JJK: Will Gojo and Utahime End up Together? Relationship Explained!

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There is no doubt that Satoru Gojo is one of the most popular characters of Jujutsu Kaisen despite being a secondary protagonist to Yuji Itadori. Of course, Gojo’s love life and relationships with people have become hot topics for fans worldwide, and the one person that seems to be close enough for him to be in a romantic relationship is Utahime Iori. So, does that mean that Gojo and Utahime will end up together?

Nothing has ever been stated or shown regarding the possibility of Gojo and Utahime being together. However, this is still a possibility that stays open enough for the author to try to explore in the future. We only know that Utahime is one of the people with whom Gojo has a somewhat good relationship.

The thing about Satoru Gojo is that making friends is somewhat of a luxury for him due to his status as the strongest sorcerer in the world. People either fear or are jealous of him, which is why only a few people have ever been truly close to him. It seems like Utahime is one of them despite their complicated dynamic. Now, let’s learn more about the possible relationship between Gojo and Utahime.

Gojo and Utahime’s Relationship Explained

Throughout the storyline of Jujutsu Kaisen, one of the characters that haven’t had the luxury of forming friendships with a lot of people is Satoru Gojo. While there’s no doubt that Gojo shares a good relationship with his students and is respected by Principal Yaga and Kento Nanami, among all of the other Jujutsu sorcerers he worked with, it was only during his younger years that he truly formed a good relationship with another person.


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We are talking about Geto Suguru, who Gojo once called his best friend. Together, they were the two strongest sorcerers in the world and were inseparable due to how close their bond was and how they could take on missions successfully without any challenge. Nevertheless, Geto spiraled down a dark path that Gojo couldn’t follow, forcing them to go their separate ways.

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The pair rarely cross paths with one another due to Geto’s decisions in life, as he eventually started a cult that had a different way of viewing the world of Jujutsu sorcerers. Eventually, Geto died at the hands of Yuta Okkotsu as Gojo bid his best friend farewell.

However, Gojo also formed a somewhat close relationship with another Jujutsu sorcerer his age. We are talking about Utahime Iori, who has shared an interesting and somewhat complicated relationship with Gojo throughout their friendship.

Utahime has always been very level-headed, but Gojo always loved teasing and annoying as he understood how to push her buttons in a manner that none of the other people knew how. One such instance was when Gojo said that Utahime couldn’t be a traitor because she was too weak, Utahime became comically angry at him. Of course, they both taught as teachers in Tokyo (Gojo) and Kyoto (Utahime), which means that they have many things in common.

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Of course, the bond that Gojo shares with Utahime started when Gojo was pestering her whenever they interacted. They had known each other since they started teaching in their respective institutions. And it was shown in the Gojo’s Past arc, Utahime was always annoyed by Gojo’s antics despite the fact that they’ve always had a somewhat close dynamic that allowed Satoru to tease and pester her.

Even though Gojo may be a pest to Utahime, who only gets annoyed whenever he is around, this relationship with her was one of the things that saved him from his falling out with Geto, as his weird and comical interactions with her were some of the few constants he had in his life.

Even after Gojo and Utahime went their separate ways to teach in Tokyo and Kyoto, respectively, their relationship never changed because Satoru always found a way to rile her up and annoy her. And Utahime always found a way to get her vengeance on him, as it is suggested that she also finds these interactions with Gojo refreshing.


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In a way, Utahime is one of the few people that allowed Gojo to hold on to the childish part of his personality as he can be his younger self whenever he is around her. And Utahime has probably accepted that these interactions with Gojo will forever be constants in her life regardless of how old they may get.

Will Gojo and Utahime End Up Together?

While we know that Gojo and Utahime share one of the most unique and interesting dynamics in the entire storyline of Jujutsu Kaisen, we also know that there has never been anything hinted at about the possibility of them becoming more than friends. That’s because the romance was never the strongest suit of Jujutsu Kaisen, as not even the main characters are hinted to have romantic relationships with other characters.

In that regard, it is unlikely that Gojo and Utahime will end up together because there hasn’t been anything in the anime or the manga that suggests that this will happen in the future. Of course, Utahime hasn’t been featured in the storyline as much as Gojo, which means that the opportunities to show anything romantic between them are limited.

Then again, we don’t know the full story behind Gojo and Utahime as it is still possible that they are quite fond of one another whenever they are alone but are childish people whenever other people are around. After all, we don’t know what happens behind the scenes when they are together or when other people aren’t around.

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Nevertheless, as far as we know, there isn’t anything romantic between them, as the focus of the Jujutsu Kaisen storyline isn’t on the romantic side of the narrative. Instead, it tends to focus more on the development of Yuji Itadori and the other main characters, with Gojo supporting them as their mentor and teacher.


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But if the author did decide to give Satoru Gojo a romantic storyline, it might be possible that Utahime is the first on the list of the women he might end up with. After all, Gojo would want to keep the Gojo bloodline running due to the Gojo family’s innate power. So, if he wants to pass on his Limitless and Six Eyes to future generations of the Gojo family, he might want to find someone he could procreate with.

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