearer of the Titan can no longer control it, and the Titan collapses lifeless.


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1. Armin Arlelt’s Colossal Titan

Colossal Titan

The Colossal Titan is red, devoid of skin. It is often surrounded by smoke and mostly comes out of its mouth. Its upper part is quite disproportionate. Its head, as well as its arms, are very small compared to its bust. The Colossal Titan is 60 meters tall and is very slow due to its immense size, noticeable when Eren Yeager climbs on its arm to kill it. However, it is very fast to disappear.

When he fights against Eren, he disappears so quickly that the latter notices him a little later. It appears and disappears in a fraction of a second. Being the colossal Titan, it has a very distinctive appearance and several unusual features. First, he’s about 60 meters tall, about four times the height of any other titan seen in the series so far.

The Colossal Titan is one of the most heavily deformed Titans seen in the series. He appears to possess no skin, and his jaw and facial structure seem to be heavily altered from the human form. He also constantly releases jets of steam from the surface of his body in a manner that parallels Bertolt’s frequent nervous sweating.

His feet are also very different from those of humans or other titans, as they are swollen and resemble pillars. His physiology is modeled after the male sex, but he lacks the obvious sex organs like all titans.

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