Who Is Madoka in Chainsaw Man? Devil Contract & Powers Explained

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Although the entire Chainsaw Man saga generally focuses on Denji and the most powerful devil hunters, there are still a handful of side characters that add more context to the storyline. Madoka is among the handful of surviving devil hunters, but he hasn’t gotten much on-screen time leaving many Chainsaw Man fans wondering about Madoka’s devil contract and powers.

Madoka is a former Public Safety Devil Hunter in Chainsaw Man, resigning shortly after the Gun Devil associates’ assault on the Special Divisions of Public Safety. His devil contract and powers remain unknown to this day, but it’s presumed he was at least powerful or smart enough to escape from the deadly attack unscathed.

Although Madoka is by no means a leading character, his skills and background have still sparked curiosity among many fans. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Madoka in Chainsaw Man so far, including his devil contract, his powers, as well as why he chose to retire from the devil-hunting profession.

Who is Madoka in Chainsaw Man?

Madoka is one of the former Public Safety Devil Hunters in Chainsaw Man, making a debut in Chapter 20 of the Chainsaw Man manga and episode 7 of the Chainsaw Man anime series. Fans only really caught glimpses of Madoka during social interactions among Chainsaw Man’s devil hunters or within various side story scenes, as he isn’t one of the devil hunters who generally fight alongside Denji and others.


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He ended up retiring shortly after a dangerous encounter with one of Chainsaw Man’s most powerful devilsthe Gun Devil. He was one of the few remaining survivors following an assault on the devil hunters by the Gun Devil’s associates, which is what ultimately led him to leave his job as a devil hunter.

devil hunter attack

During the Katana Man arc, Madoka was among the group of devil hunters who got attacked by the Gun Devil’s associates – who were hoping to assassinate all of the Special Divisions of Public Safety. Numerous gunmen pulled out weapons and opened fire in broad daylight, although Madoka survived the attack, after which he met up with Makima, Tenko, and Kurose to explain what had happened.

Madoka delivered the message to Makima and her trainees, informing them that Special Divisions 1, 2, and 3 would be merged with Special Division 4 and placed under Makima’s command to the sudden personnel shortage. Tenko and Kurose appear to look troubled by the events as well, and the entire interaction can be seen below, thanks to Takashi.


He submitted his letter of resignation to Makima immediately after delivering the message, explaining that he has been forced to make a choice between resigning and getting killed, and Makima appears to accept his decision. Although, he was immediately barred from receiving additional information regarding the events due to no longer being a devil hunter, with Makima referring to him as a “private citizen”.


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Madoka’s Appearance

Madoka appears to resemble an average, everyday guy, with a fairly typical height and stature topped with short black hair, dark eyes, and glasses. Much like the rest of the devil hunters in Chainsaw Man, Madoka generally wears a standard black suit and tie paired with a white shirt.

madoka blood

However, he does have some evidence of being a devil hunter, specifically two horizontal scars across his face. Madoka also seems to be fairly accustomed to blood and violence, seeming to be relatively calm and collected while covered in his fellow devil hunters’ blood.

Madoka’s Personality

While Madoka is a pretty laidback and relaxed guy, he can be quite fun when he wants to be, often enjoying drinking alcohol and getting drunk. Fans don’t know much about Madoka’s past as a devil hunter, but it is known that he was kissed by Himeno at some point while he and other devil hunters were drunk.

chainsaw dinner

Following the defeat of the Eternity Devil, Madoka attended the newbie welcome party in order to welcome the new devil hunters to the team. While he wasn’t the chattiest at the table, it was made clear that he loves food – ordering three parfaits and three trays of Shiratama dumplings.


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Contrary to many of the devil hunters in the Chainsaw Man universe, other than devil hunters like Kobeni, Madoka actually has a fairly safe approach to life and does not want to die simply due to being a devil hunter. Although he may have had the skills and wits to survive the assault by associates of the Gun Devil, he chose to resign as he felt he wasn’t cut out for how dangerous the job really was.

This may have been the best choice for Madoka, however, as the infamous Master Kishibe once told Himeno that the best devil hunters are those who have a few screws loose. The devil hunters who appeared to be ‘normal’ and ‘sane’ tend to be the ones who die early on in their careers, as the devil-hunting career simply isn’t cut out for anyone who thinks and acts like most other humans.

Madoka’s Devil Contract & Powers

Madoka’s abilities still remain a mystery to this day, considering that he resigned from the Public Safety Devil Hunter profession shortly after he was introduced to Chainsaw Man fans. His devil contract was never revealed in great detail, but fans presume he was at least powerful enough to withstand an attack that killed most of his colleagues.


What is known is that Madoka has a pretty good head on his shoulders, with many Chainsaw Man fans believing that he could be the ‘smartest’ devil hunter out there – primarily since he had the instincts to leave before things really hit the fan. Still, he has found a special place in many Chainsaw Man fans’ hearts, with quite a few enthusiasts hoping he will make a return in the future – possibly in a less dangerous yet still influential profession.

That’s everything there is to know about Madoka in Chainsaw Man so far, with images thanks to the Chainsaw Man Wiki. Madoka has only been mentioned and included a few times throughout the Chainsaw Man storyline, now being a former devil hunter but still a friend of many others.

Fans are unsure if Madoka will ever return to the job or join others in hunting down the most notorious Chainsaw Man devils. But, many are eager to find out more about this interesting character in future Chainsaw Man releases.

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