Who Does Mob End Up With? Is It Tsubomi Takane?

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Mob Psycho 100 has blessed fans with a huge spread of fun adventures and thrilling entertainment while touching on aspects of everyday life along the way. With Mob being the leading protagonist, many curious anime fans still wonder who Mob ends up with and if it could be Tsubomi Takane.

Although Mob eventually confesses his feelings for Tsubomi Takane in Mob Psycho 100, Tsubomi Takane respectfully rejects his romantic advance stating that she doesn’t feel the same way. The two remain friends after this point, as Mob seems to finally accept himself and move on, but Mob does not end up with anyone romantically.

While Mob has been through tons of challenging situations and complex relationships, he always clung to the idea of a romantic relationship with Tsubomi Takane. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Mob’s romantic interests and lifelong relationship with Tsubomi Takane.

Mob and Tsubomi Takane’s Relationship

Since the initial introduction of this amazing anime series, Mob Psycho 100 fans became acquainted with Tsubomi Takane – Mob’s crush and childhood friend. The two students’ relationship dates back to their kindergarten school years when they would spend time together playing in the playground.

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Tsubomi Takane is a pretty young girl with dark black-blue hair, accessorized by a pink hairclip. She has quite a direct and straightforward personality and she is idolized by many students at Salt Middle School, although she is still a good and compassionate person and is shown to worry about what others think of her.

Does Mob End Up with Tsubomi Takane?

Despite Mob and Tsubomi Takane being friends for many years, the exact relationship between the two always felt like there was room for something more. Mob has had a crush on Tsubomi Takane for as long as fans can recall, although it’s always appeared to be one-sided.


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The two characters continued to be close friends, with a seemingly healthy and happy relationship. But, Mob would always be trying to impress Tsubomi Takane with his special psychic powers – hoping for a chance at a romantic relationship.

She was in awe of his abilities at first, but not in the way Mob had hoped. Over time, Tsubomi Takane became seemingly unphased by Mob’s special powers, rather showing interest in athletic boys who could run fast, and his efforts to dazzle her using his powers ultimately proved fruitless.

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Of course, this never stopped Mob from trying, as he continued to do whatever he could to make Tsubomi Takane more interested in him. Throughout the series, it appears that Tsubomi Takane is at least partially aware of Mob’s feelings for Tsubomi Takane, without the urge to pursue any romantic relationship.

Mob eventually professes his feelings for Tsubomi Takane as the Mob Psycho 100 storyline progresses, specifically in the third season of the Mob Psycho 100 anime series and at the very end of the manga. At the time, Tsubomi Takane is getting ready to move away to a different area, and Mob finally decides to tell her how he feels – alongside a string of other potential suitors.

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He was wholeheartedly smitten with Tsubomi Takane ever since he was a child, and he dedicated tons of time and effort to pursuing her and earning her affection. Unfortunately, Tsubomi Takane states that she simply doesn’t feel the same way, although it’s clear that she does really care about Mob after having such a long and happy friendship with him.

Mob is understandably heartbroken by the situation, but he uses these emotions to push himself even further and grow as an individual. Over time, Mob eventually begins accepting that he and Tsubomi Takane will not have the relationship that he wished for, at least not anytime soon, and he ultimately ends up developing his own character as a result.


Although the dynamic between Mob and Tsubomi Takane would make for an incredibly sweet love story, the outcome in Mob Psycho 100 is far more similar to romance in real-life – things don’t always go out as one would have hoped for. On the plus side, an epilogue reveals that Mob and Tsubomi Takane still keep in touch after she moves away, showing that Tsubomi Takane does cherish their platonic relationship despite rejecting Mob’s affection.

Who Does Mob End Up with in Mob Psycho 100?

While many anime fans were disappointed at the outcome of Mob and Tsubomi Takane’s relationship, many were quick to start investigating his other potential love interests. The only other notable candidate was Emi, another one of Mob’s fellow students at Salt Middle School.

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Emi shows interest in Mob and asks him out, and Mob does begin spending more time with her by walking home with her every day. However, she later reveals that she only asked him out due to a bet with her friends – not out of genuine romantic interest or attraction.

She is later bullied by her friends, as they tear her novel into tiny pieces while making fun of her writing. Despite being hurt by Emi, Mob still defends her and uses his abilities to help piece her novel back together. Emi develops great respect for Mob from this point, although there are still no signs of any genuine romantic interest.


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At the time of writing, Mob is still a single young protagonist, focusing on himself as he continues to grow as an individual. While he doesn’t have a girlfriend or love interest as it stands, Mob is sure to find someone great as he matures – especially considering how awesome this relatable anime protagonist is as a friend and hero.

Mob Psycho

Mob Psycho 100 features a spread of fantastical elements, from unique superpowers to quirky, otherworldly characters, but there is a solid underlying theme of self-acceptance and personal growth. As such, Mob being rejected by Tsubomi Takane and being forced to accept himself may have been the best way to tie up these loose ends.

That’s everything there is to know about Mob’s romantic interests in Mob Psycho 100 so far, with images, thanks to We Got This Covered and Epic Stream. Mob has definitely experienced some rather tragic moments throughout his various relationships, from the supposed death of Dimple to being rejected by his lifelong crush, Tsubomi Takane. That being said, Mob seems to be maintaining healthy relationships as he ages, now being relatively happy with his close friends and allies.

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